A Life Matrix

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe order of degrees never changes because it comes from the first HaVaYaH, the four phases of the Direct Light. And when I receive the Light, it passes through all the degrees (Partzufim) that are between me and Infinity.

This is why the network where we exist is constant, like a crystal grid. Other kinds of connections cannot appear in it and connect me with somebody else in a different way. But forms constantly change in this system because when I want to receive from some place, I must change myself to suit it, become like it, and then it’s as if I have opened a connection with it.

Connections always change due to the changes in the one who receives, and it turns out that I constantly create different connections. But they are defined by my qualities, which are renewed every time to correspond to the one that I am connecting with: one of them, another one, a third one. In other words, I do not determine what the changes will be like, but all I need to be concerned with is rising higher.

And when I rise in my qualities (and I have 613 desires where different changes happen), I change my connection, my relationship with other spiritual objects, different people, groups, and formations of the common soul this way. This is why I discover a new world every time.

But this world depends on me in contrast to the eternal and immutable system, which exists before me in its complete and perfect form. This is why Kabbalists tell us about their attainments. After all, every person experiencing this process of correction connects with this system in a new way every time. It is as if there was a certain fixed matrix, a crystal grid, where you constantly utilize different connections. But every person, ascending the degrees and rising from one state to another, discovers wider, deeper, and richer connections, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

And through the attainment of this system of connections, he attains its Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/2011, “Pticha

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