Next Year Will Be A Good Year

Dr. Michael LaitmanAccording to the Hebrew calendar, a new year is approaching. I think that it will be a special year. For the first time ever, the system of mutual guarantee is becoming revealed, and we have to bring it to the world and let them know that this is the system of interconnection that has to be established between people. This is the only way we can advance toward goodness.

For this reason, it will be a good year. After all, the word of goodness will spread around the world and, along with the escalating crisis, will shake people up and lead them to our materials. People will recognize that there’s only one method that can bring good to people on the corporeal level, and most importantly, an enormous, eternal, and absolute benefit in spirituality.

I’m certain that we’re entering a good state. Everything depends upon the balance between the forces of good and evil, and our advancement is wonderful and correct. All we need is to keep getting stronger.

We have to build a strong Internet system of dissemination in all languages so that it will reach all people with all sorts of mentalities. By doing this, we won’t allow any negative force to be revealed in the world. I have a good feeling about this. This is the happy new year that I wish to everyone!
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/28/2011, “The Nation”

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Integral Education Equals Freedom

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What will integral education give people? What will it build in them?

Answer: Through integral education, I build a correct attitude toward my own qualities and I’m able to use them for the well-being of others. It doesn’t matter what my desires are. I become free and find expression for everything that there is within me. If my intention is directed towards benefiting others, I don’t need to analyze and categorize my qualities as good and bad. I simply use all of them for the sake of good.

This is when I’m truly free. I’m not afraid of my environment, I’m not afraid of myself or the Creator. I can bestow with my qualities and I’m capable of anything. Everything is revealed before me, and the Light of Infinity flows through me.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/2011, “The Nation”

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Anti-Wall Street Protest In New York

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From BBC News): “Several hundred people took part in Saturday’s march, which was intended to draw attention to ‘corporate greed and corrupt politics’ in the US.

“Participants carried banners supporting a range of other issues, including healthcare reform, an end to US wars and the scrapping of the death penalty.

“The march came after a week of protests by the Occupy Wall Street campaign.

“Protesters, who are mostly young, initially numbered some 1,500 but their numbers had fallen to about 200 by Saturday’s march.

“There was a heavy security presence in the district, with police deploying nets to block off major roads including Fifth Avenue and to protect the New York Stock Exchange.

“Police said most of Saturday’s arrests were for disorderly conduct and blocking traffic, but one person was charged with assaulting a police officer. One officer also suffered a shoulder injury, said police.

“They have not commented on protest organisers’ comments that there had been an ‘unprecedented level of police aggression’ on display.

“‘Our nation, our species and our world are in crisis. The US has an important role to play in the solution, but we can no longer afford to let corporate greed and corrupt politics set the policies if [0f] our nation.’

“Inspired by urban occupations in cities including Madrid, Cairo and Tunisia, they have said they will camp out in Zuccotti Park, a private park near the financial district, until their demands are met.”

My Comment: This is still neither the feeling of crisis nor an anti-crisis protest, like in Israel, but merely students’ freedom games. But when the feeling of cold, hunger, and darkness will overwhelm people, then true unrest will begin. We can prevent all this if we try. People should learn about the higher plan of nature, evolution: to bring the entire humanity to the society of mutual guarantee, unity between themselves and nature, like in a single organism. All our efforts should be aimed at the execution of this plan.

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Conscious Participation Is Necessary

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the intention behind the recent posts on your blog that seemingly use a division between Israel and “American Jews” as one of the founding bases of building a national and world unity movement?

This isn’t to suggest that we should ignore history, but to expand the lessons we draw from it. Rather than simply judging and condemning American Jews for their place in history, perhaps we can clarify the role that class, history, and struggle played in producing the existing institutional forms of the American Jewish left and develop the potentials that can be corrected and contribute fruitfully to connection, unification, integration, and mutuality. In my humble opinion, the current trend of isolating “American Jews” is consequently opening the door to the continued domination of opportunists.

