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Opinion: (Alexander Chumakov, professor of philosophy, from “‘Globalization began with the era of great discoveries. From the beginning of 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, globalization has taken over all areas of social life. The world has turned into a whole economic and political system.

“‘There has been an information revolution going on since 1980s, and now no area of social activity can be considered separately. From this moment the world represents a complete system with the financial area being its part.

“‘Past economical crises, including the Great Depression of 1929–1933, were of regional character, whereas now the crisis is a world crisis. …But having become a complete system, the modern world hasn’t yet received an adequate government, and this is the main contradiction of a global world. We cannot expect a quick solution to this problem because universal values are missing, and the international law is too far from being completed by the universal law, which is essential for the existence of a global government. The G8 or even G20 are not enough to solve the given problem.

“‘This is where the financial crisis comes from: It is only the beginning if a systemic world crisis, which can sometimes calm down or intensify, but it cannot end without the main contradiction of the modern epoch being solved.’

Professor V. Kuvaldin: ‘The crisis we are experiencing is neither a financial nor an economic crisis. This is the first systemic crisis. Financial and economic difficulties are merely the forms of its manifestations. The modern economic crisis takes its roots in the nineteenth century… But a stable version of globalization was forming from 1960 to 1990. This was an American project. The crisis has showed that the world cannot continue to develop this way. It will be changing.’

Professor K. Barlybayev: ‘From the point of view of the government theory, the need for a world government is a matter of a subjective opinion. Objectively, …people are forced to govern the world in spite of their desires. A world government will be created when needed, even though the government leaders do not wish to have government agencies on top of them. But there will be no humanity without a world government.’”

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