The Solution Is Not Where The Protesters Are Looking

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World:” But it is only natural that under such conditions the weak and the exploited proliferate, until there are enough of them to protest against the successful and start quarrels and fights. And from here emerged the attribute of “peace” in the world. Thus, all those attributes – mercy, charity, and peace – emerged and were born from the weakness of truth.

This is exactly what we are observing today. Revolutionaries cause unrest, striving for total changes. Why? Because there is no truth in the world. They say: “We will establish truth on our own.”

However, their subconsciousness contains other categories which they would like to “deal with.” Previously it really allowed change within society and achieved certain compromises, which was followed by a period of peace. But today it is no longer possible, and this is why demonstrations and unrest will not prove to be beneficial. They may lead to bloodshed and revolutions, like in Egypt and other countries, but the goal will not be attained.

We must stand in a circle and unite, and we really must attain the truth instead of using palliatives for it. The Israeli State Commission is trying to “rob their belly to cover their back,” rehashing the budget to find additional possibilities, but all these things are preliminary measures that only slightly cool down the passions. Before, similar measures could actually bring the desired result because Nature was not yet demanding unity from us. Now these undertakings will not even give us a short term effect, we will not even be able to realize them. They will only cause pain and anger in us, and lead to even heavier conflicts.

Today correction can only be realized by directing ourselves towards the category of truth. And this path lies through unity, the mutual guarantee.

The government will not find the solution in their dated arsenal. Essentially, the government should be taking care of the external safety of their country and a normal life within it. Of course, it also doesn’t forget about itself. But considering the problematic conditions that the government and the people have now encountered, we must be explaining that no half measures can help from this point forward. There is no point in expecting some kind of effect from them because that will only prolong the problem, fail to correct the situation, and in the end the reaction of the masses will be even stronger.

This is why we need to use any opportunity to explain these things. Even if people do not understand us today, another failure will make them understand that old methods no longer work and then they might remember what we have been saying. It is not easy to raise children, so there is not much to say in this regard. Humanity will also need to learn a little through blows since it is traveling down a “beaten track,” which lies between the good path and the path of catastrophes.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/2011, “Peace in the World”

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