Methods Of Mass Education Against Mass Media

Dr. Michael LaitmanMass media is a means for “brainwashing,” for creating an absolutely programmed person. Psychological, sociological, and psychiatric studies confirm that mass media influences people’s behavior. It is not mass media, but a means for “mass manipulation.”

What we are doing is called a “means of mass education.” Education! It has to be able to give people a feeling of community and dependence. We are relying on regular healthy egoism, which will show people that they are completely dependent on everyone else. Moreover, we are not misleading them. We are simply showing them the actual picture that egoism conceals from them.

If I really depend on all the other people in the world, but I fail to take this into consideration and have no desire to do so, it’s only because my egoism misleads me on purpose. It gets in the way and forces me to feel bad, which makes me suffer.

A means of mass education raises the sensitivity of my dependence on others, and I begin to feel that I depend on everyone else. Just like we explain to a child who he should and should not play with and what he should be like, so do I, receiving this influence, become more sensitive towards my connections with others and begin to build them according to an entirely different system.

Then I will be able to enter a completely different financial and economic system and overcome the crisis. We will really be able to facilitate the unification of Europe, instead being in a situation where someone lends something to somebody else so that the latter could survive, although in the end, the collapse is inevitable.

I need to feel a greater dependence on one another, not a formal or imaginary one, but the real one that exists in nature and manifests to us as an increasingly greater connection every day. There is a big difference between the way we were connected one hundred, fifty, or even five years ago. We are constantly moving towards an even greater dependence.

I need to receive necessary information, influence from all sides, through all my senses, and actually instead of information and influence, it should be sensation and perception. We need to raise our sensitivity towards dependence on one another, and then we will build completely different social relations.
From the Talk on Mutual Guarantee 9/25/2011

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