Answer: I agree that we should nevertheless engage everyone, but we have to explain to the American Jews that since recently, they have been inclined towards betrayal of or at least the indifference towards the State of Israel, and this will distance the entire humanity from correction and thereby will cause terrible environmental and financial crises and human suffering—in order to push us towards correction. The American Jews need to participate in it consciously!

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More Than A Third Of Europeans Dream Of A United Europe

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From Zeit Online): “A survey by ZEIT ONLINE has found that Britons are overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of a federal European superstate. But the picture is more mixed in Germany and France, where roughly a third of those asked support closer EU integration.

“YouGov polled citizens in Britain and France on their reactions to her proposal. The result was particularly striking in Britain, where 64 percent of those surveyed there rejected the model of a United States of Europe. However, people in France were much more open to the idea – 44 percent said they could imagine a European superstate. Another 35 percent rejected it.”

My Comment: That is why it is necessary to educate all EU citizens in the spirit of globality and integrality, conduct consecutive surveys and studies to monitor the change in their opinion during the education process, adjust it, and control the results. Then, having prepared the citizens and secured their consent and participation, it’s possible to begin a gradual process of unification.

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Has Western Capitalism Failed? Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Angel Gurria, Secretary General, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)): “[Has Western capitalism failed?] My answer to this question would be no. But I also wonder whether capitalism should be answering to the prosecution.

“We failed as regulators, we failed as supervisors, we failed as corporate governance managers, we failed as risk managers, and we also failed in the allocation of roles and responsibilities for international economic organisations.

“Some international organisations saw the crisis coming. Some even managed to put out some warnings, but they did not co-ordinate their assessments, they did not speak with one strong voice.

“Thus, they were ignored in an atmosphere of great prosperity where everybody was making a lot of money and everybody thought that innovation was the name of the game – and by warning that something could go wrong, you would look like you were holding progress back.

“There was also the philosophy that markets needed to function with the least possible government intervention. But that did not mean that they could work without any intervention at all, nor did it necessarily mean that the intervention could be such a light touch that you were not able to identify risks.

“So the crisis left a dire legacy. A legacy of high unemployment, enormous fiscal deficits which we are still struggling to control, and an accumulated public debt which has already reached 100% of GDP on average in the OECD countries.

“It is very important to send clear signals of how we are going to address this debt problem without sacrificing growth and employment.

“Reforms to product and labour markets, education, innovation, green growth, competition, taxes, health – they are the things that should be the object of our primary focus in the context of a long-term strategy to restore sustained growth.

“This will create jobs and help to tackle debt.

“We also need to ‘go social’ and focus on innovative policies to protect the most vulnerable.”

My Comment: We see how a lack of understanding of social evolution, its next stage of development—a gradual unification in one global community—blinds a person, and he continues to “look into himself,” to see the previous picture of the world.

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Friends Are Healthy

Dr. Michael LaitmanReport (From A healthy social life may be as good for your long-term health as avoiding cigarettes, according to a massive research review released Tuesday by the journal PLoS Medicine.

“Researchers at Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill … found that those with poor social connections had on average 50% higher odds of death in the study’s follow-up period (an average of 7.5 years) than people with more robust social ties.

“That boost in longevity is about as large as the mortality difference observed between smokers and nonsmokers, the study’s authors say. And it’s larger than differences in the risk of death associated with many other well-known lifestyle factors, including lack of exercise and obesity.”

My Comment: This is just one of the egoistic aspects of the benefit of a connection with others, while the real gain is found above the body, on the spiritual plane, in the attainment of the feeling of eternal life, here and now.

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World Bank Chief: Wait For The Crisis!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From The Vancouver Sun): “World Bank president Robert Zoellick warned that the global economy was heading into a new ‘danger zone’….

“’The financial crisis in Europe has become a sovereign debt crisis, with serious implications for the monetary union, banks, and competitiveness of some countries’….

“’The United States must address the issues of debt, spending, tax reform to boost private sector growth and a stalled trade policy,’ he added, warning starkly: ‘The world economy is entering a new danger zone this autumn.’

