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My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice and Principles for the Week

Global Problems Call For A Global Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Authorities in Israel are trying to find an answer to the demands advanced by the social protest. What are your suggestions?

Answer: With all due respect to the chairman of the government appointed committee, Mr. Trachtenberg, I suggest creating an organization that will know, above all, where we are headed. Our final objective is unity of the people and of the whole country.

Once we choose this direction, let’s see about where to begin. Obviously, first we have to lift the destitute above the poverty line. And then we have to work on rehabilitation: create a program for every sphere of activity that will enable us to gradually put production, trade, healthcare, the systems of government and banking, and others onto a new track. Step by step, we have to reorganize them into a single, integral complex.

For that we have to teach and educate people by involving the environment so they will understand what we have come up against, what kind of crisis we are facing, and how we can alleviate the situation. We have to give them an explanation of the solution, the remedy to the illness that we have diagnosed, how to take this remedy, in what doses, and for what period of time. And they have to want to use this remedy.

This requires a propaganda system that opens people’s eyes to what is happening. I want to wake up tomorrow morning and feel that I am together with the whole nation in a common understanding of the world we are living in. I come out to the street, ride on a bus, talk to my coworkers, listen to the radio, watch the TV, and everywhere people are talking about the important things, everyone is informed and not blind, unlike those who are ignorant and only know how to shout about yet another wreckage.

Today economists are scaring people with starvation, while doctors, instead of curing us, are forcing us to fearfully count how many lives their strike might cost. Enough already! Let’s get to the bottom of the situation. Let’s understand why the medical employees are dissatisfied, why the financiers are panicking, and why people cannot make ends meet until the next paycheck. Let’s look at the general picture rather than its separate fragments, no matter how alarming they might appear.

In order to solve the problem, we have to rise above it. But in the meantime, people are coming out to the street without even really knowing why. Often they don’t have clear demands or a clear program, but only pain, or just a personal reason for being dissatisfied. So let’s take an impartial, bird’s-eye view of the global events. This is not just a regular, short-term phenomenon, problems of a separate country or separate social classes, but a common human problem. All of human civilization is now entering a new state, so why don’t we figure it out, showing a mature and intelligent attitude?

Yet instead we are shouting, “The stock market is falling! Europe is on the verge of collapse!” That is how “impressionable” we are being instead of having a normal, constructive approach. Clearly, people are incapable of that kind of approach, but in addition they cannot even admit their own impotency. By trying to fight the symptoms of the illness, they are merely moving around furniture inside the cabins of a sinking ship.

Therefore, we should be wary of poorly thought-out decisions.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/11, “Peace in the World”

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A Detailed Portrait Of The New Economy

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to create a giant propaganda system, and first of allin Israel. We have to disseminate our materials with all we’ve got and lay a sound foundation for the notion of mutual guarantee in the Internet and mass media. We have to come out into the world with this notion, and in Israel we have to turn it into a “superpower” of our small, Hebrew-speaking, virtual world.

Soon many European countries will be enveloped by serious disorders. The processes are developing very fast and this requires us to act. However, besides explaining the causes and the objectives, we have to talk about the economy of the transitional period. The world’s system has become global, yet specialists still describe it using terminology of the egoistic, consumerist economy. Therefore, we have to introduce a new format by describing the current situation in a new light.

After that we will apply this new worldview for describing the final state: a balanced economy of basic necessity where people receive their excesses on the “human” degree of development. On the “animate” level we provide all the necessities: housing, food, healthcare, and so on. A person lives with all his needs provided for, not worrying about anything. This is the base level. And in the meantime, his “human” desires go on to spiritual fulfillment.

That is how we designate the target state and extend a “bridge” to it—form the transitional process. This transition is not easy and we won’t make it happen on our own. However, there are already specialists who understand that there is no other solution. Gradually they will agree to join us, to understand the meaning of our explanations, while we will in turn understand their statements. That is how we will work together, depicting one phase after another.

