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My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice and Principles for the Week

A Transparent Calculation

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the article “Peace in the World” Baal HaSulam examines the essence of the forthcoming transition that will raise humanity to a new level:

At first glance, the plan seems imaginary… But when we delve deeply into it, we will find that the contradiction from reception for oneself to bestowal upon others is nothing but a psychological matter… although self-reception manifests itself in us in various ways…all those are defined by one name, “pleasure.”

This is already clear today. Our essence, mind, feeling, and every cell of our bodies aspires to fulfillment. It can be felt simply as a rush of energy, or it can take on other forms until it reaches the psychological level, where we define it as pleasure. If my hand rests on the table, then it’s not my hand that enjoys it, but me. One way or another, fulfillment for us is always pleasure. It is what we all desire.

A question arises: If my matter only wishes to fulfill itself in order to experience pleasure, then am I able to maintain a connection with others? Am I able to participate in the life of the common system as nature dictates and enjoy it at the same time? If this is possible, if Baal HaSulam says that this is a psychological aspect, then maybe I will be able to confuse or trick myself into doing this? After all, psychology is an everyday affair, so to say. As a result, by carrying out nature’s demand, I will enjoy myself and will make others happy on a new, global level of being.

…what does one receive during one’s life? If we assume that one obtains twenty percent of pleasure during his lifetime and eighty percent of pain, then if we put them one opposite the other, there would still remain sixty percent of suffering unrewarded.

If a person made the right calculation, he would not be able to bear this life. In the most natural manner, he would immediately decide to end his life. The math is simple: “pleasure minus suffering is equal to….” Which is followed by a decision and its instant realization. However, we do not make an accurate calculation and therefore, we continue to live.

But this is all a private calculation, as when one works for oneself. But in a global calculation, the individual produces more than he takes for his own pleasure and sustenance. Thus, if the direction were to change from self-reception to bestowal, the individual would enjoy the entire production of what he produces without much pain.

If we make a calculation—how much can we receive from the whole world in return for what we give to it—then it really is worthwhile to live.

Thus, everything depends on a clear, precise, and transparent calculation: What do I have from reception and bestowal? And Baal HaSulam talks only about the material calculation here, leaving the spiritual calculation between the lines. In our world, one way or another everyone suffers and accepts it. However, if we clearly show a person all of his “income” and “expenses,” he will understand that he is being robbed to the bone. On the other hand, in the spiritual sense, he can record eternal life in his account, which is incomparable to the petty animate existence.

Thus, we are facing a psychological problem, and we have to view the world’s correction in this vein. All of these calculations, as well as the opportunities that become revealed by virtue of the Kabbalistic method, come down to upbringing. That means we have to create a system of education and upbringing, and then the world, which is in a desperate situation, will understand that it is actually at the starting point, at the threshold of a new beginning.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/11, “Peace in the World”

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Will We Follow In Dinosaurs’ Footsteps?

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: …the whole difficulty lies in changing our nature from a desire to receive for ourselves, to a desire to bestow upon others, since those two things deny one another. At first glance, the plan seems imaginary….

We aren’t really aware of this difficulty yet. Ask people on the street and they will tell you, “What’s so difficult about it? We know how to help others.” Some admit that egoism is inherent to human nature in some sense, but no more than that. None of us yet feel the need, the necessity to go from reception to bestowal.

However, eventually the crisis will show us that we simply have to do this since otherwise we won’t survive. We will even lose what we now have and will finish ourselves off. Out of having no other choice, we are nevertheless starting to analyze the situation: Do we or don’t we have a chance to unite into a common system as Nature demands of us? Maybe we are incapable of meeting this condition and are doomed to die?

After all, this is a possibility. Once upon a time the dinosaurs were unable to adapt to the new conditions, and now we too have found ourselves in a similar situation. Right before our very eyes many species of plants and animals are disappearing. So maybe the human species is also destined to disappear? Reasoning objectively, we inhabit a small planet at the outskirts of the galaxy and possibly, by nature’s plan we have to make way for another species with greater potential and importance that will suit the large-scale picture better.

Thus, we are beginning to figure out the situation: Our nature is egoistic, while nature is setting a condition of mutual bestowal for us and requiring us to unite into one single whole. This demand of the common system will be expressed more and more clearly. Jammed between the desired and the reality, we are experience great pressure upon us.

That’s when the science of Kabbalah comes to our rescue, as if coming down on us “from above.” If we did not have this method enabling us to evoke the force of correction and ascend to a new level, then we really would die out like the dinosaurs because we would not have the slightest idea of what is happening and what nature’s program really is like.

