A Lifelong Moment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When the Light of Nefesh enters the Kli (vessel) of Keter, does the Light match that Kli, meaning does Nefesh fill Keter?

Answer: The Light of Nefesh that enters the Kli of Keter fills it fully, and the Kli senses itself absolutely filled in that capacity. What makes the Kli aspire to receive further? The rest of the desires in it are not filled. However, in this capacity, this amount, it receives perfection.

A transition from perfection to perfection takes place in a downfall when all of a sudden, “perfection” ends. It’s similar to how in our life we say: “Beautiful moment, last forever!” The moment passes, and you no longer want it—you look forward to the next one. Any fulfillment always has to bring an element of novelty, otherwise it won’t be a pleasure. We know that from any of our pleasures.

Pleasure is possible only if there is a proper combination between desire and fulfillment, when they don’t cancel one another. When a person comes to this understanding, he sees that pleasure is impossible in our world because it will always be canceled by desire. Thus, we strive forward all the time. However, in the spiritual world, any pleasure is perfection. Special actions are needed to take the creature out of this state so that it moves further, until the end, the complete fulfillment.

What happens later is not known to us. But some conditions of further fulfillment and growth inevitably exist, only we are not told about that.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 10/2/2011

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