First we will formulate the general objective and then we will narrow it down to the details, proceeding to the step-by-step realization. We will create schemes and explain the particular aspects, and as a result, we will clearly deduce what we have to do today as a first step.

That is how we will change the interconnection permeating the world, the entire order of threads connecting people. The economy is a system of connections between us. The Torah states, “Go and earn from one another.” In other words: By uniting with one another, you will attain fulfillment. This is already the science of Kabbalah in action. After all, it talks about how to correct the world, meaning how to correct the connections between us from the material, egoistic, consumerist connection, funneled through the “American dream” to the true connection that leads to a different kind of dream. This is what our work comes down to.

However, we can’t just dash forward right away. The only thing we have to do right away is help those who are starving to death. This is necessary, while everything else has to be done in a thought-out manner. This is where the problem lies: People still don’t understand that it is enough to just start moving in the right direction even if you haven’t actually made anything happen in practice—and the Lights immediately express favor toward you.

In this case you are no longer hostile to nature. You do not oppose the integral system with your discrete, individualistic nature. On the contrary, you focus on the changes within you; your desires and intentions are already aimed at these changes, and that’s enough. The Light begins working on you and you already start to understand, to have a greater desire to change, and to correspond to the necessary changes even more.

Imagine what will happen when a huge mass of people agrees with the fact that there is no other solution and we have to make these changes happen. Then we will gain an enormous force and will realize our plans.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/11, “Peace in the World”

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Introductory Lecture “Unity Is The Law Of Nature” – 10.11.11

Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Lecture Series, “Unity Is the Law of Nature””
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A TV Interview In Miami

Following is a Spanish language recording of the interview I gave in Miami for the independent Spanish TV program “A Mano Limpia.” It is broadcast to nine TV stations in Florida and Puerto Rico as well as via the Internet.


Keeping The Finger On The World’s Pulse

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Social protests are spreading throughout the world. How should we operate in these conditions?

Answer: We have to give the demonstrators materials that explain what is actually happening in the world and why it is awakening. These materials have to refer whoever reads them to our websites where they will find more detailed information about current problems and their solution.

We don’t incite revolutions. On the contrary, we want everything to happen peacefully, through internal work, through one’s inner changes. It is good that the demonstrators are shouting in the streets, but then they should realize that it all depends on inner correction.

Our friends should take part in the demonstrations, give out flyers, and be among the demonstrators in order to feel them in order to understand who they are and what they want, in order to absorb their desires. They need to be closer to them—it will help to prepare better materials with our message. They don’t need to shout with them or to join the riots. They should only look for the right way to approach people and to explain to them that correction is only achieved through connection between us, only through mutual guarantee.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/2011, One Commandment”

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Love: A Habit And Impulse Disorder?

Dr. Michael LaitmanReport (World Health Organization, Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders): In the report, love seems to fall under the category of “F63 Habit and impulse disorders” defined as follows: “This category includes certain behavioral disorders that are not classifiable under other rubrics. They are characterized by repeated acts that have no clear rational motivation and that generally harm the patient’s own interests and those of other people. The patient reports that the behavior is associated with impulses to action that cannot be controlled.

The causes of these conditions are not understood; the disorders are grouped together because of broad descriptive similarities, not because they are known to share any other important features.”

My Comment: There is no love, but only a desire to enjoy the other, and if it suppresses other desires, it is a real mental disorder. Love is not when you want to enjoy someone, but when you desire to please him or her, without any connection to you.

In this case, you have to first free yourself completely from thoughts about yourself, feel the desires of the other objectively, and fill them absolutely selflessly, that is, without any result for yourself. The test of a genuine feeling of selfless love is that you completely distance yourself from the fulfillment of another person and grant it to a stranger, so much so that nobody even knows about you.

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Gordon Brown: The World Is Drifting

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom):Politics trumped sensible economics in the United States this summer, when Congress and President Barack Obama could not agree on taxes, entitlements, deficits, or an investment stimulus.