Its condition does not seem realistic at first. We cannot unite. Then what should we do? The only course of action left is to wage wars and conflicts. When man has no choice, he is capable of anything. His only wish is to put an end to the doubts. We cannot tolerate uncertainty. It’s better to start a war or even die. Then we are at least moving somewhere, and that’s the most important thing. Since we made this decision, then it doesn’t even matter whether we will survive or not—the process has begun. This is much easier than wandering aimlessly in a fog. Uncertainty tears us apart and we cannot bear that.

That is why in our time the science of Kabbalah is being revealed to the world. It is being revealed “artificially,” from above, through a lineage of Kabbalists, by means of a certain parallel program. On the path of the natural development, we would not have been able to discover it and carry out the correction. After all, in the current situation, the transition from reception to bestowal really does appear unrealistic.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/11, “Peace in the World”

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“Shalit, If I Only Had A State Like Yours!”

In the News (from Ynetnews): The Arab world shows a rare appreciation of Israel’s readiness to pay such a price for one soldier.

The Syrian publicist Chalas Galbi wrote in the Syrian paper El Ailaf: In our country the government shoots you, in Israel they do everything they can to bring back rotten bones. Perhaps it is us who have a problem? Concerning the issue of the soldier, the soul, Shalit, all the politicians and the military officials in our enemy state were involved and made efforts to free him.’

Galbi contrasts this with the brutal repression of the uprising in Syria… Who is the enemy and who is a friend? Can we understand that the problem is internal and that the Israeli issue is minor? Can we understand that we conquer each other more cruelly than Israel does?’ He adds: In every prisoner exchange we cheer that we’ve smashed Israel and that it is the mother of all battles,” the exchange of the decade. We are a nation that loves to laugh, aren’t we? October 11 (the day the exchange was announced) should be accepted with condolences, crying and mourning because of the state of the Arab nation.’

The Kuwaiti reporter Akabal El-Achmed dared to express an unconventional opinion in the local newspaper El-Kabas: Shalit, you are lucky to have such a homeland… I wish we could all be like you Shalit… May Allah bless you in your homeland, Shalit… Do you know why I envy Shalit… why I wished to be in his place and why I blessed him for his homeland? It is because of the human value and its meaning in his homeland… In our Arab world the government is the one who kills, who arrests, and who makes its citizens, both men and women, disappear from under the sun…’

I pray day and night that I could be like Shalit in my country… that the media would be interested in me… that I would be like Shalit and there would be different kinds of pressures so that I would return to my family if I were missing because I did something for my country. Good for you, Shalit, that you are a citizen in your homeland, good for you that you are important and valuable. Good for you that the whole world and not only your homeland are following your whereabouts since the first day you were kidnapped… Shalit, your are lucky to have such a homeland.'”

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Introductory Lecture “Preparations For The Congress” – 10.25.11

Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Lecture Series, “Preparations for the Congress”
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Noam Chomsky: “10 Strategies Of Manipulation” By The Media

Opinion: (Noam Chomsky, an American linguist, philosopher, Professor (Emeritus) in the Department of Linguistics & Philosophy at MIT): “A renowned MIT linguist Noam Chomsky has compiled a list of the ten most common and effective strategies used to manipulate the population through the media.

1. The strategy of distraction

The primary element of social control is the strategy of distraction which is to divert public attention from important issues and changes determined by the political and economic elites, by the technique of flood or flooding continuous distractions and insignificant information. distraction strategy is also essential to prevent the public interest in the essential knowledge in the area of the science, economics, psychology, neurobiology and cybernetics. ‘Maintaining public attention diverted away from the real social problems, captivated by matters of no real importance. Keep the public busy, busy, busy, no time to think, back to farm and other animals (quote from text Silent Weapons for Quiet War ).’

2. Create problems, then offer solutions

This method is also called ‘problem -reaction- solution.’ It creates a problem, a ‘situation’ referred to cause some reaction in the audience, so this is the principal of the steps that you want to accept. For example: let it unfold and intensify urban violence, or arrange for bloody attacks in order that the public is the applicant‟s security laws and policies to the detriment of freedom. Or: create an economic crisis to accept as a necessary evil retreat of social rights and the dismantling of public services.

3. The gradual strategy acceptance to an unacceptable degree, just apply it gradually, dropper, for consecutive years.

That is how they radically new socioeconomic conditions (neoliberalism) were imposed during the 1980s and 1990s: the minimal state, privatization, precariousness, flexibility, massive unemployment, wages, and do not guarantee a decent income, so many changes that have brought about a revolution if they had been applied once.

