A Detailed Portrait Of The New Economy

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to create a giant propaganda system, and first of allin Israel. We have to disseminate our materials with all we’ve got and lay a sound foundation for the notion of mutual guarantee in the Internet and mass media. We have to come out into the world with this notion, and in Israel we have to turn it into a “superpower” of our small, Hebrew-speaking, virtual world.

Soon many European countries will be enveloped by serious disorders. The processes are developing very fast and this requires us to act. However, besides explaining the causes and the objectives, we have to talk about the economy of the transitional period. The world’s system has become global, yet specialists still describe it using terminology of the egoistic, consumerist economy. Therefore, we have to introduce a new format by describing the current situation in a new light.

After that we will apply this new worldview for describing the final state: a balanced economy of basic necessity where people receive their excesses on the “human” degree of development. On the “animate” level we provide all the necessities: housing, food, healthcare, and so on. A person lives with all his needs provided for, not worrying about anything. This is the base level. And in the meantime, his “human” desires go on to spiritual fulfillment.

That is how we designate the target state and extend a “bridge” to it—form the transitional process. This transition is not easy and we won’t make it happen on our own. However, there are already specialists who understand that there is no other solution. Gradually they will agree to join us, to understand the meaning of our explanations, while we will in turn understand their statements. That is how we will work together, depicting one phase after another.

First we will formulate the general objective and then we will narrow it down to the details, proceeding to the step-by-step realization. We will create schemes and explain the particular aspects, and as a result, we will clearly deduce what we have to do today as a first step.

That is how we will change the interconnection permeating the world, the entire order of threads connecting people. The economy is a system of connections between us. The Torah states, “Go and earn from one another.” In other words: By uniting with one another, you will attain fulfillment. This is already the science of Kabbalah in action. After all, it talks about how to correct the world, meaning how to correct the connections between us from the material, egoistic, consumerist connection, funneled through the “American dream” to the true connection that leads to a different kind of dream. This is what our work comes down to.

However, we can’t just dash forward right away. The only thing we have to do right away is help those who are starving to death. This is necessary, while everything else has to be done in a thought-out manner. This is where the problem lies: People still don’t understand that it is enough to just start moving in the right direction even if you haven’t actually made anything happen in practice—and the Lights immediately express favor toward you.

In this case you are no longer hostile to nature. You do not oppose the integral system with your discrete, individualistic nature. On the contrary, you focus on the changes within you; your desires and intentions are already aimed at these changes, and that’s enough. The Light begins working on you and you already start to understand, to have a greater desire to change, and to correspond to the necessary changes even more.

Imagine what will happen when a huge mass of people agrees with the fact that there is no other solution and we have to make these changes happen. Then we will gain an enormous force and will realize our plans.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/11, “Peace in the World”

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  1. I hope a lot of people will realize that things cannot go on the way they are. And I think it’s important to have a different attitude than we have towards others. One that is more about integrating ourselves with each other. It’s funny, because I met someone a few months ago and I have never mentioned Judaism, Kabbalah. Not even said the word Jewish, never discussed my beliefs, etc and they told me today they thought I was Jewish! We were talking about how people just don’t care about each other and don’t really connect, and I was saying that I think we need more of it.

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