“As a result, few people today doubt that the world is drifting, rudderless and leaderless, towards a second downturn. The pre-summer debate about whether we faced a ‘new normal’ of slower growth has been resolved: nothing now looks normal. Muddling through has failed. Unable to conclude a global trade deal, climate-change agreement, growth pact, or changes in the financial regime, the world is likely to descend into a new protectionism of competitive devaluation, currency wars, trade restrictions, and capital controls.

“But this is not a time for defeatism. Countries claiming to have reached the limit of what they can do really mean that they have reached the limit of what they can do on their own. The way forward to sustained growth and employment is not through a flurry of one-off national initiatives, but rather through global policy coordination.

“So, first, we must restore the broad vision of global cooperation contained in the G-20 growth pact…

“The G-20, which represents 80% of world output, came into its own in 2009 as the only multilateral body able to coordinate global economic policy. Unfortunately, its member states soon abandoned that goal and defaulted to national solutions. Predictably, going it alone has proven futile in ensuring economic recovery. The G-20’s time has come again.”

My Comment: This won’t help, as it didn’t in the past, until we do the following:

  • Determine that egoism in us is responsible for all our failures;
  • Establish that humanity must come to complete cooperation and become part of unified nature;
  • Determine that our path to unity and balance with nature lies through education of humanity about the laws of total cooperation.

Who will do all this? Isn’t that the mission of the UN and other international organizations? Weren’t they created to bring all the nations and countries to mutual cooperation and closeness, and not for political games? Ultimately, the formal existence of these organizations and their isolationist policies only accelerate our crisis, and perhaps this is the benefit we reap from them. Hence, it’s necessary to create an international body of influence, which will consist of scientists, economists, and sociologists (not politicians), meaning of people who understand the state of the world and new methods of solving its problems.

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An Article In The Scientific Magazine In Bulgaria

Article in Obekti Magazine The scientific magazine Obekti in Bulgaria published an article about Kabbalah as a science. The reporter interviewed me during my trip to Madrid.

Spiritual Birthday

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we want to realize the purpose of creation and feel the pleasure prepared for us by the Creator, we have to feel ourselves as creatures who are opposite to Him. On the other hand, we have to become like the Creator because perfection is only possible at this state.

It turns out that we have to include these two opposite points, states, and properties inside ourselves. And when they awaken in us, we celebrate our spiritual birth. After being born spiritually, we already include the two qualities within ourselves: the desire to receive and the desire to bestow, one against the other, and we exist between them, feeling them both.

That happens as a result of a gradual, step by step development, whereby we pass through all the previous forms: still—vegetative—animate—monkey—man of this world. After that, new sensations and experiences awaken in a person: He feels bad and wants to learn the reason for which he lives, the meaning of his life.

The development of true man begins with this. But it isn’t a spiritual birth yet. It can take a few decades or a few life cycles until a person actually starts using the true criteria to research his nature with respect to the nature of the Creator.

And if his time has indeed come and a person can analyze these qualities, he is brought into a group and to the study. A person learns that he or she consists of the desire to receive, above which there is the desire to bestow, the Creator. He discovers that there is the goal, and he is in the process of achieving it; that the main thing is the environment, which needs to be built to correct and improve himself.

A person learns that all the corrections will become realized by him building the means for reaching the Creator and becoming just like Him. By that, he realizes his free will and shows that the purpose of his life is to become similar to the Creator.

For that reason, he builds the means that affect him with the attributes of bestowal. Then, the quality of bestowal that he receives from the society, from his environment, begins to contradict his natural egoistic inclination.

One always gets torn apart between these two qualities and thus, acquires free will. He can choose who to be with: his egoistic desire, his own nature, or with the quality of bestowal, the Creator’s nature. And perhaps he may even use the Creator’s nature to pull his desire to receive pleasure towards it and use his will to receive for the sake of bestowal. Thus, the left line gets included into the right.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/2011, Shamati #167

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