“The World Bank chief also urged Beijing to accelerate its structural reforms as it seeks to develop from an export-driven economy towards a growth model more reliant on domestic consumption.”

My Comment: All of it is the manifestation of disparity between society, industry, commerce, and interrelationships and the network of global integral interconnections and interdependencies that are being revealed in our world today. The solution to the crisis is to create similar connections between us in society, industry, commerce, and relationships.

This means to reach mutual guarantee, mutual understanding, and cooperation and operate like parts of a single mechanism. Otherwise, nature will force us to such interaction by severe pressure.

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A Weak Point Becomes A Point Of Freedom

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe still level of nature has existed for billions of years, the vegetative level of nature for hundreds of millions of years, the animate world has been developing for millions of years, and then finally, only 200 to 300 thousand years ago, humans appeared. For a long period of time, humans have been developing the same way as animals. Man was driven by the force of nature that created him and left him no choice. As if involuntary, we went through the still, vegetative, and animate forms of the human level, until we reached the level of human within human.

What is it that separates a human from the preceding level? The difference between a human and an animal is that a human doesn’t act only instinctively, blindly obeying nature. The life of an animal is entirely governed by instincts, which are passed on from generation to generation. Only days after being born, an animal stands up and is ready for an independent existence.

However, a human needs an environment for his growth. If a person is left in the woods, he’ll grow up like a real animal and will only vaguely resemble a human. He won’t speak or walk upright. That is, a person is fully dependent on his environment. The kind of environment he develops in will determine what he will be because his development isn’t programmed definitively in nature, but requires a social implementation.

A person doesn’t possess the instincts necessary to survive. He can’t discern a medicinal plant like a dog can or how to avoid what’s harmful. Unlike an animal, a person can’t act according to inner instinctive programming that would ensure his well-being.

We all know what would happen if we granted freedom to a newborn. An animal is much smarter than a baby; it makes no mistakes, whereas humans make mistakes all the time. That is, an animal is endowed with all necessary instincts, while a person only has the minimum.

On the other hand, an animal can’t learn a lot of things. It only can be trained or tamed. Even after living for hundreds of thousands of years alongside humans, a dog still remains a dog because it acts according to its instincts.

A person doesn’t possess these instincts. He has to acquire a form of behavior from his environment, and precisely as a result of this, he develops. This is why people have achieved such great development in comparison to the animals that have lived alongside them and practically remained unchanged.

In essence, a person used to be an animal as well, but something very important was instilled in him: the ability to develop by means of his environment. If he uses his environment for his development, he can achieve great success.

This is why the still, vegetative, and animate levels have no freedom of choice. A person, on the other hand, can induce additional development through a specific environment, and this constitutes his free will. After all, a person can change his environment and thereby change himself.

For this reason, judgment and higher calculation exist only in regard to a person: Who he is and how he used the opportunities given to him by nature and whether he realized the freedom of will that determines his entire development.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Using The Power Of The Mind To Correct The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that we are all connected into one system of desires, thoughts, and intentions, and that by changing them due to the influence of the environment, we don’t only transform ourselves, but the whole world as well. How can our thoughts change nature and the world?

Answer: Karl Marx wrote about the need to treat the power of the mind as a means to influence the world. Technology is a natural resource that can be turned into a tool for human will to dominate nature, or a tool to fulfill man’s will in nature. Technological developments are man-made tools of the human mind, the realization of the power of knowledge.

The realization of the power of knowledge means that the power of the mind is a form of energy that can influence external or material and internal or mental processes. Mind power and knowledge can change matter and thus become the force that changes man’s external and internal nature.

Today, humanity as an integral global system can use the power of the mind and knowledge to change the natural environment in order to dominate both nature and itself. However, we will only succeed in using the power of the mind if we use it as a power to correct the integral global connections between us and change them from egotistic or receiving  to those of bestowal or mutual guarantee.

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