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Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists determined the laws of the group from their own experience. The purpose of creating a group is to connect and to become like the Creator. The group is formed when people who want to attain this state assemble, and of course, the group should understand why it exists. It includes new members who do not understand or perceive this yet, but in a very short time, we explain why there is a group, and non-coercively we gradually lead them to this state.

The group should be unified, and there should be no distortions in it. It isn’t a factory with managers and workers who are subordinate to them. There is no such thing in a group that studies Kabbalah; everything is collective.

We create different committees that serve and help, sustain and organize the group, the study, the holidays, the meals, etc. All this should be accurately adapted to the basic unity of every individual and of the collective. Although we are different, we have to be totally equally, one is wise another is foolish, it makes no difference at all. Everyone is natural as they are and essential in that specific form.

Imagine a mechanism with some of its parts moving fast and others moving slowly, some are moving to the right or to the left and others are revolving around an axis. Everyone has his own role and the main thing is that everyone should do his best for the general unity. The other conditions in the group are created as a result.

The main condition is mutual help and this is what leads us to the connection between us, since a single person doesn’t have to correct anything. Each of us is an absolute whole and there is nothing corrupt except for one thing, the connection with others. This is why I don’t pay attention to a person’s character, to his external form, to his disgusting habits, to anything. All this doesn’t concern me, I use a “filter” and don’t see all this; someone is a redhead, another is boring and someone annoys me and draws me any way they want to, but I don’t care. Behind my “filter” I have to see one thing only: a person’s attitude towards connection and unity, since this is the only thing we have to correct in him. If he works on that, he is my friend and if he doesn’t, he is a stranger to me.

We shouldn’t try to change anything in us except for the connection with others, this is very important. We waste much time and power on this. We should stop dealing with what is unnecessary, since we only break and corrupt ourselves this way. You have to stay the way you are, you shouldn’t waste even one gram of energy on that, just invest in the connection.

When this is clear, the work becomes soft and mutual; it becomes a meal, a yearning for mutuality and for love. We shouldn’t pay attention to anything else. There is only one condition: the connection between us, and the group should constantly focus its attention on it.

We have a long way to go and at the beginning many distortions, misunderstandings, irritations, outbursts, etc. may occur. But there is only one important thing and it’s whether a person truly yearns for unity. If he tries to increase this urge in him, then I take upon myself all his other problems and help him.
From the Georgia Convention 11/06/12, Lesson 2

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