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How Firm Is Our World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the Kabbalistic primary sources describe the system of higher management, meaning the forces that act upon us, but we do not feel.

We do not see the forces, but only feel the result of their impact, just as we do not see electric current flowing through wires. Only when a light bulb is lit or we are shocked by touching a live wire do we realize that there is current. Similarly, we do not know what happens to us, meaning what forces affect us.

We move, grow, think of something, and experience some events, something is happening around us all the time. And where do all these events come from? Who governs us? In principle, we do not know. We think that everything happens by chance or that I think about something. But where did my thoughts come from, I don’t know why I think they are mine.

That is, a person in our world sees only a small fragment of the whole world, the whole system, and thus he is in a state of detachment from the real world.

The real world is much bigger. Where did we come from? Why were we born in such conditions, with these features, in this family? What is the origin of our universe?

We once thought that the universe existed infinitely. When I was at school, we were told that everything exists eternally.

Then, we suddenly discovered that the universe has existed only 14 billion years, starting with the Big Bang and spreading further, that is already a limited time. And what had happened before that? It is unknown. But we know that this date is the birth of our world.

Moreover, modern science shows that if we penetrate into matter, atoms, and then beyond atoms, beyond elementary particles, then everything disappears there: There is no matter, there are forces in the form of clouds. Electrons, protons, and neutrons are not elementary particles, but some cloud effects. It turns out that all that we ever considered unshakable: matter, energy, information, all of it is something that dissolves in some volume that we do not understand.

Today, science comes to this. And that is why it is difficult for us to communicate with it because we are not designed to communicate with such concepts. That is why, science is coming to a crisis, and against the background of the crisis, the science of Kabbalah is revealed.
From the Georgia Convention 11/05/12, Lesson 1 

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Filter All That Is Redundant

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists determined the laws of the group from their own experience. The purpose of creating a group is to connect and to become like the Creator. The group is formed when people who want to attain this state assemble, and of course, the group should understand why it exists. It includes new members who do not understand or perceive this yet, but in a very short time, we explain why there is a group, and non-coercively we gradually lead them to this state.

The group should be unified, and there should be no distortions in it. It isn’t a factory with managers and workers who are subordinate to them. There is no such thing in a group that studies Kabbalah; everything is collective.

We create different committees that serve and help, sustain and organize the group, the study, the holidays, the meals, etc. All this should be accurately adapted to the basic unity of every individual and of the collective. Although we are different, we have to be totally equally, one is wise another is foolish, it makes no difference at all. Everyone is natural as they are and essential in that specific form.

Imagine a mechanism with some of its parts moving fast and others moving slowly, some are moving to the right or to the left and others are revolving around an axis. Everyone has his own role and the main thing is that everyone should do his best for the general unity. The other conditions in the group are created as a result.

The main condition is mutual help and this is what leads us to the connection between us, since a single person doesn’t have to correct anything. Each of us is an absolute whole and there is nothing corrupt except for one thing, the connection with others. This is why I don’t pay attention to a person’s character, to his external form, to his disgusting habits, to anything. All this doesn’t concern me, I use a “filter” and don’t see all this; someone is a redhead, another is boring and someone annoys me and draws me any way they want to, but I don’t care. Behind my “filter” I have to see one thing only: a person’s attitude towards connection and unity, since this is the only thing we have to correct in him. If he works on that, he is my friend and if he doesn’t, he is a stranger to me.

We shouldn’t try to change anything in us except for the connection with others, this is very important. We waste much time and power on this. We should stop dealing with what is unnecessary, since we only break and corrupt ourselves this way. You have to stay the way you are, you shouldn’t waste even one gram of energy on that, just invest in the connection.

When this is clear, the work becomes soft and mutual; it becomes a meal, a yearning for mutuality and for love. We shouldn’t pay attention to anything else. There is only one condition: the connection between us, and the group should constantly focus its attention on it.

We have a long way to go and at the beginning many distortions, misunderstandings, irritations, outbursts, etc. may occur. But there is only one important thing and it’s whether a person truly yearns for unity. If he tries to increase this urge in him, then I take upon myself all his other problems and help him.
From the Georgia Convention 11/06/12, Lesson 2

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Should We Wait 150 Years?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that in 100 -150 years the wisdom of Kabbalah will have spread as a spiritual science and many people will support it. What if we discovered that some people don’t agree with Kabbalah and are against it? Will those who study Kabbalah be able to fill the heavenly vessel that has to be filled? What if all the people don’t complete this vessel, will it be possible to think that the idea of Kabbalah has been fulfilled?

Answer: We are not speaking about any heavenly spiritual vessel or about 150 years of dissemination. We are speaking about the fact that today a person is breaking the laws of nature and he feels the blows as he is being hit from every direction. We are in a crisis.

