The Impending Liquidation

laitman_272In the News ( “The sum of the global debt is estimated to be 223 trillion dollars and since the 2008 crisis the global debt has grown by 40%.

“It is vital for the financial world that the global debt of 223 trillion dollars will continue to float and will not be liquidated, i.e., exchanged for cash. The collapse of the banking system due to rising interest rates would be catastrophic for the whole European banking system, and if Europe collapses, the collapse of the whole world will follow.

Sooner or later the interest rates will begin to rise and the central federal band and the central European bank find themselves trapped waiting anxiously for a wave of cancelled bonds, as a cloud of debt of 223 trillion dollars is hanging over the world and the flood is approaching.”

My Comment: I know that Baal HaSulam wrote about this when the Soviet Union collapsed saying that it was only because they didn’t promote connection between people by properly educating them first! Thus, instead of a global market the result was a global commotion.

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