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This Will Not Happen With Us….

Laitman_727Opinion ( “The history of the debt of America is similar to the history of Greece. A quarter of a century ago the level of debt in Greece was 75% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which is what it is for the United States today. Now the level debt in Greece is 177% of the GDP.

“Within 25 years the debt level in America will reach 156% of the GDP. To avoid the scenario of Greece, America must cut spending. Otherwise the United States will repeat the history of Greece….”

My Comment: The truth is that this is what is expected for most of the nations in the world. It is necessary to change the system!

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Pesach In Every Generation

laitman_747_03The Torah, “Numbers” 9:1 – 9:2, 9:5: And the LORD spoke unto Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the first month of the second year after they were come out of the land of Egypt, saying: “Let the children of Israel keep the passover in its appointed season.” And they kept the passover in the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, at dusk, in the wilderness of Sinai; according to all that the LORD commanded Moses, so did the children of Israel.

A year went by after the exodus from Egypt. When the children of Israel became free they couldn’t celebrate that event. Now, a year later, they begin to celebrate the anniversary of the exodus (Pesach). Therefore, the Torah gives us specific instructions as to how we should do it. The first celebration of Pesach (Passover) takes place in the Sinai desert, and is celebrated every year for forty years, which means that it repeats in each of the forty levels of ascent. When we ascend the spiritual levels we undergo the phases of the correction of egoism into the attributes of love and bestowal over and over again. Everything repeats itself.

The Torah allegorically tells us that by bringing Passover sacrifices we examine how we can distinguish more and more attributes inside us that we should have apparently left in Egypt, with which attributes we come out of slavery, and which attributes can be purified, etc. What do the 40 years of wandering in the desert mean? It is a repetition of the previous corrections on new levels that created the 40 levels of ascent to the level of the land of Israel, until the generation of the desert disappears, which means until the purification of egoism is completed.

Therefore, the Creator says that no one who belongs to the generation of the desert can enter the land of Israel, but only those who have fully corrected themselves into altruism. All the others who don’t join the attribute of love and bestowal must die. It is actually dead anyway but has not been differentiated from the “salad” of attributes and desires. When we classify and take out what can be corrected into bestowal, we create an altruistic desire that is called the land of Israel, and anything that cannot participate in it is the same Egypt that died because it lacked all the Light.

Egypt used to receive the Light, thanks to the connection to the attributes that can be corrected, as the minimal illumination descended through them. But now the desires that cannot be corrected have become detached and they are already completely dead. Therefore, when we go through the 40 levels of correction we constantly form the land of Israel, which is gradually revealed before us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/04/15

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With Our Correction – We Correct The World

laitman_749_02Comment: The first Zionists hoped that if we returned to the Land of Israel all the good things in our nation would reawaken.

Answer: What did the Zionist base their hopes on: the belief in the good inclination of mankind? This is a myth that was never really true. Herzl said that everywhere we ever lived, we honestly tried to integrate and be part of the other nations, but they didn’t want us. If the nations of the world hadn’t objected, we would certainly have assimilated among them because we wouldn’t have focused on what we are.

We prayed to be given the chance to build a state just like any other state but our own: “Just give us a chance and we will not bother you; everything will be quiet and peaceful.”

Question: What does a Jew have to do when he sees the animal hatred in the eyes of an anti-Semite? Does he explain to his enemy that his people have given the world many Noble Prizes?

Answer: We can say whatever we feel like, but the anti-Semite understands that it isn’t really so. He feels it in his bones that Jews are the source of evil in the world. We have to give other people the method of unity. This is what they demand of us. The world has been in a state of endless wars for ages because the Jews don’t provide it with a method that can replace the wars.

Question: So what should I say to the anti-Semite?

Answer: “Let’s discover together why there is a phenomenon such as the Jewish nation in the world: where it is, what it should do, why you hate it, and how do we explain to the people that everything stems from nature’s upper plan.” But generally speaking, we simply have to show ourselves that when we connect we become one united nation, and the moment we achieve this according the principles laid down by  Abraham, everything around us quiets down and all the storms cease.

