People Are Ape-Men

laitman_423_01Opinion ( Prof. S. Savelyev ):  “What belongs to human substance is something that does not carry biological benefit. Money earned, buildings that we construct, propagation, these don’t belong to the human part. We have not succeeded in becoming human.

“We – are mammals that are very aggressive and unreasonable. Prized highly is adaptability, the ability to obtain food… The structure of society reflects the evolution of society, but not the results of the rational development of mankind.

“… The frontal lobes of the brain were formed to share food, with the entire environment. Rigid natural selection shaped us as social creatures with huge frontal lobes. This gave us the possibility to co-exist together without annihilating each other when hunger pangs appeared. But this selective process needs to continue for another 200 thousand years, so that this behavior will become a norm.

“At present, we are social animals that understand that theft is not good, but at the same time, it is necessary to steal! The frontal lobes only help us to try to exercise social behavior, but in the meantime we are half animal, requiring hierarchical management. We are going to dominate and force our way with money. Man, like beasts, demands totalitarianism.

“In the public eye, every one of us is a democrat and a humanist, but in secret we are reminiscent of a troop of baboons. The behavior of a group of young people, who rob occasional passersby, is identical to a group of nations that perform acts of conquest and dominance.

“The natural state of a monkey is laziness, deceit, adultery with the wife of a neighbor, theft, and inconsiderate activities. For people this is forbidden and they are compelled to balance between the characteristics of the beast and the human in them.

“All self-organization is of biological design. An example of this could be the Mafia or organizations established among prisoners in prisons. The creation of a hierarchy is a sign of the behavior of primates. Specifically due to biological characteristics, it is easier to build a totalitarian nation than a democratic one.

“A democratic regime requires people who think identically and know how to be honest. Without scientific cerebral sorting it is impossible to choose people like these, for even among ‘real’ democrats there are thieves who steal. Perhaps society should stop hiding the mutual attitudes and goals of baboons?”

My Comment: The whole purpose of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to make us apes into humans! It brings us to unity instead of confrontation, a circle instead of hierarchy, love of others instead of hatred, equal distribution instead of theft, giving instead of conquest, and in general behaving according to the law of a unified society. Otherwise, we remain baboons, and our lag in development will turn against us, and the power of suffering will force us to become human.

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