Using The Power Of The Mind To Correct The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that we are all connected into one system of desires, thoughts, and intentions, and that by changing them due to the influence of the environment, we don’t only transform ourselves, but the whole world as well. How can our thoughts change nature and the world?

Answer: Karl Marx wrote about the need to treat the power of the mind as a means to influence the world. Technology is a natural resource that can be turned into a tool for human will to dominate nature, or a tool to fulfill man’s will in nature. Technological developments are man-made tools of the human mind, the realization of the power of knowledge.

The realization of the power of knowledge means that the power of the mind is a form of energy that can influence external or material and internal or mental processes. Mind power and knowledge can change matter and thus become the force that changes man’s external and internal nature.

Today, humanity as an integral global system can use the power of the mind and knowledge to change the natural environment in order to dominate both nature and itself. However, we will only succeed in using the power of the mind if we use it as a power to correct the integral global connections between us and change them from egotistic or receiving  to those of bestowal or mutual guarantee.

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  1. What does Karl Marx have to do with this? Where is this quote of his?

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