Questions About Group Work, Studies, And Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Things have changed recently. I feel like the entire world Kli has risen into a different, higher space together. It feels like we are getting close to breaking through into a giant new world, and it’s exciting! What is the main thing most needed for this final push together: more study, more time among friends, more inner personal work?

Answer: We will merit the breakthrough if the world needs us. So, it all depends on our success in disseminating the need to unite: mutual guarantee.

Question: I live in Oklahoma. A few times, I went to the learning center in St. Louis where I felt the importance of our interconnection for spiritual advancement. If I have realized that I can learn and move forward only in the group, should I think about relocation?

Answer: If there is no group where you live, but at the new place you will have a group and a job, then it is desirable to move.

Question: Do you agree with the opinion of journalist Daniel Greenfield and his statements about Obama? Many American Jews, and non-Jews as well, would like to know your opinion.

Answer: Yes.

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