The Privilege To Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator made creation in order to bestow total goodness to it, which means giving us the opportunity to bestow and love. When we do so, it will mean that He fills us with all the pleasures.

Delighting creation does not mean satisfying its egoistic desires in all kinds of ways. Rather, when my desire changes from egoistic to bestowing, this opens up the possibility of bestowal for me, which becomes my pleasure. This is called being filled by the Creator’s pleasures, by the Light that fills the entire universe.

Our attitude to this new creation, at whose threshold we stand, is similar to entering a certain privileged club where the only people allowed to enter are those having special, outstanding qualities, and by special invitation only. Before entering there, you have to receive permission, an entry pass, and for that you must first study the system of relationships that exists among all its members.

In this “club” some participants are more important and some less, and they have all kinds of relationships with one another: familial, amicable, business, and others, meaning they are connected through all forms of connections. If you establish contact with every person and become included in this connection between everyone, combining yourself correctly with this entire system and knowing how to activate it, then you will be able to use it to your benefit.

That is how the system of worlds operates, the spiritual net which we are entering. I have to know what relationships exist between all of its elements. And that means I have to study its constant structure, which is called VAK (small state).

Besides, I have to know how to activate it with my request (MAN), how it will react to me entering it and influencing it. Then I see how motion begins to happen in it: how Sefira Daat ascends to YESHSUT and Aba ve Ima, how Hassadim and Gevura descend from there, evoking further ascent, and so on.

This is what we have to learn from the science of Kabbalah ahead of time, before entering the upper system. The study forms special qualities inside us and brings us closer to entering the upper system. By the force of our desire to attain this system, I awaken an influence from it upon myself, and some kind of fluids or energy flows reach me from there, bringing me closer to it.

After all, I want to get there! It is written, “I am for my Beloved and He is for me.” This is called the month of ELUL (the acronym for “I am for my Beloved and He is for me”), the preparation for ascending into the upper system. And when I finally enter there, this is called a new beginning, the celebration of the New Year (Rosh HaShana).
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/4/11, Shamati

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