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I Am Waiting For You In Novosibirsk!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The ascent that is felt during a convention is cultivated on purpose: during meals, lessons, and breaks. Do we need to organize unification after the convention in our daily life?

Answer: Of course! A convention is needed so that it does not pass in vain, so that after it we begin serious work on unity in this region, create a serious Siberian group, consisting of serious guys who will really unite in the Trans-Ural region, so that they truly feel themselves masters and begin good work among themselves.

They can make an effort; they have a good environment there—an environmentally clean spiritual space. So, I think that they will be able to accomplish a lot. That is a very good place for spiritual work. I hope that I will feel this; we will connect with them, and then we will move forward together.

I wish you all the best! And once again I am asking: everyone who can, come; I want to see all of you. You cannot lose! You can only win! Come, so not to regret later.

I am waiting for you in Novosibirsk!
From a Virtual Lesson 11/25/12

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Get Ready To Draw The Upper Light!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What actions are most effective for drawing the upper Light at the convention in Novosibirsk?

Answer: The most effective activities at the convention are workshops. There will be a lecture or talk before every workshop. We study a certain topic there, and afterward conduct a workshop based on this topic, and then questions and answers. This is the main “package,” which will be held twice a day. Thus, we will have six lessons in three full days.

In addition, there will be other very effective events. The most important of them are gathering of friends, necessary for “warming up” 15-30 minutes before the morning lesson. Then, there will be meals, held in the form of gatherings with speeches, group presentations and so on. In general, the convention will include plenty of activities. But gathering of friends and workshops are the key things.

The most important thing is your connection and I am within it. Together, we will draw the upper Light. So, get ready!
From a Virtual Lesson 11/25/12

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Congress: Looking For a Life Partner

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the Novosibirsk congress there are singles events planned for young and older people to meet with the intention of creating a Kabbalistic family. What are your suggestions?

Answer: Attention! There will be a special singles event held during the congress for young or future Kabbalists. I’m very supportive of this. A person needs help along the path. I think that everyone needs it.

If there’s an opportunity to come then people should come. If you haven’t created a family yet then I strongly advise that you try to find your partner among the Kabbalists.

I am very happy that such an event will take place during the congress. After all, the more Kabbalistic families the better.
From the Virtual Lesson 11/25/12

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A Convention: The Happiest Moment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We often think about how to come to a state of prayer. On the other hand, a convention is such a joyful act…

Answer: A prayer should not be sad. A prayer is an expectation of correction. Should I cry, kneel and beat my head against a wall? There is nothing like this.

A prayer is a feeling in the heart. I want my heart to be corrected. I prepare it so that it goes through changes, stops being egoistic, stops thinking about itself.

Once the heart stops thinking about itself, I immediately begin to feel the upper world. This is what I want! This is called a prayer! Nothing else.

Question: But we are saying that we need to come to a state of despair, powerlessness, some very difficult feeling, but a convention symbolizes a state of joy, unity. How can I put this into one?

Answer: It is also very simple.

Despair must be joyful. That is, I despaired of my own abilities—look, what I have accomplished! I no longer have hope for myself.

Baal HaSulam writes that there is no more joyous moment in a person’s life when he feels that in no way he can help himself, and nothing will help him but only a miracle from Above, this is when it happens. There is no happier moment than the feeling that only this will save him. What could be better?
From a Virtual Lesson 11/25/12

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Developing By The Method Of Beating

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt says “there is not a blade of grass below that doesn’t have an angel Above beating it and telling it to grow,” which means that a force from the upper world that matches the grass in the lower world, beats it and forces it to grow according to its role. These blows are felt in the feelings and in the mind, but first of all in our feelings, since we are a vessel of feeling, a desire to receive, which begins to move as a result of the blows.

A blow is felt by the desire when it suddenly discovers that the old images it had are incorrect. The function of the blow is to make a person feel things more deeply. Just like a hammer hits a nail driving it more deeply into the wood, so does the blow drive us more deeply into the matter of the desire. Then we begin to feel it in a new way and we begin to understand it more deeply.

