The Secret Of Preventing Disasters

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen one reads about the disasters that happen to us in the newspapers, such as a person falls off the fifth floor of a building  or a gas tank blows up at someone’s house, he does not read about the laws that people fail to follow, but about their consequences. He fails to understand where everything is coming from.

Scientists learn that falling from the fifth floor happens according to the law of gravity, and moreover, the strength of the blow to the ground is enough to kill a person. When you put something flammable next to a gas tank, it can explode because it contains a certain gas, a certain system, and so on. In other words, if we study the laws, we will be able to prevent disasters.

So what are the newspapers writing about? They are writing about the consequences of my lack of knowledge of the laws of nature. People need education, upbringing. Then everything will be fine. Not only will I stop jumping off the fifth floor, touching bare electrical wires, or exploding gas tanks, I will see how I cause hurricanes, tsunamis, and so forth. I will stop cutting down trees just to make myself totally needless toys, and I will stop destroying the coral reefs that are essential for the ocean’s microflora.

If you explain to everyone that we must be in balance with nature, instead of going against its laws, and that this is the only way for us to win, you will become a practical means of mass education.
From the Talk on Mutual Guarantee 9/25/2011

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Methods Of Mass Education Against Mass Media

Dr. Michael LaitmanMass media is a means for “brainwashing,” for creating an absolutely programmed person. Psychological, sociological, and psychiatric studies confirm that mass media influences people’s behavior. It is not mass media, but a means for “mass manipulation.”

What we are doing is called a “means of mass education.” Education! It has to be able to give people a feeling of community and dependence. We are relying on regular healthy egoism, which will show people that they are completely dependent on everyone else. Moreover, we are not misleading them. We are simply showing them the actual picture that egoism conceals from them.

If I really depend on all the other people in the world, but I fail to take this into consideration and have no desire to do so, it’s only because my egoism misleads me on purpose. It gets in the way and forces me to feel bad, which makes me suffer.

A means of mass education raises the sensitivity of my dependence on others, and I begin to feel that I depend on everyone else. Just like we explain to a child who he should and should not play with and what he should be like, so do I, receiving this influence, become more sensitive towards my connections with others and begin to build them according to an entirely different system.

Then I will be able to enter a completely different financial and economic system and overcome the crisis. We will really be able to facilitate the unification of Europe, instead being in a situation where someone lends something to somebody else so that the latter could survive, although in the end, the collapse is inevitable.

I need to feel a greater dependence on one another, not a formal or imaginary one, but the real one that exists in nature and manifests to us as an increasingly greater connection every day. There is a big difference between the way we were connected one hundred, fifty, or even five years ago. We are constantly moving towards an even greater dependence.

I need to receive necessary information, influence from all sides, through all my senses, and actually instead of information and influence, it should be sensation and perception. We need to raise our sensitivity towards dependence on one another, and then we will build completely different social relations.
From the Talk on Mutual Guarantee 9/25/2011

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What To Do With The Unemployed?

Dr. Michael LaitmanInterconnection between people is based on first attaining a common homeostasis, a balance. What kind of balance? All of us will not consume more than we need. Then, half of the time that you now spend on work will free up. You will do work that people really need.

For example, if you produce refrigerators or washing machines, this is something necessary, good, and normal. If tomorrow we invent another system that consumes less energy, we will replace the old refrigerator model with a new one. In other words, everything must be aimed toward saving electric energy and materials.

All these things can only be calculated based on balance. We eliminate from our lives anything that disturbs balance and is unnecessary. This way, 50-60% of people will become unemployed, and that is great! After all, they are not doing anything good, and they benefit the rest of the people by not working.

So, how will they provide for themselves? It will be in the same way as everyone else. We will only procure the things that everyone needs. Today we procure twenty times more than we need. At the same time, half of humanity is starving. This way, we will procure the exact amount everyone needs to make sure that no one goes hungry.

