In The Resonance of Feelings

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: By disseminating the message of unity in the world, we bring the force of the Light. What is the best way to conduct the Light to a person? How can we feel him?

Answer: The Light flows from desire to desire. Words are not so effective because they are something external. By words, we touch a man with the rigid mechanism of standard perception: He was accustomed to different opinions; he can resist because of his pride; he does not agree with you because of his own feelings, regardless of the benefits that he could get.

No matter what we try to convey to people, it is desirable to clothe it in the least possible number of layers. And language is a very “dense” kind of clothing. After all, the words must pass through the person’s mind, constrained by too many factors.

The best way is to send our message is emotionally, sharing the feeling of the addressee, imbued with his enthusiasm, because the desire does not think, but feels. We must pull together our desire with his desire, resonate with his feelings, and then you will radiate on the person what you want. And your desire contains the Light that Reforms.

If you send a message through the rational system, it remains external and difficult to digest. This is a sure path to failure. People usually are not inspired by the fruits of reason. There are plenty of clever people in the world: Today, you convinced me of something, and tomorrow I will be able to convince you.

On the other hand, the emotional response is stored as “records” (Reshimo), and even after ten years a person can return to it. Even a random thought is enough, and he will remember the scene, the situation that he once experienced. Knowledge and thoughts become forgotten, but feelings always remain.

It is very important: No matter what audience we may address, even including scientists, we should carry the feeling that would produce a response. We turn to the desire, to human needs, and try to give an answer to what he lacks, to give a solution to his problems, or at least a hope for a solution.

This requires roundtable discussions, workshops, and collaborative activities that carry a nice feeling, as if we invite people to have a good time: “Let’s do it, and you will cheer up. You will see that not all is bad in life, that it has another side. ”

It is like a drug that Kabbalists call the “elixir of life.” It does not intoxicate, does not disconnect from reality, but helps one to overcome it, and this is its difference from real drugs. Due to positive emotions and inspiration, people start to appreciate unity and continue on the path.

The same applies to children, even the little ones. They should know that if they play together nicely, they will get a prize. Unity does not rouse their positive feelings yet, and that is why we give them candies or gifts, for which they should stick together. They will be ten-times more friendly to each other in anticipation of the prize, and then the habit becomes the second nature. After all, they have already learned to play many games together and already adopted a common form. By the way, adults follow the same path: They come with their families, have a good time, and smile at each other; these are their “candy” that help them get accustomed to act together. Meanwhile, news of unity “translates” in their hearts.

A good attitude heals many wounds. 90% of the ills in our lives can be cured just by a good attitude, not adding anything beyond this. Show your compassion to a person, and you will reduce his pain by half. Show that you care about him, and you will take half of the remaining pain. This is our psychology because together we are in a common system. That is why such an attitude will certainly cause a response. Give a gift to a person, and he will look at you differently. He has no choice in this.

That’s what we need to explain and demonstrate to people until they reach for good relations themselves, as young children are attracted to sweets. After all, our desire requires pleasure so let a person enjoy the pleasure of those actions that lead him to the goal. Even if he still does not know about it, but you know.

You want to lead the whole world to the Creator. You treat people with love and understanding. Sometimes you need firmness, but in general, you act gently, and it’s guaranteed to work.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/7/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” 

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  1. Thank you so much for your writings Rav/Dr Laitmain. I simply adore what you write. You have added so much value to our lives in such a short period of time. You are one of my favourite teachers. I am eternally grateful for the insight you gave in the cancer cell and why it mutates. Mankind as a whole will progress much faster through your shared wisdom. Thanks a mil! Warm regards. Maybe you will visit Cape Town South Africa some time in the future…..

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