4. The strategy of deferring

Another way to accept an unpopular decision is to present it as ‘painful and necessary,’ gaining public acceptance, at the time for future application. It is easier to accept that a future sacrifice of immediate slaughter. First, because the effort is not used immediately. Then, because the public, masses, is always the tendency to expect naively that ‘everything will be better tomorrow’ and that the sacrifice required may be avoided. This gives the public more time to get used to the idea of change and accept it with resignation when the time comes.

5. Go to the public as a little child

Most of the advertising to the general public uses speech, argument, people and particularly children‟s intonation, often close to the weakness, as if the viewer were a little child or a mentally deficient. The harder one tries to deceive the viewer look, the more it tends to adopt a tone infantilising. Why? ‘If one goes to a person as if she had the age of 12 years or less, then, because of suggestion, she tends with a certain probability that a response or reaction also devoid of a critical sense as a person 12 years or younger (see Silent Weapons for Quiet War).’

6. Use the emotional side more than the reflection

Making use of the emotional aspect is a classic technique for causing a short circuit on rational analysis , and finally to the critical sense of the individual. Furthermore, the use of emotional register to open the door to the unconscious for implantation or grafting ideas, desires, fears and anxieties, compulsions, or induce behaviors …

7. Keep the public in ignorance and mediocrity

Making the public incapable of understanding the technologies and methods used to control and enslavement. ‘The quality of education given to the lower social classes must be the poor and mediocre as possible so that the gap of ignorance it plans among the lower classes and upper classes is and remains impossible to attain for the lower classes (See Silent Weapons for Quiet War ).’

8. To encourage the public to be complacent with mediocrity

Promote the public to believe that the fact is fashionable to be stupid, vulgar and uneducated…

9. Self-blame Strengthen

To let individual blame for their misfortune, because of the failure of their intelligence, their abilities, or their efforts. So, instead of rebelling against the economic system, the individual autodesvalida and guilt, which creates a depression, one of whose effects is to inhibit its action. And, without action, there is no revolution!

10. Getting to know the individuals better than they know themselves

Over the past 50 years, advances of accelerated science has generated a growing gap between public knowledge and those owned and operated by dominant elites. Thanks to biology, neurobiology and applied psychology, the ‘system’ has enjoyed a sophisticated understanding of human beings, both physically and psychologically. The system has gotten better acquainted with the common man more than he knows himself. This means that, in most cases, the system exerts greater control and great power over individuals, greater than that of individuals about themselves.”

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The Opinions Of Scientists

Opinion: (Alexander Chumakov, professor of philosophy, from “‘Globalization began with the era of great discoveries. From the beginning of 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, globalization has taken over all areas of social life. The world has turned into a whole economic and political system.

“‘There has been an information revolution going on since 1980s, and now no area of social activity can be considered separately. From this moment the world represents a complete system with the financial area being its part.

“‘Past economical crises, including the Great Depression of 1929–1933, were of regional character, whereas now the crisis is a world crisis. …But having become a complete system, the modern world hasn’t yet received an adequate government, and this is the main contradiction of a global world. We cannot expect a quick solution to this problem because universal values are missing, and the international law is too far from being completed by the universal law, which is essential for the existence of a global government. The G8 or even G20 are not enough to solve the given problem.

“‘This is where the financial crisis comes from: It is only the beginning if a systemic world crisis, which can sometimes calm down or intensify, but it cannot end without the main contradiction of the modern epoch being solved.’

Professor V. Kuvaldin: ‘The crisis we are experiencing is neither a financial nor an economic crisis. This is the first systemic crisis. Financial and economic difficulties are merely the forms of its manifestations. The modern economic crisis takes its roots in the nineteenth century… But a stable version of globalization was forming from 1960 to 1990. This was an American project. The crisis has showed that the world cannot continue to develop this way. It will be changing.’

Professor K. Barlybayev: ‘From the point of view of the government theory, the need for a world government is a matter of a subjective opinion. Objectively, …people are forced to govern the world in spite of their desires. A world government will be created when needed, even though the government leaders do not wish to have government agencies on top of them. But there will be no humanity without a world government.’”

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Christine Lagarde: We Need Leadership, Not Brinksmanship

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, IMF): “We are certainly living through times of great economic anxiety. Exactly three years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the economic skies look troubled and turbulent as global activity slows and downside risks increase.

