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Weekly Torah Portion – 11.21.12

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, “VaYetze,” Selected Excerpts

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Israel Has No Future Without Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, an unreal situation has been created in Israel. In essence, what can help the people of Israel survive in their land? Nothing. It lives on an island in a sea of haters, who are ready to “eliminate it completely,” so that even no memory of it remains.

In Egypt, for example, they have started speaking of the destruction of the pyramids, similar to Afghanistan where two giant Buddha statues were destroyed. It would seem, who can relate to these pyramids today? It is about the ancient culture that existed thousands of years ago. But no, it does not stop the destructive tendencies; people want to leave no trace of anything, but their religion. Buddha is worshiped to this day, but the pyramids are not religious objects at all. And yet, this is very significant and symbolic.

How can we survive in this situation? There is no way. As if a cloud descended on the mind of Israelis, they believe that they can continue to live in the country. But this is impossible. From a logical perspective, they have no chance.

However, the upper management still supports the hope in people that they can continue building on this land. Thus, the people are given time to gain spiritual strength and from this place to draw the whole world to correction.

This task is entrusted to us. We call the people to unity that will solve its problem. And they say: “How come? How can we succeed through unity? What is it, and how is it connected to the missiles that fall on our heads?”

We operate with the logic higher than the logic of their lives. An objective view clearly shows that there is no future here. Our approach, “irrational” in their eyes, is more rational and realistic than the illusion in which the country lives.

Let’s hope that people will understand: In fact, the current situation has no solution other than unity.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/20/12, The Zohar

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Spanish Banks Provoke Suicides

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Wall Street Journal): “Spanish government and opposition leaders are moving toward an agreement to loosen century-old housing-foreclosure laws amid an uproar over the suicides of two homeowners who were facing eviction. …

“Housing foreclosures are one of the most visible human dramas of Spain’s economic crisis, with the number of court-sanctioned evictions climbing steadily since the collapse of a decade long housing bubble in 2008. Rising unemployment, which now exceeds 25%, is aggravating homeowners’ difficulties in meeting mortgage payments.

“Spanish courts authorized nearly 19,000 evictions during the second quarter of 2012, compared with 5,614 in the first quarter of 2008, according to Spain’s General Council of the Judiciary.”

My Comment: From here, it is close to a rebellion and civil war. Only the introduction of mass integral education is able to calm and organize life because it explains to people the cause and meaning of what is going on and how to act in this case: In the created integral community everyone needs to change their attitude from mutual hatred to mutual guarantee and love.

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Getting The Maximum Suntan Under The Surrounding Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person comes to study since he wants to know, to understand, and to feel the spiritual world. In the meantime, however, he doesn’t really understand what receiving for himself and bestowal upon others are. He only knows how to take care of himself, to act according to his desire to receive; all his work is to perform actions that will draw the Light that Reforms.

The only thing we should think about is how to open ourselves to the Light and to give it a chance to operate and to impress us and change our attributes. We must constantly worry only about how to attain the best state for this kind of bestowal, to increase our connections with the group intentionally, and to organize everything that is necessary.

Our role is to implement this whole sum of conditions in the best way possible, so that the Light will impress us. The Light is fixed, and I have to constantly turn to place myself under its influence, once on one side and once on the other side in my thoughts, my intentions, and my actions, in working with the books, with the group, with myself, in my relations with people who are close or distant from me, in everything.

If a person constantly thinks about it and bases all his hopes on that, understanding that nothing else will help him except for the influence of the Light, he reaches the result very soon. This means that he is “expecting the Creator’s Light,” as if expecting dawn. He feels how his values change by being turned to bestowal and love, by exiting from himself towards the friends, towards the concept of the group, towards its inner form and image.

It is by that, that he begins to see his life. He feels that there are two desires in him: One is the natural egoistic desire to receive, which remains in him for the time being. The other desire is the hunger that gradually grows in him, the need, the empty vacuum, the deficiency, which he wants to fill by his yearning for connection.