You say it is not possible? Well, it is! What will everyone have? Half of their workday will free up. So, what will we do with this time? Will we end up killing each other? No, we will not. We will be doing a very simple thing: We will study a way to create balance between us and nature. This is where the methods of mass education will come in handy.
From the Talk on Mutual Guarantee 9/25/2011

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Success Is Not In The Growth Of Wealth But In Its Distribution

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Professor Tim Jackson, Author of Prosperity Without Growth – Economics for a Finite Planet): “Constant shocks to the world’s financial system over the past few years prompted the BBC World Service’s Business Daily programme to ask leading figures whether they thought Western capitalism had failed.

“This extraordinary ramping up of global economic activity is without historical precedent. It is totally at odds with the finite resource base and the fragile ecology on which we depend for survival.

“Most of the time, we avoid the stark reality of these numbers. Growth must go on, we insist. The reasons for this collective blindness are easy enough to find.

“Western capitalism is structurally reliant on growth for its stability. When growth falters – as it has done recently – politicians panic. Businesses struggle to survive. People lose their jobs and sometimes their homes.

“Questioning growth is deemed to be the act of lunatics, idealists and revolutionaries.

“Yet question it we must. The myth of growth has failed us. It has failed the two billion people who still live on less than $2 a day. It has failed the fragile ecological systems on which we depend for survival.”

My Comment: More and more sensible materials about the end of growth, billions of unemployed, and the reduction of production will encourage people to think about a new attitude towards life, general prosperity, and the other, non-material, fulfillment. After all, after simple calculations we see that the planet cannot provide for us.

This means that we should take a sober view of the future economy of reasonable consumption. Food, shelter, social security, and education and upbringing are to be provided for everyone in a reasonable quantity. The fulfillment of our egoism beyond the necessities should be transferred to other areas of contentment—cultural and spiritual, which require little material and energy. Let’s think and we will find a way.

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Brzezinski Predicts Riots In US

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter, political scientist): “Zbigniew Brzezinski…predict[ed] that middle class unrest caused by economic disenfranchisement would soon hit America.

“‘I don’t want to be a prophet of doom — and I don’t think we are approaching doom — but I think we’re going to slide into intensified social conflicts, social hostility, some forms of radicalism, there is just going to be a sense that this is not a just society,’ Brzezinski said, adding that civil unrest would begin when the lower middle class becomes severely affected by the economic fallout and rising unemployment.

“The former National Security Advisor predicted ‘really serious international turmoil’ as a result of the United States, Europe and Japan, the three traditional pillars of global economic strength, struggling with deep financial crises.

“However, this is certainly not the first time that Brzezinski has expressed concerns that a growing rage caused by economic and social disenfranchisement could threaten the existing power structure.

“Brzezinski… warned of a ‘global political awakening,’ mainly comprising of younger people in developing states, that threatened to topple the existing international order.

“‘For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive… The resulting global political activism is generating a surge in the quest for personal dignity, cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world painfully scarred by memories of centuries-long alien colonial or imperial domination,’ Brzezinski told fellow elitists.”

My Comment: Only the creation of the “round table” in each country, where all the pressing issues of society will be discussed openly with scientists, politicians, economists, and representatives of different sectors of society, when they all gather to solve common problems like family members, will help to reduce social pressure that threatens to grow into riots, a civil war, and beyond.

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The Crisis Affects Health Of The Nation

In the News (from Latin Daily Financial News): “According to a report published in The Lancet, in Greece there are indicators that suggest that access to health services of the Greeks has worsened, especially in vulnerable groups. But it has also increased the number of people who believe that their health is ‘bad’. The reasons, yet to be analyzed, may be in budget cuts, among others.

“Another alarming statistic is the increase in the number of suicides, 17% in 2009 compared to 2007, and unofficial data raise the increase to 25% from 2009 to 2010. Other data from the Greek Ministry of Health talks about an increase of 40% in the first half of 2011, compared to the same period in 2010.

“There has also been an increase in the number of HIV infections in late 2010. Recent data suggest that new HIV infections will rise by 52% in 2011 (922 new cases compared to 605 in 2010). Half of these cases is attributable to infection among users of intravenous drugs, although there has been an increase in prostitution and the number of women with HIV. According to the Greek Observatory on Drugs, the prevalence of heroin use has increased by 20% in 2009.”