I am confused because of the blow, and I lose control. But in fact, that’s the way it should be: The more a person advances, the greater are the blows that hit him, he is constantly confused and discovers something new, and thus over and over again. You will soon feel how this mechanism is constantly ticking inside, regularly. These small blows, time after time, make us dive more deeply into a feeling of confusion, and thus help us understand and feel things more.

But in order to truly feel something new, we have to go through many such reincarnations. The amount of confusion is always greater than the amount of feelings, and only after great turmoil and many confusions is there a new feeling. Afterward there is another series of confusions and small revelations and then a new feeling comes along.

To sum up, these blows are beneficial, since the “angels,” which are the forces in charge of our development are giving them out.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/12

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Consumers Don’t Believe In Getting Rid Of The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Nielsen): “Global consumer confidence increased one index point to 92 in Q3 2012, and is up four index points from the same period the previous year (Q3 2011), according to global consumer confidence findings from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy. …

“Seven in 10 global online respondents (69%) changed their spending habits to save on household expenses, an increase of two percentage points from last quarter and three percentage points from a year ago. Half of global respondents (52%) said they spent less on new clothes and cut back on out-of-home entertainment expenses (48%). Other actions taken by global respondents include saving on gas and electricity (47%), switching to cheaper grocery brands (39%) and cutting down on telephone expenses (33%).”

My Comment: Forced savings will not save us, but it will help us in the transition to a new economy of reasonable (necessary) needs, and the rest of our resources and energy should be directed at the development of a homogeneous integral society.

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Bestowal Above The Open Emptiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should we imagine the future state of the world group as an ascent above all contradictions, or as a state of harmony and wellbeing?

Answer: There will be no harmony!

Egoism will never get a single fulfillment. Malchut of the World of Infinity will remain dark and empty. Tzimtzum Aleph (the first restriction) doesn’t disappear, change, or return; it remains. Above this black emptiness, a new Kli, a new vessel, a new desire, is formed that functions only for bestowal. I never will receive any fulfillment with my egoistic desires. They all will remain empty and dark, and I will receive fulfillment above them in the quality of bestowal.

This is why our game differs from all other methods. Right now, we are playing the future world. Like the quote of Kozma Prutkov, “If you want to be happy, be so,” and do it all now.

Draw the picture of the upper world, and be in it. When you imagine everything this way, which is called “faith above reason,” you begin to need it to actualize. This action constitutes a prayer, when you wish for what you imagine to become reality, and, then, it happens.
From a Virtual Lesson 11/11/12

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2013: An Excellent Year

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you see the year 2013 for the world group and for all of humanity?

Answer: I see 2013 as an excellent year.

All the media is sharpening our focus now on the fact that this year will not be easy: the lack of harvests, an overall rise in prices, general layoffs, climate problems, with more and more, and so on. That is, nature and society will present us with unpleasant surprises. This is something that concerns all of humanity.

With respect to our advancement, I think it will be a great year. Of course, not because of this suffering, but because we will try to reduce the suffering for humanity and show people how to use it properly, to rise above it.

That is, there is a force that can be negative and can be positive.

If you look at it directly, so to speak, head-on, this force is negative. It pushes you, puts pressure, and causes problems with the weather, harvest, money, work, war, with everything. If you look at it not at the egoistic level, but rise to the level from where it descends, to the level of the Creator, then everything is fine. He meets you there and says, “Finally! I sent you so many various blows that you have ascended to me in the end, but you were not in a hurry. However, finally, you have ascended!” That is why we need to understand why we are given the so-called suffering. They are “so-called” because we look right at them, but they cannot be perceived directly. So, the year 2013 will be the year of spiritual progress for those who will be rising. For those who will not rise, it will be the year of physical, moral, and material regression.
From a Virtual Lesson 11/11/12

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Earthlings, Forward!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will the desire to know the Creator arise in all the people who live on Earth?

Answer: By itself, it will not arise.

People in whom this desire arises are called Israel (Yashar El), which in translation means to move forward, to aspire to this goal independently.

And there are people who do not have this independent movement, but the crisis that will continue to unfold will force them to run away from it. However, then they will inevitably join those who strive forward.

That is, they will have a desire to escape adverse conditions, the pressure from behind, rather than a yearning for the goal. In this way, the ninety percent of humans will move toward correction, the goal of creation.
From a Virtual Lesson 11/18/12

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