Kabbalah explains how to come out of the crisis, but not in 150 years. What kind of 150 years can we speak of if we may not even exist for another year? Newspapers write about the threat of hurricanes, that anywhere in the world there could be a tsunami, and that next year there will be no crops. There is no time to waste. Kabbalah is not a theoretical science; it is very practical and we should use it if we want to survive.

When we discover something in physics, chemistry, or medicine and you are suddenly told that something is forbidden or harmful and if you don’t listen certain things may happen, do you wait 150 years? It is the same thing here.

Kabbalah is not meant to be believed and not even to be used. Kabbalah offers how you can advance consciously in a good and easy way.

A wise person sees the problem in advance and tries to bypass it. Here the wisdom of Kabbalah helps us. A fool will wait until he gets beaten: “I don’t believe this; I don’t want to,” like a child who is punished and then does what he has to do anyway since he has no choice. Kabbalah doesn’t say that you have to believe in it, to study it and to fill a certain vessel. You have to change yourself here and now, in this world according to the laws of nature in order to maintain homeostasis. If you are adapted to the conditions of homeostasis with nature, you will feel good, since the law of balance is what matters.

If the human body is out of balance, a person’s blood pressure goes up, the level of sugar in his blood and other parameters change and it is called a disease. Today our body and humanity are in a state of imbalance with nature and it hurts. You are told how to correct yourself and how to reach a state of balance in a very practical way today, now, not in 150 years.

If you don’t start correcting yourself, next year you will be facing the threat of droughts, poor crops, storms, etc., not to mention the economic crisis, the financial and family crises. You are being offered an easier solution to the problem, not to study under the threat of the stick, but to study by opening a book.

A person may say: “I don’t want to study physics, it’s not important for me, I will live without it.” Now imagine a person who doesn’t know the natural laws of physics, how can he create certain mechanisms or interact with something? We calculate everything this way and build different systems.

Here we have absolute freewill, do you want to act? Act. If you don’t want to, don’t act. That’s all. Kabbalah doesn’t force anyone. We disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah on the Internet freely for everyone and no one has to identify himself. Get to know the wisdom of Kabbalah; it is for your own good! It will help you balance yourself with the world, and understand why such problems come your way. You don’t have to be a follower of a certain school; it isn’t a religion.
From the Georgia Convention 11/05/12, Lesson 1

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The End Of The Economic Miracle

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Laurence J. Brahm, global activist, author, pioneer social enterprise entrepreneur, political-economist, international mediator, and lawyer based in Beijing): “China loses its competitive advantage. Many foreign manufacturers withdraw their investments from China to neighboring countries – Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, where wages and corruption are not so high. …

“The influx of foreign capital led to the integration of China into the international community. … China’s economy is capitalism on steroids, and there is a danger that it is deflating. … A small group of rich people angers the poor. … Economy becomes more fragile. …

“The new reform in China is impossible without rethinking the existing social values; the cult of money thrives in society. The Chinese model of economic growth cannot reach balance by using only financial and administrative controls. It is necessary to rethink concepts such as social success. And it may just be the biggest challenge for China.”

My Comment: Realizing what social success means is not the biggest but the only problem, and not only for China but for the whole world. This success can be achieved only by educating people. We must “go to the people.” No financial or administrative measures will help. They will only cause resentment and rebellion. But integral education will immediately explain the cause of the crisis and its correction to the general public.

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About Women’s Complaints

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It often happens in the family that the wife has many more complaints against her husband than he has against her…

Answer: That’s the way it always is since it is typical of the female nature to feel unsatisfied. A couple shouldn’t look for balance here. What is natural shouldn’t be condemned nor praised.

Of course a woman feels greater dissatisfaction. 90% of the complaints come from her, while the man usually is limited to one simple phrase: “Just leave me alone.”

This is the way we are, and with these attributes we need to complement one another. From this it becomes clear that the man and the woman have different roles.

What part should the man provide? Since the woman is ready to do everything for him, to keep the connection and to provide everything that he needs, all she wants is his attention. This is what the female nature is all about. Accordingly the man is required to constantly show an honest, natural attitude that is warm and concerned. It is hard work for a man while it is quite easy for a woman. When a man pays attention to a woman she has “fuel” for any effort.

Therefore, a man should express kindness, and that is difficult for him, and a woman must alter many things, which is easy for her if she feels the right attitude from him.

These are the results of the spiritual roots and there is nothing we can do about it…
From a “Talk About a New Life” 7/16/12

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We Don’t Impose Ourselves On Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the discussions at the round tables some of the participants in the integral group couldn’t overcome their growing ego and were much more active in the discussions than necessary. It looked artificial and fanatical. How should we work in such cases?

Answer: We must agree in advance what the limits should be, and we cannot cross them, and most important is to subdue ourselves before others. It’s the same thing that we do in the group.

Under no circumstances should you show that you are smart alecks and that you have some method hidden in your pocket! You shouldn’t scare people by showing that you are advanced, since by that you suppress people and don’t allow them to grow. You mustn’t do that!

