Gordon Brown: The World Is Drifting

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom):Politics trumped sensible economics in the United States this summer, when Congress and President Barack Obama could not agree on taxes, entitlements, deficits, or an investment stimulus.

“As a result, few people today doubt that the world is drifting, rudderless and leaderless, towards a second downturn. The pre-summer debate about whether we faced a ‘new normal’ of slower growth has been resolved: nothing now looks normal. Muddling through has failed. Unable to conclude a global trade deal, climate-change agreement, growth pact, or changes in the financial regime, the world is likely to descend into a new protectionism of competitive devaluation, currency wars, trade restrictions, and capital controls.

“But this is not a time for defeatism. Countries claiming to have reached the limit of what they can do really mean that they have reached the limit of what they can do on their own. The way forward to sustained growth and employment is not through a flurry of one-off national initiatives, but rather through global policy coordination.

“So, first, we must restore the broad vision of global cooperation contained in the G-20 growth pact…

“The G-20, which represents 80% of world output, came into its own in 2009 as the only multilateral body able to coordinate global economic policy. Unfortunately, its member states soon abandoned that goal and defaulted to national solutions. Predictably, going it alone has proven futile in ensuring economic recovery. The G-20’s time has come again.”

My Comment: This won’t help, as it didn’t in the past, until we do the following:

  • Determine that egoism in us is responsible for all our failures;
  • Establish that humanity must come to complete cooperation and become part of unified nature;
  • Determine that our path to unity and balance with nature lies through education of humanity about the laws of total cooperation.

Who will do all this? Isn’t that the mission of the UN and other international organizations? Weren’t they created to bring all the nations and countries to mutual cooperation and closeness, and not for political games? Ultimately, the formal existence of these organizations and their isolationist policies only accelerate our crisis, and perhaps this is the benefit we reap from them. Hence, it’s necessary to create an international body of influence, which will consist of scientists, economists, and sociologists (not politicians), meaning of people who understand the state of the world and new methods of solving its problems.

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