Why Is Mainstream Media Failing To Address Social Protests?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From The Huffington Post, UK): “Occupy Wall Street is heading for its third week of protests. The movement was hesitant in its first steps, but it’s now picking up momentum and spreading across the U.S. From its birth in New York, the ‘Occupy’ premise now has a foothold; the U.K is planning Occupy London Stock Exchange.

“The conventional media has only just caught up with the Occupy movement, but it’s taken far too long. Why has it taken three weeks for the mainstream media to address such a significant movement, especially when so many spectators were/are following the story? Are the mainstream not supposed to break news? Why are so many people still left in the dark? Are the mainstream deciding what actually constitutes as news as opposed to reporting on it?

“Mainstream media is failing the very people that it’s supposed to keep informed, and it doesn’t just stop at Occupy. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that those who subscribe solely to mainstream media have a fatally narrow view on the world.

“The summer UK riots saw the British government jeopardise freedoms with the erosion of the civil liberties surrounding social media. The riots were deplorable, but this is not an excuse to restrict any media, let alone a source that belongs society.

“Speaking on the UK, mainstream sources only began to report on the Occupy Wall Street protests when the news broke that 700 arrests had been made owing to an ‘unauthorised protest.’ The Occupy movement has, by enlarge [and large], been conducted in peace, and is arguably exemplary in its conduct. Maybe this in itself is a worrying trend, that peaceful demonstrations don’t receive attention until violence or misconduct intervenes. Only when something juicy is afoot do the mainstream turn a speculative eye.

“So, as the Occupy movement spreads, and the UK’s version of Occupy London Stock Exchange is set to run from the 15th October to the 12th December, it will be an interesting time indeed. Both the media and protestors should be watched and evaluated to see how they conduct themselves. Politicians desperately need to listen and put down the dusty rhetoric.”

My Comment: The authorities in all counties have to become familiar with the new tendencies in the world. It will be increasingly difficult to manipulate the world because it is becoming integral, and the previous governance instruments are no longer applicable.

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