The Solution Is Not Where The Protesters Are Looking

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World:” But it is only natural that under such conditions the weak and the exploited proliferate, until there are enough of them to protest against the successful and start quarrels and fights. And from here emerged the attribute of “peace” in the world. Thus, all those attributes – mercy, charity, and peace – emerged and were born from the weakness of truth.

This is exactly what we are observing today. Revolutionaries cause unrest, striving for total changes. Why? Because there is no truth in the world. They say: “We will establish truth on our own.”

However, their subconsciousness contains other categories which they would like to “deal with.” Previously it really allowed change within society and achieved certain compromises, which was followed by a period of peace. But today it is no longer possible, and this is why demonstrations and unrest will not prove to be beneficial. They may lead to bloodshed and revolutions, like in Egypt and other countries, but the goal will not be attained.

We must stand in a circle and unite, and we really must attain the truth instead of using palliatives for it. The Israeli State Commission is trying to “rob their belly to cover their back,” rehashing the budget to find additional possibilities, but all these things are preliminary measures that only slightly cool down the passions. Before, similar measures could actually bring the desired result because Nature was not yet demanding unity from us. Now these undertakings will not even give us a short term effect, we will not even be able to realize them. They will only cause pain and anger in us, and lead to even heavier conflicts.

Today correction can only be realized by directing ourselves towards the category of truth. And this path lies through unity, the mutual guarantee.

The government will not find the solution in their dated arsenal. Essentially, the government should be taking care of the external safety of their country and a normal life within it. Of course, it also doesn’t forget about itself. But considering the problematic conditions that the government and the people have now encountered, we must be explaining that no half measures can help from this point forward. There is no point in expecting some kind of effect from them because that will only prolong the problem, fail to correct the situation, and in the end the reaction of the masses will be even stronger.

This is why we need to use any opportunity to explain these things. Even if people do not understand us today, another failure will make them understand that old methods no longer work and then they might remember what we have been saying. It is not easy to raise children, so there is not much to say in this regard. Humanity will also need to learn a little through blows since it is traveling down a “beaten track,” which lies between the good path and the path of catastrophes.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/2011, “Peace in the World”

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A Mean Boss Or A Loving Father?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When will I finally understand that the Creator is not a mean boss, but a loving father?

Answer: Once you reveal Him. Until then, you will always have complaints to the Creator; you will always scold and curse Him, perhaps automatically or quietly in your heart because you fear Him. Being sincere will also not do anything. You must really think about what speaks to you without fearing anything. What matters most for the Creator and this entire system is that you understand it and yourself, bring yourself closer to it, and enter it.

Right now the entire world is coming closer to it. This is the sensation of our crisis; a feeling that we are on the threshold of this system. And this is why we must learn its qualities as well as possible, try to evaluate how eternal and perfect, how desirable or undesirable they are, which in reality is the same thing, and compare yourself to it as much as possible. This will lead to the manifestation of its Light, its influence within us. And then we will really obtain entrance into it.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 10/2/2011

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Why Is Mainstream Media Failing To Address Social Protests?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From The Huffington Post, UK): “Occupy Wall Street is heading for its third week of protests. The movement was hesitant in its first steps, but it’s now picking up momentum and spreading across the U.S. From its birth in New York, the ‘Occupy’ premise now has a foothold; the U.K is planning Occupy London Stock Exchange.

“The conventional media has only just caught up with the Occupy movement, but it’s taken far too long. Why has it taken three weeks for the mainstream media to address such a significant movement, especially when so many spectators were/are following the story? Are the mainstream not supposed to break news? Why are so many people still left in the dark? Are the mainstream deciding what actually constitutes as news as opposed to reporting on it?

“Mainstream media is failing the very people that it’s supposed to keep informed, and it doesn’t just stop at Occupy. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that those who subscribe solely to mainstream media have a fatally narrow view on the world.

“The summer UK riots saw the British government jeopardise freedoms with the erosion of the civil liberties surrounding social media. The riots were deplorable, but this is not an excuse to restrict any media, let alone a source that belongs society.

“Speaking on the UK, mainstream sources only began to report on the Occupy Wall Street protests when the news broke that 700 arrests had been made owing to an ‘unauthorised protest.’ The Occupy movement has, by enlarge [and large], been conducted in peace, and is arguably exemplary in its conduct. Maybe this in itself is a worrying trend, that peaceful demonstrations don’t receive attention until violence or misconduct intervenes. Only when something juicy is afoot do the mainstream turn a speculative eye.

