Global Problems Call For A Global Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Authorities in Israel are trying to find an answer to the demands advanced by the social protest. What are your suggestions?

Answer: With all due respect to the chairman of the government appointed committee, Mr. Trachtenberg, I suggest creating an organization that will know, above all, where we are headed. Our final objective is unity of the people and of the whole country.

Once we choose this direction, let’s see about where to begin. Obviously, first we have to lift the destitute above the poverty line. And then we have to work on rehabilitation: create a program for every sphere of activity that will enable us to gradually put production, trade, healthcare, the systems of government and banking, and others onto a new track. Step by step, we have to reorganize them into a single, integral complex.

For that we have to teach and educate people by involving the environment so they will understand what we have come up against, what kind of crisis we are facing, and how we can alleviate the situation. We have to give them an explanation of the solution, the remedy to the illness that we have diagnosed, how to take this remedy, in what doses, and for what period of time. And they have to want to use this remedy.

This requires a propaganda system that opens people’s eyes to what is happening. I want to wake up tomorrow morning and feel that I am together with the whole nation in a common understanding of the world we are living in. I come out to the street, ride on a bus, talk to my coworkers, listen to the radio, watch the TV, and everywhere people are talking about the important things, everyone is informed and not blind, unlike those who are ignorant and only know how to shout about yet another wreckage.

Today economists are scaring people with starvation, while doctors, instead of curing us, are forcing us to fearfully count how many lives their strike might cost. Enough already! Let’s get to the bottom of the situation. Let’s understand why the medical employees are dissatisfied, why the financiers are panicking, and why people cannot make ends meet until the next paycheck. Let’s look at the general picture rather than its separate fragments, no matter how alarming they might appear.

In order to solve the problem, we have to rise above it. But in the meantime, people are coming out to the street without even really knowing why. Often they don’t have clear demands or a clear program, but only pain, or just a personal reason for being dissatisfied. So let’s take an impartial, bird’s-eye view of the global events. This is not just a regular, short-term phenomenon, problems of a separate country or separate social classes, but a common human problem. All of human civilization is now entering a new state, so why don’t we figure it out, showing a mature and intelligent attitude?

Yet instead we are shouting, “The stock market is falling! Europe is on the verge of collapse!” That is how “impressionable” we are being instead of having a normal, constructive approach. Clearly, people are incapable of that kind of approach, but in addition they cannot even admit their own impotency. By trying to fight the symptoms of the illness, they are merely moving around furniture inside the cabins of a sinking ship.

Therefore, we should be wary of poorly thought-out decisions.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/11, “Peace in the World”

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  1. I think you guys should also give yourselves a pat on the back and focus on what you are doing right, and take things from there. I read a self-esteem story by a rabbi once that was about a boy who didn’t score as he should have on tests, so the teacher sat him down and told him he got 50 right instead of 50 wrong. And focused on what he did right. As a result, he scored 100’s on his tests after that. I think with Kabbalah Israel should focus on what it is already doing right. I’m not trying to be unrealistic, but it’s easy to get bogged down in what isn’t going right. The world needs Israel and without you guys, we wouldn’t learn about the points in our hearts we have. Israel is important, without it we all suffer. I wish the rest of the world would see this.

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