Evolution Beyond Darwin’s Theory

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator created a perfect will to enjoy made of two forces: the force of receiving and the force of bestowal. They were perfectly balanced and receiving took place only in order to bestow. Later however, in order to allow the created being to grow, the Creator shattered these forces in it and totally disconnected the desire from Him. This was done so that the created being would be able to choose how to use the opportunities he was given, meaning these two forces, on his own.

Our world begins from a tiny spark. It contains an enormous force that until today moves the whole world and will bring it to the end of correction. The desire to receive appears in our world in the form of matter. We perceive this desire as if there is something material about it.

As this matter develops, it begins to connect, to unite. This is its correction after all the breakings and the fall, as the result of which it has reached the lowest possible point and was finally shattered.

Then, different parts of the matter begin to connect. At first they can hold one another only by physical gravitational forces. Then the connection becomes closer, and they can exchange materials. This is how biological connections are formed, in which each party gives and takes and also passes materials on to a third party.

This instinctive connection leads to the creation of life, to growth, to a process of life and death. This is the vegetative level that appears after the lower levels, in which there was only inanimate matter. The vegetative level evolves into special species like the “dog of the field” mentioned in the Ari’s writings, which is something intermediate between a plant and an animal.

The animate level is much more intricate and independent. It moves easily, and it absorbs and emits materials in a very clear manner. Every individual has its own unique character, and these creatures connect in a special way. They bear new creatures; they live and die.

So we can see that evolution is moving in the direction of connection, of mutual incorporation of opposite forces. The more forces there are and the further apart they are in quality, the more intricate and advanced the creatures they produce are when it comes to their own sensations and to the way they sense their environment.

And so through the monkey, the animate level, evolution reaches the level of man, the “speaking” level. At this level there are also those who only worry about their beastly existence, about preserving their life, which is just a bit more than that of an animal. After all, animals also build themselves a home, look for food, and take care of their offspring. This is also the life of undeveloped humans.

However, the more a person develops, the more the “human” desires, which are beyond the level of the living, awaken in him: desires for money, respect, power, and knowledge. Then human feelings awaken in us: envy, hatred, lust, and ambition.

Thus, developed people are very different in their qualities and tendencies. They are divided into different levels according to the goal of their lives and to their desires, which can be only material or more abstract, like the desire to enjoy music, art, philosophy, or science.

Still, each of them wants to use others, and the more developed a person is, the more he is attracted to it. The only difference is what one wants to gain from others, whether it is money, dominance, or knowledge. The evolution of these attributes is what advances humanity. All of it is in order to control the world and to understand it. After all, knowledge is power.

But there are people who have an additional desire, the desire to understand the meaning of life. They look for a way to reach this totally abstract goal that is beyond the limits of ordinary science. These people come to study the wisdom of Kabbalah.

They are different from others as they want even greater control—control over their own lives. They don’t ask about material things, but rather about their own essence, their goal that is beyond corporeal existence. They have the initial desire, which is outside this life and which draws them beyond this world’s limits.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/27/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. The mathematical impossibility of random evolution in linear time as demonstrated by Prof. Michael Behe and a host of others over several decades. As well, updating an ancient proof by the Greek Materialist Philosophers, Prof. Richard Dawkins also demonstrates the impossibility of an intelligent design via the agency of an independent, finite agency. When all the politics and beclouded hype of the Darwinist/Intelligent-Design controversy settle — they both prove nonsense.

    The type of solution that the Kabbalists provide us with, is of a causal abstract, fractal evolution of all Reality paths including that of our universe, coming out of a single, unified Infinity and mapping into our world of perception as an ancient, but steamlined systematic world filled with a discontinous fossil record — with particularly unbreachable gaps between nonlife, vegetative, animal, and human (consciousness) levels.

    This matches so well with the mathematical and existential realities of our perceived world, that it is a tragedy that only the failed Darwinism (neo, or Gould vareities) and failed intelligent design models dominate the debate, while such an eminently superior model still waits in the wings. Hopefully soon, it universal recognition will come…

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