Good Environment – 10.04.11

My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice and Principles for the Week

The Privilege To Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator made creation in order to bestow total goodness to it, which means giving us the opportunity to bestow and love. When we do so, it will mean that He fills us with all the pleasures.

Delighting creation does not mean satisfying its egoistic desires in all kinds of ways. Rather, when my desire changes from egoistic to bestowing, this opens up the possibility of bestowal for me, which becomes my pleasure. This is called being filled by the Creator’s pleasures, by the Light that fills the entire universe.

Our attitude to this new creation, at whose threshold we stand, is similar to entering a certain privileged club where the only people allowed to enter are those having special, outstanding qualities, and by special invitation only. Before entering there, you have to receive permission, an entry pass, and for that you must first study the system of relationships that exists among all its members.

In this “club” some participants are more important and some less, and they have all kinds of relationships with one another: familial, amicable, business, and others, meaning they are connected through all forms of connections. If you establish contact with every person and become included in this connection between everyone, combining yourself correctly with this entire system and knowing how to activate it, then you will be able to use it to your benefit.

That is how the system of worlds operates, the spiritual net which we are entering. I have to know what relationships exist between all of its elements. And that means I have to study its constant structure, which is called VAK (small state).

Besides, I have to know how to activate it with my request (MAN), how it will react to me entering it and influencing it. Then I see how motion begins to happen in it: how Sefira Daat ascends to YESHSUT and Aba ve Ima, how Hassadim and Gevura descend from there, evoking further ascent, and so on.

This is what we have to learn from the science of Kabbalah ahead of time, before entering the upper system. The study forms special qualities inside us and brings us closer to entering the upper system. By the force of our desire to attain this system, I awaken an influence from it upon myself, and some kind of fluids or energy flows reach me from there, bringing me closer to it.

After all, I want to get there! It is written, “I am for my Beloved and He is for me.” This is called the month of ELUL (the acronym for “I am for my Beloved and He is for me”), the preparation for ascending into the upper system. And when I finally enter there, this is called a new beginning, the celebration of the New Year (Rosh HaShana).
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/4/11, Shamati

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Learning For The Sake Of Daily Bread

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to give people an explanation of what the solution to the modern problems is. Even if it won’t be possible to avoid the troubles, people will nevertheless hear us eventually. They won’t have any other choice left.

When the crisis worsens, when factories close down and banks become empty, mass turmoil will begin. The people will rise up with demands, not caring how realistic they are. The government might be able to reasonably justify itself, but the people don’t care about that, and will say, “You’re in power so you’re responsible!”

Moments like that or the breaks between them is precisely when people will hear us. And it will be both the regular people and the powerful ones who will hear. The tycoons will want to build the system of upbringing we are talking about of their own accord in order to pacify the people and raise them above the poverty line. Otherwise people will take away everything from them, as this has already happened in history on several occasions. The danger will force them to take care of the agitations and explanations and to aim people toward mutual unification, to a global, integral system, which nature requires us to create.

After all, this is not someone’s whim, but precisely nature’s call, which we cannot run away from. The more we do in this direction, the less troubles and problems we will have.

Obviously, we won’t start talking about fair distribution right away. The first task is to provide people with whatever amount of money they need to survive. And in response they will be required to make efforts in studying.

When unemployment increases, masses of people will be left with nothing to do. People will have to distribute their time so they will work for half or a third of the work day, and devote the rest of the time to compulsory study. In essence, this will become the real work: A person will work on himself. In order to make bread from wheat, it is necessary to awaken a force that will raise wheat.

This year we will already see how uneasy it is to produce bread in conditions of economic and ecological crisis. And studying, together with efforts to create an environment, is part of our work in this world. We thereby awaken the force in the world that is necessary for our material existence.

A person will study in order to bestow to others, in order to provide their daily bread for them. As Baal HaSulam writes, bestowal to the neighbor and bestowal to the Creator are the same thing. That is how people will reach spirituality—without suffering and without studying the science of Kabbalah.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/4/11, “Peace in the World”

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Big Things Begin With Small Steps

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Isn’t it possible that the global, integral system is egoistic? Why does globalization reveal to us specifically the system of bestowal?

Answer: If we depend on each other, we can’t help but to be considerate of each other. And egoism is namely my indifference to everyone but myself. Today I discover that I exist in a system of cogwheels, and my negative influence over others comes back to me. Therefore, I must consider the interests of others as my own.

This is mutual bestowal—a very simple, egoistic altruism. We don’t speak with people about faith above reason, but we use facts from this world: “You see it for yourself that all of us are dependent on each other. In the general mechanism, all evil indeed returns like a boomerang. This implies that there is no other choice, and everyone must influence in a positive way in order to receive positive feedback.” What isn’t clear here? What’s more, if we are in danger, the connection between us becomes even closer.

