A Mean Boss Or A Loving Father?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When will I finally understand that the Creator is not a mean boss, but a loving father?

Answer: Once you reveal Him. Until then, you will always have complaints to the Creator; you will always scold and curse Him, perhaps automatically or quietly in your heart because you fear Him. Being sincere will also not do anything. You must really think about what speaks to you without fearing anything. What matters most for the Creator and this entire system is that you understand it and yourself, bring yourself closer to it, and enter it.

Right now the entire world is coming closer to it. This is the sensation of our crisis; a feeling that we are on the threshold of this system. And this is why we must learn its qualities as well as possible, try to evaluate how eternal and perfect, how desirable or undesirable they are, which in reality is the same thing, and compare yourself to it as much as possible. This will lead to the manifestation of its Light, its influence within us. And then we will really obtain entrance into it.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 10/2/2011

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