Everything Is Based On Sensing

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our way is made of three consecutive stages: knowing, understanding, and attainment. When we turn to the public with the message of connection, people can’t immediately feel or perceive it. Perhaps we should start with some general information, from the benefit in connecting and only then move on to the idea of sensory attainment?

Answer: This message isn’t perceived in the usual way. After all, matter is woven from our desire. The thought actually comes later. First I’m impressed, a reaction within my desire, and then by that I begin to put the knowledge together; this is from where science comes. Thus I’m not just a machine that simply analyzes things and responds to certain data that is perceived by the sensations. It’s true that the senses develop by the mind and the mind is directed by the senses, but the sensations precede the mind.

It says: “We will not know by name or word that which we don’t attain.” This means that first I attain a phenomenon in my sensation and then come the names and the words. This means that first I “taste” and only then stabilize the description.

Question: Does it turn out that by telling about connection as our salvation that I must first make a person feel and only then bring logical explanations?

Answer: As long as there are no feelings, there is no one to talk to; you can’t turn to those who don’t lack anything. You approach a person who feels that he is in trouble. The Creator prepares a “place,” which means a situation in which people suffer. Then we can approach them according to their quality and character, according to their level of suffering, and thereby present them with the method of correction.

But we speak about how to correct their current state and not the whole world. We present a person with the medicine for a specific illness: “Take it and you will succeed, and will be able to overcome your troubles and live a good secure and balanced life.”

At this stage we don’t tell a person about the upper worlds, in the meantime he has to return to normal life and doesn’t need to think about anything else. So he already has the emotion and we have to give him the mind, the understanding but in a way that it’s dressed on his feelings, so that it will become a “head” for the “body.”

This is the art of dissemination, giving a suffering body the right intelligence that can help him. We tell people why they suffer and how to put an end to their suffering. The problem is that we are opposite from nature: It’s totally connected while we are disconnected and so we feel bad. So let’s start building the connections among us and thereby get rid of all the troubles. How can we do that? We do so according to a special method, with the help of the study and certain actions.

Then, within a week you’ll see that the method works. What’s more, we will not just create a good and friendly society, but will also see how other problems that plague us today subside.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/18/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah“

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