How Firm Is Our World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the Kabbalistic primary sources describe the system of higher management, meaning the forces that act upon us, but we do not feel.

We do not see the forces, but only feel the result of their impact, just as we do not see electric current flowing through wires. Only when a light bulb is lit or we are shocked by touching a live wire do we realize that there is current. Similarly, we do not know what happens to us, meaning what forces affect us.

We move, grow, think of something, and experience some events, something is happening around us all the time. And where do all these events come from? Who governs us? In principle, we do not know. We think that everything happens by chance or that I think about something. But where did my thoughts come from, I don’t know why I think they are mine.

That is, a person in our world sees only a small fragment of the whole world, the whole system, and thus he is in a state of detachment from the real world.

The real world is much bigger. Where did we come from? Why were we born in such conditions, with these features, in this family? What is the origin of our universe?

We once thought that the universe existed infinitely. When I was at school, we were told that everything exists eternally.

Then, we suddenly discovered that the universe has existed only 14 billion years, starting with the Big Bang and spreading further, that is already a limited time. And what had happened before that? It is unknown. But we know that this date is the birth of our world.

Moreover, modern science shows that if we penetrate into matter, atoms, and then beyond atoms, beyond elementary particles, then everything disappears there: There is no matter, there are forces in the form of clouds. Electrons, protons, and neutrons are not elementary particles, but some cloud effects. It turns out that all that we ever considered unshakable: matter, energy, information, all of it is something that dissolves in some volume that we do not understand.

Today, science comes to this. And that is why it is difficult for us to communicate with it because we are not designed to communicate with such concepts. That is why, science is coming to a crisis, and against the background of the crisis, the science of Kabbalah is revealed.
From the Georgia Convention 11/05/12, Lesson 1 

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