From this we reach an obvious conclusion: Our ego disturbs us. If we were connected above our ego, absolutely and in a nice way, then the system would be ideal. We would reach a state where we would never receive anything negative from any place. All the cogwheels would turn as they should: I relate positively to everyone, with all my soul, and in response, I receive only good from them.

So, does it mean that we need to reach some unrealistic situation where everyone goes around with good desires for each other, like ants in an anthill? After all, they work together instinctively. Must we connect in this way against our ego? Is that possible? It seems that this will happen only on condition that the crisis, which in the meantime gets worse, will oblige us to reach specifically this: a mutual, complete connection in spite of all our hatred, envy, and rejection. But from where will we get this strength?

Let’s begin the advancement to a state of connection between us, let’s sign a “declaration of intentions” that we, nevertheless, want to be connected to some extent. Let us first sweeten the situation a little.

If this is the case, we will need to think of how we need to operate systems of connection between us: education, matrimony, social relationships, relations to nature, and especially the financial-economic system. We must reach a certain degree of social justice, of a balanced economy and to decrease the gap between different sectors of society. We will need to consider others as we do ourselves at least a little bit.

Let’s say, I will always give a part of what I take for myself to others. Let’s say everyone would pay a tithe, and then afterwards the money from the tithe would be divided between everyone, according to their situation. This won’t be like Social Security, which at times grants allowances regardless of one’s real income. No, we would all pay and then divide it according to the income of each and every one so as to somehow bridge social gaps between us.

Every big thing is done in stages, and it needs to start with realistic, simple steps, to be followed, of course, by additional ones.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/2/2011, “Peace in the World”

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Introductory Lecture “Yom Kippur” – 10.04.11

Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Lecture Series, “Yom Kippur”
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Demonstrations: A Way To Create A New Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From CNN): “A spirited and leaderless protest in the Wall Street section of New York has entered its third week, helping to inspire a growing number of demonstrations united in their passion if not necessarily their reasons for hitting the streets.

“The hub of the movement, in Lower Manhattan, was abuzz with activity on Sunday as activists continued to vent their frustrations with everything from ‘corporate greed’ to high gas prices to insufficient health insurance.

“No single group or person heads the effort, which has adopted the name ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ While a ‘general assembly’ is held daily for those gathered — be it for a few short hours or by camping out long-term — to discuss the goings-on and work toward a common mission, the stances being touted currently are diverse.

“The lack of coherent message has not stopped similar efforts from popping up elsewhere in the United States.

“’Occupy Chicago,’ for instance, entered its 10th day on Sunday, a day after an associated website touted ‘a huge afternoon march.’

“The motto atop a website for ‘Occupy Los Angeles,’ which kicked off Saturday with a march from Pershing Square to City Hall, reads: ‘The revolution is happening … It’s just not in the news.’

“There are 34 organizations — from unions to ethnic organizations to activist groups focused on everything from foreclosure prevention to climate change to justice-related issues — listed as being involved in a like-minded activist coalition in Boston. This group, which held a festival and march Friday and Saturday and has explicitly targeted Bank of America in recent weeks, states on its website that its aim is to ‘stop their greed,’ ‘fight for an economy that works for all of us,’ and ‘build cities that are democratic, just and sustainable.’

“Most demonstrations thus far have been peaceful and uneventful, though in a few cases they have led to numerous arrests.

“The most high-profile such incident came Saturday, when New York police arrested more than 700 protesters who had occupied the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

“Demonstrators have said they take their inspiration from the Arab Spring protests that swept through Africa and the Middle East this year.

“The protest campaign — which uses the hashtag #occupywallstreet on the microblogging site Twitter — began in July with the launch of a simple campaign website calling for a march and a sit-in at the New York Stock Exchange.

“It has gained steam since early September, with crowds taking up residence in a park in New York’s financial district and calling for 20,000 people to flood the area for a ‘few months.’ In recent weeks, the New York demonstrators have addressed various issues, including police brutality, union busting, and the economy.”

My Comment: The problems are just beginning because the crisis itself is still not felt as a systematic crisis, when life “freezes,” and all the social, political, economic, and other connections no longer work smoothly. That is when people, not understanding the reasons for what’s happening, start blaming the authorities and “establish their own order.”

Only education and the explanation of the new laws and connections that manifest in society will be able to calm people and give them the correct guidance, to gather the masses together and jointly create new connections in society, new relationships between themselves and with the world. This problem will manifest itself as a single issue of the Old and New World on both sides of the Atlantic. Other parts of the world will accompany it, and turmoil and unrest, helplessness and lack of control will force governments to turn to the masses and make joint decisions at the “round table.”