After a person feels the two desires in him, thanks to the Light that has created an empty space in him, he can already receive some direction. First he only had a point that had no direction, and now between these two vacuums, there is a connection, which determines the directions from “myself” to the “others,” and thus a person advances.

The main thing is to constantly turn yourself by aiming at the maximum influence of the Light that Reforms, in the best most efficient way.
From the Preparation the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/19/12

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Names With An Inner Content

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”: Actual things are found even in the corporeal reality set before our eyes, although we have neither perception nor image of their essence. Such are electricity and magnetism.

Nevertheless, who can say that these names are not real when we vividly and satisfactorily know their actions? We could not be more indifferent to the fact that we have no perception of the essence of the subject itself, namely electricity itself.

In the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” Baal HaSulam gives us the example of water, which can be cooled until it becomes solid or which can be brought to the state of vapor and cannot be seen. In other words, we cannot judge according to our perception whether something exists or not, no matter what it is. This is especially true in our times when we have discovered different frequencies, quantum phenomena, bacteria, and other phenomena that cannot be felt.

In fact we see that it is much more complicated than the picture that is depicted by our five coarse senses. I cannot limit the world to these limited senses any longer. In fact, the whole world is actually not matter but waves and energy, and I am also the same.

By studying about different phenomena, we name them according to our feelings. In the past, for example, a person looked at a mountain and said: “It is a good idea to grow olive trees on the slopes of this mountain.” Since then that mountain is called the “Mount of Olives.” Is there a spiritual attainment in that? No. But on the other hand, the idea didn’t come by chance either, but according to the order of the Lights of the vessels. There is no chance at all; the names always stem from some attainment, in this case a corporeal attainment. Kabbalists discover phenomena of the spiritual reality in their feelings and accordingly call them by names. What is more, these names are filled with a rich inner content that is stabilized in different aspects, processing, and components.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/19/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah“

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In Expectation Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe book The Study of The Ten Sefirot (TES) tells us about the structure of our soul and about the actions it performs. But this soul is frozen and motionless now, as if in a state of expectation, of readiness, in the minimal state of its still level. To the extent that we study about it, it awakens and comes to life.

We can do this even unconsciously, without any calculations of how all this happens, but simply by reading this book. This is also good since by that we already evoke the Light that Reforms, but we make the blood flow in the system only at the intensity of the still nature.

If we want to participate in this work consciously and to feel how the Light operates in us, which means not only to read TES, but also to go on spurring the action of the Light consciously, we inject different currents of the Light of life into our soul, and it comes to life.

Then we feel its actions and thanks to that we reach the understanding, the attainment, and the participation. It all depends on the extent to which we identify with the writings, when we understand that it is about our soul. The word “soul” is called “a Godly part from Above,” which means the corrected desire to enjoy with the intention to bestow. There cannot be another upper particle in us.

And so gradually, we slowly advance by drawing upon ourselves the force that injects the spiritual life into us. Eventually a person begins to feel and to be incorporated practically in the whole process the book tells us about, just as the author of the book who attained everything describes it.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/19/12, The Study of The Ten Sefirot

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How Should I Ask So That My Request Will Come True?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is a prayer?

Answer: A prayer is called work in the heart. But why is it work? Don’t I know what I want? No. I don’t know what I want, and I don’t know what to want—this is all our work—to stabilize ourselves correctly.

But if this is a deficiency, what can I do? A baby cries not knowing the reason why, he simply feels bad. A person who has revealed different Reshimot (reminiscences), has felt the taste of receiving and bestowal and already knows what makes him feel bad and what makes him feel good, so he can point at a specific deficiency. It isn’t just a deficiency, not in form, but a deficiency in which there are different depictions and discernments.

So what do we have to do? Not just to cry out like a baby, but to find out what it is exactly that you want. Suppose I want to love a friend whom I don’t love. I have to feel a deficiency for that. It says: “Make your desire like his.” But how can I do that if I don’t have any desire for it?

Perform different actions and by them you will see to what extent you don’t want it. But by performing these actions, you have invested your powers and these powers bring you sorrow that you don’t want the things you should actually want.

