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How Do You Discover Your Mission?

Laitman_003.jpgQuestion: Does every person have a unique mission, and how can I find it?

Answer: Every person certainly has a unique mission because each one has a unique root of his soul, and only this person is ready to realize it. Nobody in the world can complete his part in his place.

How do you know your mission? To do this you need to come and learn the wisdom of Kabbalah. Only you can discover your mission and no one instead of you.

Even if we see you have a high root of your soul and a unique mission, only you can discover what exactly that involves and realize it. Everything is in front of you!
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 7/12/15

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A New Look At The Leader Of The Generation

laitman_943Comment: Historically, the union of the Jewish people took place under the leadership of a leader: Abraham, Moses, etc. It seems that a person, a messenger, always appears.

Answer: All the leaders of the Jewish people became their representative for a short period in the movement toward unity. Unity is the central goal of the entire creation, not only of our world, but also of all the worlds. And at each stage a person appeared who made a small step towards this.

Question: Many circles within Judaism are waiting for the coming of the Messiah, the spiritual leader who will unite the people. Do you see a possibility like this now?

Answer: I think that this leader is our organization, which is creating an infrastructure for the education of the people and an example of our common mission to all of humanity. It could be that this will happen in another 10, 15, or 20 years. We are working towards this, and I personally hope that my students will take this role upon themselves. I don’t see any other force in the world that can bring the world to unity. The external conditions will help this so that our world group will continue to grow and its students will rise up so that they will be able to become the leaders of the generation.

Comment: This is an entirely new view of a leader. In the past leaders were separate people, whereas now you are saying that this could be a group.

Answer: The time has come, and everything will be revealed from above. I personally do not worry about our future; just do your work.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/23/15

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You Shall Blow The Trumpets And You Shall Be Saved

laitman_232_10The Torah, “Numbers” 10:8: The descendants of Aaron, the priests, shall blow the trumpets; this shall be an eternal statute for your generations.

A trumpet symbolizes an ascent, the force of ascending. Only the priest has this force because he is in contact with the Creator. The Levites, on the other hand, only serve the priests. The part of our soul that belongs to the Creator is called a priest (Cohen). Levites, although they  are the upper part that belongs to the Creator, they only engage in conducting the Light from Him to the lower. The priests work from the bottom up, for the Creator’s sake, while the Levites work from the top down, for the sake of the created beings.

The Torah, Numbers 10:9-10: If you go to war in your land against an adversary that oppresses you, you shall blow a teruah with the trumpets and be remembered before the Lord your God, and thus be saved from your enemies. On the days of your rejoicing, on your festivals and on your new-moon celebrations, you shall blow on the trumpets for your ascent-offerings and your peace sacrifices, and it shall be a remembrance before your God; I am the Lord your God.

The trumpets are used in order to raise the intention, why and where you are headed, and what you connect to. It is because these are not just ordinary trumpets that play a march, but vessels that make special sounds in special frequencies and in a special order and sequence, repeating them over and over again. All this symbolizes the phases of the correction of the vessel and the parts of the soul that are corrected in this specific manner. It is the most complex part of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Blowing the Shofar (Horn) in our world means simply to make some sounds, while it is a very serious action in a person’s internal work.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/11/15

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Anti-Semitism: A Prophetic Understanding Of The Future

Laitman_006A sense of the uniqueness of the Jewish people has been revealed not only among philosophers and politicians, but also among all the people on the face of the Earth. However, this doesn’t prevent them from having a natural resistance to Jews. This contradiction successfully connects, on the one hand, a tremendous respect for the Jews, and on the other hand, hatred and a desire to annihilate them.

Among many typical anti-Semites, it is possible to discern a prophetic understanding of the future thanks to which they specifically adhere to the people of Israel, and through this, they rise together with them, beginning to see their future and the future of humanity in that their expressions approach the prophets.

The Klipot (Shells) and Kedusha (Sanctity/Holiness), and the forces of Tumaa (Impurity) and Tahara (Purity), are at the same  level, one opposite the other. And so when you consider the psychology of the actions of the ideologies of Fascism and anti-Semitism in the past, it is necessary to take into account the actions of the Kabbalists and the prophets to see how one works in contrast to the other.

Question: So, does it follow that there had to be a Hitler because there was Baal HaSulam?

Answer: Certainly, Kedusha and Tumaa support each other and must coexist until they are corrected. What does “Sitra Achra” (Other side/Evil inclination) mean? It means that the people of Israel haven’t finished their task. Through their example, the Jews must bring the entire world to unity and love. However, since they have not provided such an example, the entire world has the opposite characteristic, especially those people who are sensitive to this situation and become anti-Semitic.

