The Path Is Through The Red Sea

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do we lack in order to attain the revelation? Why are we failing to insert the key into the door of the spiritual world?

Answer: There’s a point in the heart encased in the ego shell (Klipa) in every one of us. This shell can only be broken and destroyed through mutual help. No one is able to work alone. Everyone must make sure this happens to others as well.

None of us has the strength to break our own shell or free our own point in the heart. Mutual efforts do not need to be big, but a certain quality is required. So far you have been unable to reach this quality.

We keep stumbling at the threshold: We arrive at the shell referred to as “Klipat Emori,” we try to touch it, and it pushes us away. We can’t see, touch, or break it because this is only possible through a general connection, by uniting all our forces, whereas we are unable to do so. We think about completely different things, not yet realizing that success only depends on our unity against our mutual egoism. We need to connect our points in the heart, our desires, and break this ego.

And once we begin to connect before this common enemy, our connection will lead us to the understanding that we lack the upper force to break this ego. In other words, we lack the third factor in the equation of: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” And then we will ask Him and attract the Light of correction AB-SAG, which will break this shell and illuminate both the bad and good desires for us. The Light will clarify everything for us so much that we will no longer be able to continue agreeing with our ego, and we will want to rise out of it at any cost.

Then we will be able to work by faith above reason because we will no longer wish to remain with this egoistic mind. But all this will happen under the condition that we try to unite our forces to break this general egoism.

Mount Sinai is the mountain of our mutual hatred, our enormous egoism. We always reveal our mutual egoism with the exception of some special cases described in the Torah. A golden calf is made with the gold that every person pulls from his heart. Women are happy to give you all of their gold jewelry to make an idol. And the force that can break this egoism must also be joint.

For now we are unable to make this final decision that only together can we break this Klipa and include ourselves in the upper one. We lack inner seriousness even though everything depends on the quality of our effort.

The world is already screaming and has advanced through a lot of threatening states, and our objective is to go ahead of them, to lead them down the final sea (the Red Sea).
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/9/2011, Writings of Rabash

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