I want to buy a house, for example, but in order to do that I have to exert myself, to go to work, and to trouble myself. I have no power to do that and no desire, but I do want to buy a house. This is wrong. A person should process his desire so that the desire will be connected to the goal.

So what is a prayer? A prayer is not just a request that I have now, it is a series of actions in which I stabilize the request I will later live by. Each time I process and correct my deficiency to a greater degree so that my prayer will be processed as correctly as possible, more accurately and more sharply.

A prayer is called Malchut, a deficiency, and I must constantly worry about it. There is nothing else I should worry about, but the right deficiency. So it says: “If only he prayed all day long.” It isn’t the same prayer as a person who falls to the ground or reads from the Siddur (prayer book). No. A prayer is when I clarify internally, as it says about Malchut: “I am a prayer.” This means that a person says, “This is my prayer, this is my deficiency!” And it isn’t that it is written somewhere or something that I have heard or have been taught.

So “I am a prayer” means to cleanse myself of different external impressions and to clarify internally my true deficiency, my “self.” This is Malchut. To such a prayer, a person receives an answer from Above, since it is a clarified deficiency.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/19/12, The Zohar

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Until The Cup Is Full…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the correction that I receive from The Book of Zohar be measured? We have been reading The Book of Zohar for two years now, but I find that I am attracted to the same desires and pleasures.

Answer: Until it is not filled with the necessary measure of effort, it will seem that it’s the same each time, as if you enter the King’s treasury and even if you take away something from there, it is spilled and you have nothing left.

There is nothing left but sorrow until it all accumulates to great sorrow, and by that you raise an increasingly greater prayer, MAN, until it reaches the right request with the right intensity and then everything is revealed: You receive everything you have collected for these two years, and even more than that, in all your small sorties, all at once.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/18/12, The Zohar

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Everything Is Based On Sensing

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our way is made of three consecutive stages: knowing, understanding, and attainment. When we turn to the public with the message of connection, people can’t immediately feel or perceive it. Perhaps we should start with some general information, from the benefit in connecting and only then move on to the idea of sensory attainment?

Answer: This message isn’t perceived in the usual way. After all, matter is woven from our desire. The thought actually comes later. First I’m impressed, a reaction within my desire, and then by that I begin to put the knowledge together; this is from where science comes. Thus I’m not just a machine that simply analyzes things and responds to certain data that is perceived by the sensations. It’s true that the senses develop by the mind and the mind is directed by the senses, but the sensations precede the mind.

It says: “We will not know by name or word that which we don’t attain.” This means that first I attain a phenomenon in my sensation and then come the names and the words. This means that first I “taste” and only then stabilize the description.

Question: Does it turn out that by telling about connection as our salvation that I must first make a person feel and only then bring logical explanations?

Answer: As long as there are no feelings, there is no one to talk to; you can’t turn to those who don’t lack anything. You approach a person who feels that he is in trouble. The Creator prepares a “place,” which means a situation in which people suffer. Then we can approach them according to their quality and character, according to their level of suffering, and thereby present them with the method of correction.

But we speak about how to correct their current state and not the whole world. We present a person with the medicine for a specific illness: “Take it and you will succeed, and will be able to overcome your troubles and live a good secure and balanced life.”

At this stage we don’t tell a person about the upper worlds, in the meantime he has to return to normal life and doesn’t need to think about anything else. So he already has the emotion and we have to give him the mind, the understanding but in a way that it’s dressed on his feelings, so that it will become a “head” for the “body.”

This is the art of dissemination, giving a suffering body the right intelligence that can help him. We tell people why they suffer and how to put an end to their suffering. The problem is that we are opposite from nature: It’s totally connected while we are disconnected and so we feel bad. So let’s start building the connections among us and thereby get rid of all the troubles. How can we do that? We do so according to a special method, with the help of the study and certain actions.

Then, within a week you’ll see that the method works. What’s more, we will not just create a good and friendly society, but will also see how other problems that plague us today subside.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/18/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah“

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