The Rich Run For Cover

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From Reuters): “The world’s wealthiest families have embarked on damage limitation rather than seeking to boost their fortunes as financial turmoil erodes their riches, with some so worried they are putting their money in ‘catastrophe’ portfolios.

“In southern Europe, where the financial crisis is at its most fierce, and the Middle East where the Arab Spring has heightened the sense of political risk, rich people are now sending more money abroad….

“The trend marks the end of an era in which tycoons in both regions kept much of their wealth at home, attracted by high rates of return from frothy property and stock markets before the turmoil set in.”

My Comment: The cleansing wave will touch everyone in earnest if we are not smart enough to begin our gradual change towards balance with nature. If we do not act ourselves, gradually our lagging behind accumulates, and the equalization with nature, the correction of what we have not done gradually and smoothly ourselves, occurs by explosion, war, or as a blow.

Kabbalah originally suggested a soft method for solving the problem by equalizing us with one other (mutual guarantee) and with the environment (reasonable consumption, similarity to and balance with nature). To date, no one takes this seriously. It is true, over the last ten years, many scientists have  discovered how necessary these actions are. But of course, no one listens to them: “You got our money to do your research, so be grateful for that.” Egoism beats any logic!

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