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Soros Predicts “A Second Great Depression”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (George Soros, billionaire investor): “Financial markets are driving the world towards another Great Depression with incalculable political consequences. The authorities, particularly in Europe, have lost control of the situation. They need to regain control and they need to do so now.

“Three bold steps are needed. First, the governments of the eurozone must agree in principle on a new treaty creating a common treasury for the eurozone. In the meantime, the major banks must be put under European Central Bank direction …Third, the ECB would enable countries such as Italy and Spain to temporarily refinance their debt at a very low cost. These steps would calm the markets and give Europe time to develop a growth strategy, without which the debt problem cannot be solved.

“The course of action outlined here …is more radical because it puts the banks under European control. That is liable to arouse the opposition of both the banks and the national authorities. Only public pressure can make it happen.”

My Comment: Didn’t the great financiers say that the crisis was over? These measures, like patches, will not help either; a patch will merely tear as well. It’s necessary to change the system of our attitude to the world: The globally connected world has to be governed by people who feel a genuine responsibility for the entire world, for the unified system, and are connected by mutual guarantee.

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Who Wants Change?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our New York group went to Wall Street today to feel the mood and the desires of the demonstrators. What we heard from them was very similar to our message. We sang together our song “Who Wants Change?” How can we convey the idea of mutual guarantee to them?

Answer: There is a lot of work before you now. First you have to build a website and give its address to the protesters. It should be on this site and not on the street that you start a big, true debate about the relevant issues. You should lead people to the virtual court, in which they will discuss the issues related to our message.

The processes in the U.S. are accelerating, and we have to organize the preliminary stages of our work as soon as possible. There is no doubt that we are actually starting to work globally now. Each group will operate at its own pace, according to the local conditions, but in the next few months, we will eventually all be part of this.

As a result, we will understand, feel, and connect to the internal, spiritual system. We already begin to see it as the end result of the process: the ascent to the last degree, the revelation of the Creator to the created beings, the revelation of the attribute of bestowal, the system of bestowal in which we participate in practice. The people perform external actions in it, and we join them with internal actions. It is all before us.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/2/2011, “Peace in the World”

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French Teachers Strike Over Job Cuts

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From Associated Press): “Tens of thousands of French teachers and their supporters took to the streets Tuesday for a national strike and protests over education job cuts under President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government.

“In a first, private school teachers joined the walkout with their public-sector colleagues who are angry about job cuts.

“Labor unions want to ratchet up the pressure on Sarkozy’s conservatives, who have cut public-sector jobs as a way to help reduce France’s bloated budget deficit.”

My Comment: Schools have to educate, to make a Human out of a child, and not just provide him or her with knowledge and a profession. Today, a connection with people is most important; it determines success in everything.

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The Allure Of Communism

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe situation in the world today already shows us that unification is worthwhile. It is indeed feasible for us to connect and to care about one another. We would benefit if we organized a fair system in which every individual works according to his abilities and gets as much as he or she needs, and not more.

Actually, what can be better than that? It is a very simple and sensible formula. Even children are impressed by this idea. You should see with what joy and enthusiasm they read about it because it is like a fairy tale that they want to come true.

But here several questions arise. First, why aren’t we like that to begin with? Why did nature initially make us corrupt? Second, can we attain this using our own power? And third, why haven’t we done it until now? Didn’t we see the benefit in such a life from the beginning?

Actually, this is exactly how people used to live ages ago. A communist society was the first phase in human civilization. The first humans who climbed down from the trees were communists: They shared everything, and they all lived like one family, each working for its welfare.

However, later the world developed in the opposite direction. We can only long for the blissful, innocent days of the past. Everything was so simple then: Every tribe used to hunt some mammoth and eat it together. No one even imagined cheating anyone else and taking more than his share. People felt that they were a single whole, and this feeling was preserved until the days of ancient Babel.

What happened afterwards? Is it possible to return to the way it used to be? No one agrees to that. On the contrary, our life tends to be totally opposite: We are detached, we isolate ourselves from one another. People get divorced, everyone needs a room of his own, his own place…. And so it follows that we will not be able to return to the same naive altruism. We see that it is against evolution. We can learn this from the sad examples of the Soviet Union and the kibbutzim (collective agricultural communities in Israel).

So what can we do? The global crisis has shown us clearly that we depend on one another and are tied to one another like cogwheels. On the other hand, we hate one another, we can’t stand each another; everybody would like to be all alone in the whole world just so that the others wouldn’t disturb him. How is it possible to combine these two trends?

This is the problem the world is facing today. Discount rate manipulations will not suffice. The economy reflects the connection between us. So how can we direct it towards mutual cooperation?

We see, for example, that Germany is bailing out Greece only because at the moment it is cheaper than throwing the Greeks to the wolves. This is how the Creator plays with us, until we abandon all the old methods and find a true solution.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/2/2011, “Peace in the World”

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