We only need to attain mutual understanding among us: unity, to become as one man in one heart, to ascend to the level of love thy friend as thyself. Then we will immediately see how the same thing will be revealed in the world. All this will happen without saying a word to anyone!

Even if we were locked up in a big ghetto and the nations of the world could not see us, once we reached a state of unity the world would immediately quiet down.

The main thing for us is to reach unity of the hearts, which means to rise above our ego. When we correct ourselves, we can correct all the nations, the whole world.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/14/15

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“And The Levites Shall Become Mine”

laitman_933The Torah, “Numbers” 8:11 – 8:12, 8:14: Then Aaron shall lift up the Levites as a waving before the Lord on behalf of the children of Israel, that they may serve in the Lord’s service. The Levites shall lay their hands on the heads of the bulls… and the Levites shall become Mine.

The Levites initiate the process of the “purification of the people” through themselves, even though it is not their personal quality. They prepare themselves for receiving the Light, thus elevating the entire people to the level of spiritual correction. This process is called the “formation (enlightenment, education) of the people.”

This is the way Levites engage in overall enlightenment. Those who get close to them begin perceiving the Upper Light and undergo transformations under the influence of the Upper Light.

The transformation they go through is a sacrifice described as: “And the Levites shall lay their hands on the bulls’ heads.”

The phrase “… and the Levites shall become Mine” denotes unification with the Higher Power.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/4/15

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The Impending Liquidation

laitman_272In the News ( “The sum of the global debt is estimated to be 223 trillion dollars and since the 2008 crisis the global debt has grown by 40%.

“It is vital for the financial world that the global debt of 223 trillion dollars will continue to float and will not be liquidated, i.e., exchanged for cash. The collapse of the banking system due to rising interest rates would be catastrophic for the whole European banking system, and if Europe collapses, the collapse of the whole world will follow.

Sooner or later the interest rates will begin to rise and the central federal band and the central European bank find themselves trapped waiting anxiously for a wave of cancelled bonds, as a cloud of debt of 223 trillion dollars is hanging over the world and the flood is approaching.”

My Comment: I know that Baal HaSulam wrote about this when the Soviet Union collapsed saying that it was only because they didn’t promote connection between people by properly educating them first! Thus, instead of a global market the result was a global commotion.

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Imaginary And True Freedom, Part 4 – Slaves Of The Ego

Laitman_115_06Question: Is an ascent above egoism logical for the ordinary person?

Answer: What is meant by an ordinary person or an unusual person? Today, an ordinary person is a thousand times more developed than a sage of two thousand years ago. So, the term “ordinary” is relative. In any case, all of us must reach a state where we need to be elevated above the egoism that holds us in its tiny world, requiring us to think only about ourselves thereby limiting our possibilities.

Through its constant development, egoism is leading us into a crisis. Today, millions of people—especially in developed nations—feel it, and it is felt at the societal level and the level of production.

If this still is not felt in the less developed nations, then it is only a matter of time as the interpenetration in humanity happens very rapidly. Ultimately, everyone will feel it, including the most ordinary people.

They will understand that to exist in the framework of the present egoistic nature means being a slave to settings that are imposed upon you, all kinds of trends, fashions, etc. They will begin to feel that sense of lack of freedom depends upon the growth of their egoism. After all, with development it reveals how it is limited and is only human slavery.

Baal HaSulam compared the exit from egoism to a worm living within a radish. It feels how bitter and dark its world is, and, when it crawls outside it suddenly sees a completely different, sparkling world. But what motivates it to crawl out of the radish? It is the developing ego that functions as its own undertaker. The bitter radish represents the suffering that pushes us out of our closed world.

We can remain here no longer and somehow must get out of it because there is a program of nature; our final state exists initially, only we need to discover ourselves within it. This depends on the inner drives toward the development of our desire, the connections between us.
To be continued.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/11/15

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