An Unpaid Bill

Dr. Michael LaitmanEven from an ordinary point of view without getting into sophisticated materials, we see that there is a problem with the Israeli nation. It is special, it is wise and brings many innovations to the world. To a certain extent the world owes this nation its development in many areas. For ages this nation has done so much for humanity, but at the same time, the attitude towards it is totally the opposite: Instead of thanking it, it is blamed, punished, and suppressed in different ways.

The Israeli nation has laid the foundations of culture, education, and religions. It brought humanity morality even in barbaric times, but no one really notices that. Apparently there is a reason for that, subconsciously the Jews are not treated as any other nation, although people look for different real justifications for that; in fact, it all stems from an inner claim. People feel something against the Jews, and especially against the Israeli nation as a whole, although it is so dispersed, that sometimes it is hard to call it a “nation.”

The whole world is trying to solve this mystery. There are many opinions regarding this issue, some are true and some are less accurate. But it is in the wisdom of Kabbalah that we clearly find both the question and the answer about the special attitude towards the Jews. The wisdom of Kabbalah accurately explains how the Israeli nation is different, what its attributes are, what its debt to the world is, and how it can correct the situation: how it can “pay the bill” in order to make up for what is missing and reach the right correction and existence.

This is especially relevant in our days, when the Jewish nation has received its small “estate” on earth and is still unable to build the right conditions to exist.

There is an additional problem here—this nation, by nature, wants to be in good relations with others; it is ready to connect to and befriend any other nation; it would like to be in the same line with everyone and even inferior than everyone else, just to treat them well.

But everyone disrespects and rejects it. It is impossible to buy such a positive attitude with money, and it is impossible to constantly defend ourselves from enemies when part of the world comes to us with accusations and physical attacks and another part puts different kinds of pressure on us: ideologically, politically, personally, etc.

So there is a special phenomenon in the world, which different philosophers, politicians, and writers have studied, but no one understands the essence and the root of the matter, since the root of this phenomenon has always been concealed. It is great anti-Semitists like Henry Ford who managed to understand to a certain extent the reason for their feelings. They looked for them by trying to balance the feeling with the mind and to understand where their strong hate stemmed from, to study themselves and to find the source of this special attribute. Then, besides the negative attitude, they also found quite a few true and positive things in the Israeli nation, but it didn’t correct them.

They should understand that even if the world discovers the real reason for the negative attitude, they don’t correct the world by that. They have to perform different actions in the world in order to correct their attitude. And on the contrary, when they don’t correct themselves, they actually give birth to hate and anti-Semitism. So there is nothing to blame the world for; the whole thing is about their delay in keeping up with the “schedule of the corrections.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/23/12, “The Role of the Israeli Nation” 

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