World Bank Chief: Wait For The Crisis!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From The Vancouver Sun): “World Bank president Robert Zoellick warned that the global economy was heading into a new ‘danger zone’….

“’The financial crisis in Europe has become a sovereign debt crisis, with serious implications for the monetary union, banks, and competitiveness of some countries’….

“’The United States must address the issues of debt, spending, tax reform to boost private sector growth and a stalled trade policy,’ he added, warning starkly: ‘The world economy is entering a new danger zone this autumn.’

“The World Bank chief also urged Beijing to accelerate its structural reforms as it seeks to develop from an export-driven economy towards a growth model more reliant on domestic consumption.”

My Comment: All of it is the manifestation of disparity between society, industry, commerce, and interrelationships and the network of global integral interconnections and interdependencies that are being revealed in our world today. The solution to the crisis is to create similar connections between us in society, industry, commerce, and relationships.

This means to reach mutual guarantee, mutual understanding, and cooperation and operate like parts of a single mechanism. Otherwise, nature will force us to such interaction by severe pressure.

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