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The Recipe For Saving The Economy Or How Not To Perish One By One

Opinion: (Rachel Ziemba, Director for macroeconomic issues of Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA), Roubini Global Economics, USA, from “‘The recession, which plunged the U.S. economy, is not a problem of one country.’

“‘This process will continue over the next five years and will affect all major countries around the world. China, India, Turkey, and Russia cannot escape the recession in the USA and the EU. …The world could experience problems with oil supplies from the Middle East countries, taken over by riots.’

“‘Recipe for economic salvation is simple: to bet on technologies, intensively develop the agricultural sector and inter-regional cooperation.’ …‘It already sounds like a constant mantra—to develop cooperation between countries….’”

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Decisive Times For The Eurozone

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Euronews): “G20 finance chiefs said the IMF must have adequate resources but stressed it was up to an EU summit next weekend to take decisive action.

“IMF boss Christine Lagarde highlighted fears of a knock-on effect that could hit emerging economies.

“French Finance Minister Francois Baroin promised that the EU summit on October 23 would be decisive. Now actions as well as words are needed with the pressure on and time running out.”

My Comment: There is no other treatment for sick Europe but to create an environment that will train us to become integral and ready for joint actions, like a flock of birds or a school of fish. Only animals act instinctively, obeying the collective mind and desire that control the entire group, but we must rise to the level where we act consciously, willingly.

The solution to the crisis is not in financial activities, but the transformation of a human being: He should become an integral, active, and intelligent member of humanity, like a bird in a flock or a fish in a school. The only way to change a person is through a special environment, just as we shape a child under the influence of the environment.

But in this case, we have to create our environment ourselves. Only this action, together with some financial activities aimed at balancing the society, will allow us to come out from the crisis and begin to acquire a new form of society of reasonable consumption.

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Criminal Responsibility For Financial Players

Opinion: (Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission): “‘This Thursday I am going to propose that individual criminal responsibility for financial players be recognised in European law,’ Barroso said in comments run by Le Parisien newspaper on Sunday.

“‘We have seen abusive behavior on the markets, some of which has provoked the current crisis. We are going to regulate these practices,’ Barroso said.

“‘Those who violate them will incur criminal penalties. That would be a first in European law and send a strong signal,’ he insisted.”

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The Path Is Through The Red Sea

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do we lack in order to attain the revelation? Why are we failing to insert the key into the door of the spiritual world?

Answer: There’s a point in the heart encased in the ego shell (Klipa) in every one of us. This shell can only be broken and destroyed through mutual help. No one is able to work alone. Everyone must make sure this happens to others as well.

None of us has the strength to break our own shell or free our own point in the heart. Mutual efforts do not need to be big, but a certain quality is required. So far you have been unable to reach this quality.

We keep stumbling at the threshold: We arrive at the shell referred to as “Klipat Emori,” we try to touch it, and it pushes us away. We can’t see, touch, or break it because this is only possible through a general connection, by uniting all our forces, whereas we are unable to do so. We think about completely different things, not yet realizing that success only depends on our unity against our mutual egoism. We need to connect our points in the heart, our desires, and break this ego.

And once we begin to connect before this common enemy, our connection will lead us to the understanding that we lack the upper force to break this ego. In other words, we lack the third factor in the equation of: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” And then we will ask Him and attract the Light of correction AB-SAG, which will break this shell and illuminate both the bad and good desires for us. The Light will clarify everything for us so much that we will no longer be able to continue agreeing with our ego, and we will want to rise out of it at any cost.

Then we will be able to work by faith above reason because we will no longer wish to remain with this egoistic mind. But all this will happen under the condition that we try to unite our forces to break this general egoism.

Mount Sinai is the mountain of our mutual hatred, our enormous egoism. We always reveal our mutual egoism with the exception of some special cases described in the Torah. A golden calf is made with the gold that every person pulls from his heart. Women are happy to give you all of their gold jewelry to make an idol. And the force that can break this egoism must also be joint.

For now we are unable to make this final decision that only together can we break this Klipa and include ourselves in the upper one. We lack inner seriousness even though everything depends on the quality of our effort.

The world is already screaming and has advanced through a lot of threatening states, and our objective is to go ahead of them, to lead them down the final sea (the Red Sea).
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/9/2011, Writings of Rabash

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