Should We Wait 150 Years?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that in 100 -150 years the wisdom of Kabbalah will have spread as a spiritual science and many people will support it. What if we discovered that some people don’t agree with Kabbalah and are against it? Will those who study Kabbalah be able to fill the heavenly vessel that has to be filled? What if all the people don’t complete this vessel, will it be possible to think that the idea of Kabbalah has been fulfilled?

Answer: We are not speaking about any heavenly spiritual vessel or about 150 years of dissemination. We are speaking about the fact that today a person is breaking the laws of nature and he feels the blows as he is being hit from every direction. We are in a crisis.

Kabbalah explains how to come out of the crisis, but not in 150 years. What kind of 150 years can we speak of if we may not even exist for another year? Newspapers write about the threat of hurricanes, that anywhere in the world there could be a tsunami, and that next year there will be no crops. There is no time to waste. Kabbalah is not a theoretical science; it is very practical and we should use it if we want to survive.

When we discover something in physics, chemistry, or medicine and you are suddenly told that something is forbidden or harmful and if you don’t listen certain things may happen, do you wait 150 years? It is the same thing here.

Kabbalah is not meant to be believed and not even to be used. Kabbalah offers how you can advance consciously in a good and easy way.

A wise person sees the problem in advance and tries to bypass it. Here the wisdom of Kabbalah helps us. A fool will wait until he gets beaten: “I don’t believe this; I don’t want to,” like a child who is punished and then does what he has to do anyway since he has no choice. Kabbalah doesn’t say that you have to believe in it, to study it and to fill a certain vessel. You have to change yourself here and now, in this world according to the laws of nature in order to maintain homeostasis. If you are adapted to the conditions of homeostasis with nature, you will feel good, since the law of balance is what matters.

If the human body is out of balance, a person’s blood pressure goes up, the level of sugar in his blood and other parameters change and it is called a disease. Today our body and humanity are in a state of imbalance with nature and it hurts. You are told how to correct yourself and how to reach a state of balance in a very practical way today, now, not in 150 years.

If you don’t start correcting yourself, next year you will be facing the threat of droughts, poor crops, storms, etc., not to mention the economic crisis, the financial and family crises. You are being offered an easier solution to the problem, not to study under the threat of the stick, but to study by opening a book.

A person may say: “I don’t want to study physics, it’s not important for me, I will live without it.” Now imagine a person who doesn’t know the natural laws of physics, how can he create certain mechanisms or interact with something? We calculate everything this way and build different systems.

Here we have absolute freewill, do you want to act? Act. If you don’t want to, don’t act. That’s all. Kabbalah doesn’t force anyone. We disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah on the Internet freely for everyone and no one has to identify himself. Get to know the wisdom of Kabbalah; it is for your own good! It will help you balance yourself with the world, and understand why such problems come your way. You don’t have to be a follower of a certain school; it isn’t a religion.
From the Georgia Convention 11/05/12, Lesson 1

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