“In our inter-connected world, economic tremors in one country can reverberate swiftly and powerfully across the globe, especially if they originate in systemic economies. IMF research has shown that financial linkages transmit such tremors rapidly and broadly. And because of lingering debt problems, financial stability risks have risen significantly.

“Social tensions [are] bubbling below the surface. I see a number of interweaving strands here—entrenched high unemployment, especially among the younger generation; fiscal austerity that chips away at social protections; perceptions of unfairness in ‘Wall Street’ being given priority over ‘Main Street’; and legacies of growth in many countries that predominantly benefited the top echelons of society. These issues add more fuel to the confidence crisis.

“So, what can be done? I want to propose today four key policy dimensions needed to secure recovery and economic stability—repair, rebalance, reform, rebuild, the ‘4 R’s.’

“First, repair. Before anything else, we must relieve some of the balance sheet pressures that risk smothering the recovery—on sovereigns, on households, on banks.

“The second ‘R’ is reform.  If repair was about getting the economy moving today, reform is about laying the foundations for a more stable economic future tomorrow.

“The third ‘R’ is rebalance. This has two meanings. First, it means shifting back demand from the public to the private sector, when the private sector is strong enough to carry the load. This hasn’t happened yet.

“The second rebalancing involves a global demand switch from external deficit to external surplus count[r]ies… key emerging markets must take up the slack and start providing the demand needed to power the global recovery.

“My fourth—and final—‘R’ is rebuild. Here I am thinking mainly of the low-income countries that need to rebuild their economic policy buffers—including fiscal positions—that served them so well during the crisis, to protect themselves against future storms.

“I believe there is a path to sustained recovery, much narrower than before, and getting narrower. To navigate it, we need strong political will across the world—leadership over brinksmanship, cooperation over competition, action over reaction.”

My Comment: Only the problems are partially correct, but their solution is a “look back,” and they will bring only new problems because the old methods cannot solve anything. The world has become global, dear economists, and until you realize that the world is moving towards the economy of reasonable consumption, only the crisis will develop. So, what was said about brinksmanship is true….

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The Information Connection Of All Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Chen-Yu Zhang’s group at Nanjing university, China, from “Scientists have discovered that plants and mammals exchange their genetic codes. With food, we consume not only nutrients but also information…

“The detection of plant miRNAs in human tissues surprised biologists. After all, alien plant genes taken with food must be broken down during digestion, metabolism, and molecular decomposition in our internal tissues and fluids, which are under control of the human DNA.

“As it turned out, ‘plant’ genes can reprogram certain human genes, change their function, and thus regulate the physiology of the person who consumed them.

“The formula ‘you are what you eat’ makes sense not only in metabolism, but also in the exchange of genetic codes. Food, it turns out, is the chain of communication between all parts of nature.”

My Comment: There is nothing astonishing in such discoveries. We initially consider nature as a single whole divided into parts and levels only in our imagination.

Likewise, there are no physics, chemistry, biology, mineralogy, and so on in nature, but only one nature, and only our limited abilities to study it in its entirety, as it is, as a single whole, compels us to divide it into parts we can analyze.

But gradually, we come to realize its full picture, and that is one of the examples: Everything is interconnected at the level of transmitting genetic information between the levels of nature (as we conventionally divide it).

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Deflating The Bubble Of Egoism Without Popping It

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will each person be able to keep his occupation and just redirect himself toward the common good? Or will he need to reduce the field of his activity?

Answer: Of course, reductions are inevitable. After all, the crisis continues, and more and more people will become unemployed. It’s necessary to get them involved into the system of upbringing that teaches them the laws of the new world and the principles of unification that Nature demands of us.

Our role is to attract the Light that Reforms through dissemination and education. And then, if everything is conducted optimally, the employment in the world will “sag” softly, like on an air pillow, in such a way that people whose occupations aren’t required for providing basic necessities will smoothly transition to learning. Learning will become their main job.

The technical way it will be executed is not important right now. The Light will give us the intellect and sensation. It will execute everything and will perform the division itself. We only need to attract it, to cause the changes in the world, in ourselves, and on the other hand, to follow nature’s external pressure.

Thus, gradually we will begin to produce less useless things, to contaminate the environment less, to impose on one another less unnecessary services, and to leave the old framework of occupational activities. Production, trade, power, everything will “deflate” to the basic level, to the normal living conditions of human race.

With the help of the new education system, all of those who were vacated from their occupations will be available for unification in which we will begin to discover our next spiritual level, the human degree. After all, in a spiritual sense, all of us are still at the “animate” level of development.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/23/2011, “Peace in the World”

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