I Do Not Want To Be A Mountain Climber

Dr. Michael LaitmanEgoistic development took place gradually in billions of people, and suddenly we have found ourselves closed in, linked like cogwheels that become short-circuited and must rotate together. We have now come to a state where we have become closed in to a single system together. However, this system has certain measures of freedom within it. In other words, it is not yet locked into a gear system, but rather it is like the friction of wheels spinning together, although still in a slipping motion, and we are still living due to this freedom from one another.

An egoistic nature is when I spin on my own like a ball, like a single wheel that is not connected to other wheels, the way it’s comfortable to me. I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me. I don’t want to be linked to you. We are not mountain climbers who depend upon each other. I don’t want to be dependant. I do my job, you do yours.

When the system becomes completely revealed, we will see that it is global, integral, and all its parts are completely binding, like an enormous live organism. Its individual parts do not have any freedom of will to do whatever they wish to do because this does not exist in nature. Everything abides by the law of determinism.
From the Talk on Global Education 9/7/2011

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  1. That is not true about Determinism, there are certain things out of our control but still there is some choice too. Cells can become cancerous…

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