Wishing Everyone An Easy Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where will the change come from? Will it happen as a result of the pressure people impose on the government to raise the poor to a normal standard of living? However, this would be a forced measure where neither side understands why they are doing it. Or will there be a change in people’s consciousness?

Answer: It does not matter how it is reached. However, the first state on our path toward correction needs to be to make sure that there is no one left hungry and that everyone becomes educated to live in a new world.

Otherwise, if we do not introduce this kind of education, the blows will continue, and our entire path will be through constant suffering and disasters. However, if we guarantee education and bread for all the people, then this will be enough for every person to advance and reach the goal.

I do not know what will make the government turn in this direction. Perhaps, it will be our dissemination or the common crisis that will continue to increase.

It is clear that everything depends on man’s inner changes, but what should we do until people change? We cannot force the poor to wait and go on being hungry. This is why it is necessary to make sure people receive what they need.

You would think it is a good thing that people have problems that force them to protest in the streets because it gives us an opportunity to go to them and tell them about the mutual guarantee. But no, it is the law of mutual guarantee that obligates us to first make sure that everyone has bread.

Thus, if I were the government, I first would realize two top priority programs. First, raise everyone above poverty level. This must be an economic program. Second, provide everyone with an integral education and knowledge of the new world that humanity needs in order to survive today.

This way, we would solve all the other problems, such as in children’s education, the breakdown of the family unit, and the relationships between people. All the corrections will come from a general, integral upbringing that can be divided into many discreet subjects.

Meanwhile, people will pressure the government, and opposite forces will play against each other until we come to the front of the stage and disseminate the method of mutual guarantee so that it becomes deeply ingrained in people. Right now, every side is acting on behalf of its own truth, but none will succeed because nothing can help without a preliminary education for the sake of mutual guarantee and connection. Every side has wonderful arguments, and they seem to be right in their own way. However, at the same time, none is right because none of what they propose is a solution.

We can only agree with one proposition, which is that the first priority is education. After education, we will see what changes need to be made in society. This is because education will provide us with the knowledge of the world we live in. Any reasonable person understands that people need to have knowledge before making any decisions.

These mutual discussions and questions are very beneficial for advancement. After a week or two, you suddenly will discover that you are a different person. You suddenly will begin to think in a more global way and connect to others in a different way. This will become your normal state of mind.

These changes are easy to achieve. Instead of receiving heavy blows, people will change just by listening to an article and discussing it with others. They will enter a new world. This is called correction.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/2/2011, Shamati #219

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Questions About Group Work, Studies, And Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Things have changed recently. I feel like the entire world Kli has risen into a different, higher space together. It feels like we are getting close to breaking through into a giant new world, and it’s exciting! What is the main thing most needed for this final push together: more study, more time among friends, more inner personal work?

Answer: We will merit the breakthrough if the world needs us. So, it all depends on our success in disseminating the need to unite: mutual guarantee.

Question: I live in Oklahoma. A few times, I went to the learning center in St. Louis where I felt the importance of our interconnection for spiritual advancement. If I have realized that I can learn and move forward only in the group, should I think about relocation?

Answer: If there is no group where you live, but at the new place you will have a group and a job, then it is desirable to move.

Question: Do you agree with the opinion of journalist Daniel Greenfield and his statements about Obama? Many American Jews, and non-Jews as well, would like to know your opinion.

Answer: Yes.

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Time Is Like Jelly

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Sometimes a person experiences critical states when he feels like he has one second given to him for a prayer, and if he misses it, he could spend years waiting for another opportunity. What can a person do to avoid this?

Answer: You blame time for everything, but time is not the problem. What matters is the lack of attention and sensitivity in your heart. One moment can last an hour.

You gradually will begin to feel that the quality of time completely depends on your attitude and perception. Time stretches so much that a multitude of states can fit into a second. You enter this moment as if it were jelly and begin examining it as if by touch.
From the 1st part of the Night Lesson of Hoshanah Rabbah 10/19/2011, Shamati #8

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A Life Matrix

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe order of degrees never changes because it comes from the first HaVaYaH, the four phases of the Direct Light. And when I receive the Light, it passes through all the degrees (Partzufim) that are between me and Infinity.

This is why the network where we exist is constant, like a crystal grid. Other kinds of connections cannot appear in it and connect me with somebody else in a different way. But forms constantly change in this system because when I want to receive from some place, I must change myself to suit it, become like it, and then it’s as if I have opened a connection with it.

Connections always change due to the changes in the one who receives, and it turns out that I constantly create different connections. But they are defined by my qualities, which are renewed every time to correspond to the one that I am connecting with: one of them, another one, a third one. In other words, I do not determine what the changes will be like, but all I need to be concerned with is rising higher.

And when I rise in my qualities (and I have 613 desires where different changes happen), I change my connection, my relationship with other spiritual objects, different people, groups, and formations of the common soul this way. This is why I discover a new world every time.

But this world depends on me in contrast to the eternal and immutable system, which exists before me in its complete and perfect form. This is why Kabbalists tell us about their attainments. After all, every person experiencing this process of correction connects with this system in a new way every time. It is as if there was a certain fixed matrix, a crystal grid, where you constantly utilize different connections. But every person, ascending the degrees and rising from one state to another, discovers wider, deeper, and richer connections, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

And through the attainment of this system of connections, he attains its Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/2011, “Pticha

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A Lifelong Moment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When the Light of Nefesh enters the Kli (vessel) of Keter, does the Light match that Kli, meaning does Nefesh fill Keter?

Answer: The Light of Nefesh that enters the Kli of Keter fills it fully, and the Kli senses itself absolutely filled in that capacity. What makes the Kli aspire to receive further? The rest of the desires in it are not filled. However, in this capacity, this amount, it receives perfection.

A transition from perfection to perfection takes place in a downfall when all of a sudden, “perfection” ends. It’s similar to how in our life we say: “Beautiful moment, last forever!” The moment passes, and you no longer want it—you look forward to the next one. Any fulfillment always has to bring an element of novelty, otherwise it won’t be a pleasure. We know that from any of our pleasures.

Pleasure is possible only if there is a proper combination between desire and fulfillment, when they don’t cancel one another. When a person comes to this understanding, he sees that pleasure is impossible in our world because it will always be canceled by desire. Thus, we strive forward all the time. However, in the spiritual world, any pleasure is perfection. Special actions are needed to take the creature out of this state so that it moves further, until the end, the complete fulfillment.

What happens later is not known to us. But some conditions of further fulfillment and growth inevitably exist, only we are not told about that.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 10/2/2011

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Cursory Thoughts On Shamati, “What Is My Soul Shall Weep In Secret In The Work”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the time of the concealment we should cry. Why am I in concealment? Because my vessels are not corrected. How can I come out of the concealment? I have to correct the vessels. How do I correct them? I don’t ask for the concealment to disappear; on the contrary, I want it to stay because I don’t want my desire to receive to be filled. I wish to discover the attributes of bestowal above the concealment and to be filled in them. This is called “to be filled with the upper Light.”

We should understand that our ego, the egotistic desire to receive, will never be filled with the Light. There was a Restriction on that, an absolute prohibition.


Only if I build the desire to bestow above my ego, to the extent that I want to bestow back to the same source, I receive fulfillment from it in return. That’s the only way!

I will never receive any pleasure in my ego, which is under the Restriction. It cannot be filled directly.
From the 6th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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