There mustn’t be any ego here! You have to plan things accurately in advance and to clearly determine how to process this method among you, so that you will sit quietly in the circles like among kids.

A good teacher is someone who pushes a kid invisibly so that the child can advance by himself afterward. He assumes, understands, builds, and does everything by himself, even without realizing that someone is guiding him; this is true learning.

So you have to prepare for the roundtable very seriously and there is no room for ego here. It’s very bad. You will ruin everything by that. You have to extinguish such cases and to set an example for one another. Otherwise your work will be corrupt.
From a Virtual Lesson 10/28/12

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The History Of The Connection Between Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we tune ourselves to one force, to one Light, and not get off this path?

Answer: This is possible only by mutual adhesion of the friends who want to clarify everything only with regard to the connection between them. All of the Torah is the history of this connection and nothing but that.

Gradually we get to know the desire to receive which at first seems to be good; this is called the “seven years of satiety” in Egypt. Then we discover that our desire is bad. This is evidenced by the cities of Pithom and Ramses. The position of the ego doesn’t change, and if you identify with it, you live a comfortable life. But if you identify with Israel, it is bad, since the point that doesn’t let you rest appears and forces you to detach yourself from the previous attitude. Thus you don’t change the reality, but only divide it and prolong it according to your ego or according to the Light.

First you determine that the desires and the thoughts that cut you off from your property are bad. This approach is called “the opinion of the landlords.” Then the evil becomes something that cuts you off from the Creator and this is called “the opinion of the Torah.” These two opinions are opposite from one another, and the Torah tells us how a person moves from one world into another. If a person determines that everything has to exist within the desire to receive, it is a state called “this world,” which means the current level. From this point a person moves into the “next world,” to the next state in which everything has to exist in the Creator.

The story of the exodus from Egypt is the general story that repeats time after time, each time in a different quality, on a new level of perception that reveals deeper layers and exposes smaller details and a more accurate assessment. In this story we leave Egypt, but we are still quite far from the end point. Egypt returns to us during the wandering in the desert. In other words, it returns to us on a higher level as you see and live the “movie,” but in “higher resolution.” This is in addition to different wars and problems. Everything returns and rediscovers finer details of our clarification.

Everything always revolves in a triangle: “I—the group—the Creator.” We clarify the point of unity, the adhesion between the group and me. I am the vessel and the Creator is the filling. Then we examine what disturbs us and what helps us. We constantly clarify this; we clarify the necessary attributes every second, in order to correct them and to connect them. By that we ascend the spiritual ladder. So if you are looking for the most efficient way, there is only one place you should focus on.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/12, Writings of Rabash

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Model Of Family Relations

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe experience life in family relations in our connection with each other. We are not talking about external things here, not about me and my spouse, but about the way that we connect the images of our spouses that exist in each of us with the images of us that our partners have. These reciprocal images unite to the extent that they eventually become one whole. We are changing all the time, so we should continue working on these images of each other and developing them and their relationship.

Currently, we already subconsciously link with each other this way. Let’s say, when you are talking with your boss, you create his image inside you, then, based on this image, you choose what to say to him. Only in a family, we want to be conscious of this connection to be able to manage it and make it good.

In fact, we are already acting this way. Similar adapters work in nature, technologies, and biology. Without them, it would be impossible to maintain liaisons between us. Even if we are connected in a wrong way, our bonds still bear the same form.

In other words, I have to create an image of my spouse inside me; reciprocally, my spouse has to help me by creating my image inside her. And this is a whole process because none of us knows or understands oneself well enough and does not understand our partners. We have to gradually talk over and clarify all potential questions that exist among us.

Women usually complain that their husbands do not talk with them, do not pay attention to them, and do not show much interest in them in general. All of their complaints can be immediately satisfied. Women’s complaints are true and correct since they correspond to spiritual needs that exist in the part of the female, Nukva to the male part.

Our partner’s images are comprised of their desires and aspirations, of their habits, perceptions, views, and attitudes. We have to behave as actors who play certain roles and for this duty we enter the internal image of the character we play. Your physical body remains the same, but your whole inner world of thoughts, desires, and habits dress up in a new way. This is what we should strive for.

And when you build yourself this way, you will understand the internal world of your partner. You will look at the world as if through his or her eyes and perceive through his or her habits and his or her natural qualities. You will begin to see the world through them and then you will better understand what she/he expects from you and clearly see what kind of connection with them that you are capable of. In other words, we will conduct a deep survey of the system that opposes us instead of gliding on its surface; we will perceive it internally by dressing in it. We will build a buffer, an adapter, between our spouses and us. Wives will do the same in regard to their husbands. Usually, women handle it with much more ease then men since men are built more primitively than women; so women understand men better, rather than the other way around. Wives know their husbands much better since women are granted the ability to see their men in the correct way by nature.
From a “Talk about a New Life” 7/16/12

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