The Premonitions Of The Big Anti-Semites

laitman_281_02Question: After the Second World War was a period of temporary peace and calm for the Jewish people, and mankind agreed to give them the land of Israel. Did this happen because of the afflictions the Jews had undergone or because the world had a feeling that their return to their land would lay the foundations for the unity of the Jewish people and that humanity will benefit from it?

Answer: I cannot say that humanity understands the state it is in with regard to the Jews, to their country, and to their mission; yet, from ancient times until our days and especially in the 20th century there were many philosophers who felt that. There were quite a few anti-Semitic philosophers among them who didn’t really understand why they felt such hatred towards the Jews.

The famous industrialist Henry Ford, a staunch anti-Semite said that: “the Jewish nation is obliged to fulfill the old prophecies according to which the Jewish people and all the nations of the world will be blessed by them and they have to start working in order to accomplish that. If the Jewish people recognized that their mission, their global role, cannot be fulfilled by the golden calf, its global citizenship with regards to humanity and its ongoing national isolation with regards to itself would turn out to be a strong and fruitful factor in uniting humanity, which is bothered so much by the conduct of the Jews.”

There isn’t one great scientist who didn’t point at or tried to understand the role of the Jewish people to some extent, since they possess the cornerstone of human evolution with which the world has to start the ascent, not to continue its path on the plain, but to rise upwards. This was argued by all the great minds, but interestingly, to the extent that everyone expresses himself anti-Semitically, he also expresses himself in favor of the Semitic nation. This worked out for them just fine since they realized that there is a turning point here, when the Jews begin to fulfill their mission of unity and give everyone an opportunity, strength, and an example to follow.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/14/15

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  1. It is not only jews.sufis were everywhere.hindus and buddhist as well. Most of them were “hated” more really if it is about hate.

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