“So, as the Occupy movement spreads, and the UK’s version of Occupy London Stock Exchange is set to run from the 15th October to the 12th December, it will be an interesting time indeed. Both the media and protestors should be watched and evaluated to see how they conduct themselves. Politicians desperately need to listen and put down the dusty rhetoric.”

My Comment: The authorities in all counties have to become familiar with the new tendencies in the world. It will be increasingly difficult to manipulate the world because it is becoming integral, and the previous governance instruments are no longer applicable.

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The Rich Run For Cover

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From Reuters): “The world’s wealthiest families have embarked on damage limitation rather than seeking to boost their fortunes as financial turmoil erodes their riches, with some so worried they are putting their money in ‘catastrophe’ portfolios.

“In southern Europe, where the financial crisis is at its most fierce, and the Middle East where the Arab Spring has heightened the sense of political risk, rich people are now sending more money abroad….

“The trend marks the end of an era in which tycoons in both regions kept much of their wealth at home, attracted by high rates of return from frothy property and stock markets before the turmoil set in.”

My Comment: The cleansing wave will touch everyone in earnest if we are not smart enough to begin our gradual change towards balance with nature. If we do not act ourselves, gradually our lagging behind accumulates, and the equalization with nature, the correction of what we have not done gradually and smoothly ourselves, occurs by explosion, war, or as a blow.

Kabbalah originally suggested a soft method for solving the problem by equalizing us with one other (mutual guarantee) and with the environment (reasonable consumption, similarity to and balance with nature). To date, no one takes this seriously. It is true, over the last ten years, many scientists have  discovered how necessary these actions are. But of course, no one listens to them: “You got our money to do your research, so be grateful for that.” Egoism beats any logic!

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How To Become The Crown Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we discover that information travels instantly. Moreover, certain physical actions also happen instantly, and not just with the speed of light, sound, and so on. In other words, all of nature is unified.

If so, then as I develop, I come to a state where I must consciously participate in this unity, examine it, agree with it, and reasonably participate in it. I have to see where I participate without being an integral part, that is, where I desire to be an egoist, wish to receive only for myself, and do not consider my near and distant circles.

Evidently, nature is pushing me toward the realization that I am fully interconnected with it. It wishes me to realize the existence of this unity and participate in it consciously. This is why I experience and will always continue to experience crises—my lack of correspondence to these conditions.

Nature reveals this to me as a circle and seems to be saying: “This is the near circle with which you must now be integrated, completely interconnected. At this moment, you do not feel that you are in balance, connection, and harmony with it, and you must attain it.” So, it obligates me to do this by creating different, bad circumstances. I have problems with myself, my children, my surrounding circumstances, health, the ecology, and everything else.

It obligates me from every angle. It is a multifaceted crisis. It is not just an economic crisis, but a crisis with everything that I do and everything I am interconnected with. Nature is showing, demonstrating, that I am neither global nor integral in the narrow field where I now exist. As soon as I become more interconnected with it, it then will show me a wider field, where I will feel that I’m in a crisis again.

However, this is not another crisis that will come in another two years. It will simply be the revelation of a wider field with which I must also form an integral connection.

I correct this certain part (with other people, the still, vegetative, and animate levels, and so on). I seem to reach a certain repose or balance with it, and suddenly, voila!, another crisis. But it is not a crisis. Nature simply expands me this way. It wants to turn me into a conscious element so that I will consciously participate in its integration. What for? In this way, I will come to know it, and I will really become its crown, its fruit.

Today we see that man is the most encompassing element in the universe. Yet, he misses out on one aspect: He does not understand where he is, does not grasp this entire interaction, and does not include himself in it. Right now, nature is beginning to develop us toward this specific state, and we see this in practice.
From the Talk on Global Education 9/7/2011

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I Do Not Want To Be A Mountain Climber

Dr. Michael LaitmanEgoistic development took place gradually in billions of people, and suddenly we have found ourselves closed in, linked like cogwheels that become short-circuited and must rotate together. We have now come to a state where we have become closed in to a single system together. However, this system has certain measures of freedom within it. In other words, it is not yet locked into a gear system, but rather it is like the friction of wheels spinning together, although still in a slipping motion, and we are still living due to this freedom from one another.

An egoistic nature is when I spin on my own like a ball, like a single wheel that is not connected to other wheels, the way it’s comfortable to me. I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me. I don’t want to be linked to you. We are not mountain climbers who depend upon each other. I don’t want to be dependant. I do my job, you do yours.

When the system becomes completely revealed, we will see that it is global, integral, and all its parts are completely binding, like an enormous live organism. Its individual parts do not have any freedom of will to do whatever they wish to do because this does not exist in nature. Everything abides by the law of determinism.
From the Talk on Global Education 9/7/2011

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