All of the international leaders, politicians, and presidents are anti-Semitic because through their integration into political work and their work with the masses, they subconsciously begin to feel that the force that obstructs them is found here, and we are the ones who are doing this! We are obstructing all of humanity, making it impossible for them to achieve the best state because we must do it first.

3,500 years ago, Abraham gathered the Jewish people from among completely different people, and united them through the law “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” above all of the contradictions and oppositions between them. That is how we existed for 1,500 years until 2,000 years ago when we fell from the level of love to the level of hatred. So, we lost our land and were scattered throughout the world. Now, we have connected again. No one asks us whether we want this or not, and today we must show everyone an example of connection and unity.

Why did we live in exile so long? So that today we would show how from the egoism we are in it is possible to make a normal human society that exists altruistically. Thus we give an example to the world, which is imperative in our time because humanity is approaching an integral state of mutual hatred, and this cannot continue for long. If hatred erupts, then it will blow up the entire globe.

So a person who has achieved something in politics or in working with society to some degree understands who is to blame here. He becomes anti-Semitic, not because he grew up in a family possessing anti-Semitic virulence, but because he sees the reason that the world has failed to become better. It means that his hatred toward the Jews is required! He talks about their failed mission and about how they are disturbing the entire world.

The boycott that is now organized against Israel is global in nature. This was foretold by our prophets, that the entire world would go to war against us, not because humanity doesn’t love us, but because through this hatred they reach an awareness of the mission of the people of Israel. Through hatred they will understand who we are, and then, along with the tremendous hatred, the possibility of freedom of choice will appear among them, “I hate them, but I need them. How is it possible to obligate them to carry out their mission?” So, the nations of the world will force Israel to realize their destiny.

Question: You say that the more Kedusha increases among the Jewish people, so the Klipot of the nations of the world becomes greater. Does this mean that the more that we rise spiritually, the forces that oppose us will become stronger?

Answer: No, the more that we grow, the more we can show humanity how it must go forward. In the initial state Kedusha and Tumaa, egoism and altruism, exist as two equal, opposing forces. It is specifically between them that our freedom of choice, our participation, exists.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/23/15

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Global Financial Parasitism Creates Conditions For A New Disaster

laitman_426In the News (mixednews): “The total volume of mergers and acquisitions in the United States that has grown by 60% within a year. Likewise there exists extreme uncertainty regarding the working principles of the global economy.

“The European Union supposes that the constitutions of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, which were written after the defeat of fascism, contain too much protection of civil and labor rights. The European Union supposes that it is necessary to return to the political, economic and social conditions that prevailed in the period of the fascist regimes, when capital had complete unlimited freedom of action.

“For the past two years, these programs have been realized by Greece by means of dictates from the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the Central Bank of Europe. So the economic and social disaster that happened in Greece was not a result of the unique conditions that are typical of this nation only, but as a result of the general bankruptcy of the global capitalist system. Greece is the testing ground for steps that will soon be implemented in every nation, arousing concern among the financial and business elites.”

My Comment: The world is managed by nothing other than the laws of nature, and so no person or group knows what will happen. But there is a mistaken form of freedom of action. This illusion exists within each and everyone. The only action that a person or a group of people or humanity can implement is to aspire to the goal of creation, to consolidation into a complete fusion of our desires and thoughts.

We are being carried towards this situation against our will as if we were in an ocean current, with the help of an accompanying demonstration of opposite states, crises, and our lack of accommodation to consolidation. Ahead of us is the turbulence of world war or sobriety.

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In Connection With Nature

Laitman_720Question: What relationship should we have with nature?

Answer: We need to learn nature’s principle law: the attribute of mutual connection. In everyday language we are speaking about love and bestowal. We exist as in a casing, within inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature. The only thing that a person needs to do is to become connected and fully integrated with it. After all, the completely integrated system is all of humanity, plus the inanimate, vegetative, and animal levels. In this case, we attain a complete picture of the structure, the feeling and revelation of nature as a whole, which means attaining the Creator.

Question: What is the connection with inanimate nature?

Answer: That is when I act the same as the rest of the animals in nature. I don’t destroy anything; I don’t perform needless acts, but use the world around me only to the extent that I need to for physical existence, and all my moral, internal energy is directed to connection with the general law of nature: the law of mutual bestowal, mutual connection, and love.

When I bestow and receive, I mutually take part in all that surrounds me, as an equal part, and in no way do I distinguish myself, but only aim at love and bestowal. This means that I don’t attain anything beyond that which is necessary for me.  If I am involved with an inner penetration of nature, which each person should be, then I don’t have any desire remaining to perform any acts in this world that don’t bring benefit.  The only thing that I need is to keep myself in normal physical condition, and all the rest is  to direct myself only towards connection with the upper force of nature, which is called the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/10/15

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