More Than A Third Of Europeans Dream Of A United Europe

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From Zeit Online): “A survey by ZEIT ONLINE has found that Britons are overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of a federal European superstate. But the picture is more mixed in Germany and France, where roughly a third of those asked support closer EU integration.

“YouGov polled citizens in Britain and France on their reactions to her proposal. The result was particularly striking in Britain, where 64 percent of those surveyed there rejected the model of a United States of Europe. However, people in France were much more open to the idea – 44 percent said they could imagine a European superstate. Another 35 percent rejected it.”

My Comment: That is why it is necessary to educate all EU citizens in the spirit of globality and integrality, conduct consecutive surveys and studies to monitor the change in their opinion during the education process, adjust it, and control the results. Then, having prepared the citizens and secured their consent and participation, it’s possible to begin a gradual process of unification.

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