What To Do With The Unemployed?

Dr. Michael LaitmanInterconnection between people is based on first attaining a common homeostasis, a balance. What kind of balance? All of us will not consume more than we need. Then, half of the time that you now spend on work will free up. You will do work that people really need.

For example, if you produce refrigerators or washing machines, this is something necessary, good, and normal. If tomorrow we invent another system that consumes less energy, we will replace the old refrigerator model with a new one. In other words, everything must be aimed toward saving electric energy and materials.

All these things can only be calculated based on balance. We eliminate from our lives anything that disturbs balance and is unnecessary. This way, 50-60% of people will become unemployed, and that is great! After all, they are not doing anything good, and they benefit the rest of the people by not working.

So, how will they provide for themselves? It will be in the same way as everyone else. We will only procure the things that everyone needs. Today we procure twenty times more than we need. At the same time, half of humanity is starving. This way, we will procure the exact amount everyone needs to make sure that no one goes hungry.

You say it is not possible? Well, it is! What will everyone have? Half of their workday will free up. So, what will we do with this time? Will we end up killing each other? No, we will not. We will be doing a very simple thing: We will study a way to create balance between us and nature. This is where the methods of mass education will come in handy.
From the Talk on Mutual Guarantee 9/25/2011

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