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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “One Commandment”: There are two parts to the Torah: one concerns man and God; the other concerns man and man. And I call upon you to, at any rate, engage and assume that which concerns man and man since thus you will also learn the part that concerns man and God.

Throughout history we developed under the dictate of nature, the Creator, the informational genes (Reshimot), the program instilled in us. We developed instinctively, by means of different internal urges that appeared in us. Today this phase is coming to an end.

It happens in everyone’s personal life. Today it also happens globally and manifests as an integral global crisis. We don’t know how to manage our lives. Suddenly, all of humanity is discovering that it is losing control of what is happening. Incomprehensible processes are taking place in the world, and we no longer hold the reins.

In the past, we could always do something in order to cope with the situation, but not so today. It gradually transpires that we don’t know how to get along with one another: One person says something, and another doesn’t understand him. We cannot reach any agreement, although we see that without common agreement, even if minimal, we will not survive.

The development under nature’s dictate, when everything was obvious, when we did whatever we felt like and obeyed our inner urges is over. The information genes continue to appear in us, of course, but we don’t know what to do with them and can’t identify the external system in which we live. The world has become a confusing place.

Therefore, the method that explains what to do in these new conditions, what to do with ourselves is being revealed today. However, we don’t feel yet how vital the teaching called the Torah is.

In the past, we used to develop by means of an internal force that constantly operated us and complied with its orders unknowingly. Having no will of our own, we weren’t even the ones who carried them out. We were simply puppets on a string.

Now, these internal manipulations are ceasing gradually. Our internal software as if frozen and doesn’t run anymore. What do the forces of nature want of us? Why have they stopped operating and developing us?

The forces of nature want us to consciously participate in our development from now on. This is the phase we have reached.

But how will we know how to participate in our development correctly? After all, without knowing this we won’t find our bearings in the new reality and as a result, will receive blows. Now we have to complete what Nature used to do.

This is why the method of Kabbalah that shows us the way is being revealed now. It tells us how we should operate in order to internally complete Nature’s orders that used to develop us previously. We can get an impulse for that by connecting with others. It is precisely for this reason that we should seek the connection with others—in order to find the deficiencies and urges for the corrections we have to introduce into the program ourselves.

It is as if we throw wood into the fire and provide the fuel for our development—and thus we advance. The fuel can be either positive or negative. In a furnace, along with the heat of burning wood, there has to be oxygen and a cooling air duct. We, too, should have the two sides of the coin: on one hand, deficiencies, frustrations, and darkness, and on the other, the Light, the connection between us, and a demand for reciprocity.

We have to discover all that in order to create the new component necessary for our development. If we add it, the force of development will change our situation, and our evolution will continue. But if we don’t find the deficiencies, the goals, the frustrations, and the right aspirations, the “wheel of development” will not turn.

Until now, when our participation was not required, the informational genes turned the wheel automatically starting from the shattering of the souls, at the still, vegetative, and animate levels. But now, our participation has become a necessary condition. We must add our desire to the shattered Reshimot so that they will be realized correctly.

The realization consists of two parts: building the vessels and filling them. Building the vessels, as Baal HaSulam says, relates to one’s attitude to other people, while filling the vessels relates to one’s attitude to the Creator. This is what we have to engage in. Of course, we must first think about the vessels and only then about filling them.

This is why it says that the love of the created beings brings to love of the Creator. First, we must care about the right connection between us. Then, our common attribute of bestowal will surely manifest in it and in this attribute, the upper force called “the Creator” will be revealed.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/2011, “One Commandment”

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