How To Become The Crown Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we discover that information travels instantly. Moreover, certain physical actions also happen instantly, and not just with the speed of light, sound, and so on. In other words, all of nature is unified.

If so, then as I develop, I come to a state where I must consciously participate in this unity, examine it, agree with it, and reasonably participate in it. I have to see where I participate without being an integral part, that is, where I desire to be an egoist, wish to receive only for myself, and do not consider my near and distant circles.

Evidently, nature is pushing me toward the realization that I am fully interconnected with it. It wishes me to realize the existence of this unity and participate in it consciously. This is why I experience and will always continue to experience crises—my lack of correspondence to these conditions.

Nature reveals this to me as a circle and seems to be saying: “This is the near circle with which you must now be integrated, completely interconnected. At this moment, you do not feel that you are in balance, connection, and harmony with it, and you must attain it.” So, it obligates me to do this by creating different, bad circumstances. I have problems with myself, my children, my surrounding circumstances, health, the ecology, and everything else.

It obligates me from every angle. It is a multifaceted crisis. It is not just an economic crisis, but a crisis with everything that I do and everything I am interconnected with. Nature is showing, demonstrating, that I am neither global nor integral in the narrow field where I now exist. As soon as I become more interconnected with it, it then will show me a wider field, where I will feel that I’m in a crisis again.

However, this is not another crisis that will come in another two years. It will simply be the revelation of a wider field with which I must also form an integral connection.

I correct this certain part (with other people, the still, vegetative, and animate levels, and so on). I seem to reach a certain repose or balance with it, and suddenly, voila!, another crisis. But it is not a crisis. Nature simply expands me this way. It wants to turn me into a conscious element so that I will consciously participate in its integration. What for? In this way, I will come to know it, and I will really become its crown, its fruit.

Today we see that man is the most encompassing element in the universe. Yet, he misses out on one aspect: He does not understand where he is, does not grasp this entire interaction, and does not include himself in it. Right now, nature is beginning to develop us toward this specific state, and we see this in practice.
From the Talk on Global Education 9/7/2011

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  1. Realistically, we cannot interact with others without having to think about others. This isn’t how the system of nature is built. Because even if we think of ourselves when we interact with someone else, eventually, that will come back to us. Things just don’t function. Also, what good is it to study Kabbalah for ourselves. We may have to work on our own inner choices to rise above reason, but just because we feel good because of it doesn’t mean it’s going to feel good enough or be fullfilling enough. Only when we fullfill others do we feel it’s a complete goodness. We can imagine how good it would feel to study Kabbalah, but then we can imagine without having gone through it how empty we would feel if we were not fullfilling others needs or loving them as part of the integral network of the larger Kli.

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