Next Year Will Be A Good Year

Dr. Michael LaitmanAccording to the Hebrew calendar, a new year is approaching. I think that it will be a special year. For the first time ever, the system of mutual guarantee is becoming revealed, and we have to bring it to the world and let them know that this is the system of interconnection that has to be established between people. This is the only way we can advance toward goodness.

For this reason, it will be a good year. After all, the word of goodness will spread around the world and, along with the escalating crisis, will shake people up and lead them to our materials. People will recognize that there’s only one method that can bring good to people on the corporeal level, and most importantly, an enormous, eternal, and absolute benefit in spirituality.

I’m certain that we’re entering a good state. Everything depends upon the balance between the forces of good and evil, and our advancement is wonderful and correct. All we need is to keep getting stronger.

We have to build a strong Internet system of dissemination in all languages so that it will reach all people with all sorts of mentalities. By doing this, we won’t allow any negative force to be revealed in the world. I have a good feeling about this. This is the happy new year that I wish to everyone!
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/28/2011, “The Nation”

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