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Kharkov Convention – Prayers

1. Give us the strength for complete desire for unity and the property of bestowal. Give us the desire for unity and the property of bestowal.

2. Unite us in at least one answer to the question.

3. Let us see the root that is behind the words. Let us see that in fact we all desire the same thing.

4. Let us come to the same desire, to one question.

5. Give us the right prayer and the strength to raise it.

6. Creator, give us the strength to come to the prayer that will help You to be revealed to all humankind.

7. We ask for a single desire in the heart to reveal the Creator.

8. We want to come to the prayer that precedes the prayer and feel the point at which we must apply efforts.

9. Please help us understand what unity is.

10. Please help us feel a united, common prayer, a single desire, a single need.

11. Please help us reveal the true desire.

12. We demand the Creator to give us the desire to ask for others to raise MAN to reach the end of correction.

13. We demand to turn on the Light!

14. Creator, grant us the right to request a single prayer.

15. Creator, please give us a true desire and strength to become one soul again to give pleasure to You and to bring the world to correction.

16. Creator, please give the friends the desire for the prayer of many.

17. Creator, teach us how to pray correctly in order to see You in the other.

18. How can we come to the prayer before the prayer without prior blows, along the good path?

19. How can we learn to come to this state, to this prayer, which will lead us to adhesion with the Creator?

20. Teach us to pray at all times.

21. We are praying to be united

22. Unite all of our prayers into one to make it sound in unison.

23. We ask the Creator to give us the opportunity to unite our desires and to strengthen their power to such a degree that the men feel it and become united.

24. We demand to come to a united prayer.

25. We pray according to our state, for our intention to keep a constant focus on the Creator, that the Creator is always everywhere and behind everything.

26. Please help us come together now to the correct prayer.

27. Give everyone the Light to experience one desire that will help us become similar to the Creator.

28. Our Heavenly Creator, King of kings, please reveal Yourself to us.

29. Creator, let us all, the entire world Kli, correct one unified prayer and help us reveal You.

30. Creator, we ask you, give us a great new Kli with the properties of bestowal! Give us the Light of correction! Thank You, Creator, that You heard my prayer!

31. Open the gates for the Prayer of Heaven.

32. Creator, give us the desire to unite and come to a common prayer.

33. We ask for the correct desire because desire determines everything.

34. Creator, give us the strength to have the feeling of love and bestowal for the friend as for oneself 24 hours a day.

35. Creator, give us the desire for unity so strong and of such quality so that it becomes one for everyone.

36. We ask the Creator to give the friends the ability to unite and to bestow and to be like Him

37. We want the correct desire to achieve spirituality and ask the Creator for the early achievement of the Goal!

38. Creator, give us the desire to unite our points in the name of ascent and teach us the correct prayer.

39. We demand the revelation of the Creator between us and ask Him to lead us to go the most optimal way. Give us the strength and faith to trust the upper management and to accept all the states that we need to pass along this path.

40. We ask to feel the fear of a lack of desire to unite in order to feel you!

41. Creator, give us the desire to unite!

42. What exactly has to be the very first desire to start moving in the direction of spirituality?

43. We ask for the desire to unite everyone in order to reveal the Light of the Creator.

44. Give us the desire to want to unite.

45. Creator, let us feel Your love and teach us to love. And if this is not possible yet, give us strength to act as if we already love. Give us the strength to play love.

46. Let us feel a unified desire.

47. As a means to the true prayer, we ask You to give us the feeling of the importance of our present state and the state of the world.

48. Creator, take us and lead us to the property of bestowal.

49. We ask for unity to reveal the true desire.

50. Lord, let us all know You and become similar to You.

51. Creator, we demand that You give strength to the men of the world Kli to unite in order to ascend.

52. We wish that all achieve partnership with the Creator in revealing the Light for this world for the sake of giving pleasure to the Creator.

53. We ask the Creator to correct the connection between us and that we feel the need of the world for our unity.

54. Creator, let us give You pleasure.

55. We ask, we pray, in the end, we demand the Creator to give strength to you, our dear men, to unite, so, finally they bring us His Light and love. Please!

56. Give us this desire in which we will reveal Your love!

57. Creator, we ask You to unite us in one whole so that Your Light through our unity brings the entire humanity to unity.

58. Our ten people demand the Creator to reveal the upper Light, as the ten Kabbalists who wrote The Zohar, so that our desires to reveal the Creator come into resonance with the upper Light and reveal It, without waiting for 6000 years, but right now. And it is possible!

59. Lord, Creator! We cry and demand, here and now, give us a strong desire to reveal You between us and to unite in one prayer for correction!

60. We ask the Creator that the whole world be filled by Him!

61. Creator, our Heavenly Father, give us the strength to wish Your wish!

62. Accept the prayer of my friends and give the strength to ask for them.

63. Creator, help us become worthy of revealing You!

64. Give us the power to reveal the lack of desire to unite for You so that it will become our greatest sorrow.

65. We ask You to give all of us the strength and faith to play the game that opens a new reality, the one in which we are all united.

66. Creator, give us one collective desire for You.

67. We see that here and now in front of us there is a beautiful bride, who is expecting her Bridegroom. And we just ask Him to come.

68. The refrain: “Dad, Mom, I want to be like you.” Creator, let us feel everything that You feel.

69. We raise the prayer as a single women’s desire for the men to unite in order to attract the Light, which we will be able to transfer to all of humanity.

70. Creator! Give us the strength and the quality of bestowal so that we can bring the Light of correction to all humankind!

71. We demand the correction for the sake of unity of the men.

72. What do we lack in the prayer for many? How do we win the Creator, throwing us from this prayer, who puts obstacles before us in this work? Now and today!

73. Creator, give us a strong desire to unite and teach us how to give You pleasure.

74. We ask for the correct prayer.

75. Creator, lead all of humanity to You in joy.

76. Daddy of all dads, give us a real opportunity to pray for friends, everything else we can do.

77. Give us the strength to be honest.

78. Creator, let me see who I am so that my life turns into a relationship with You.

79. Creator, we ask you to unite all those who are able to unite at this time and to lead the rest. Give us the strength to evoke the desire to receive the property of bestowal.

80. We demand the revelation of the property of bestowal!
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Workshop 3

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How Do We Oblige The Creator To Help Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the previous workshop we reached the conclusion that we cannot do anything by ourselves. We tried to do everything in our power, but it led to nothing. That’s true! It led to nothing! There is no hope that it will lead to something! Why? Because we actually have no powers. Those who say that we cannot do anything are actually stating a fact.

We are merely egoists, and we can only work within our ego. We cannot do anything outside the ego; it isn’t in our power. We cannot do anything above the ego; we cannot actually advance and get closer to someone else. We can only do that when we see some benefit in it.

What can we do? Ask the Creator! Nothing else can help us since it is the only force in the world that does anything. We were given the chance to discover this, to discover that He is the only force that operates and no one else.

So all our work comes down to a request to attain a desire that will really oblige Him to help us.

But it isn’t easy to reach such a desire. It grows gradually. We have to think about when it will grow so that we will shout; we have to ask for it each time. This request should include all our desires, including the smallest ones, no matter what they may be.

They are not real intentionally, just like kids who whine, cry, and weep and get what they want no matter what by using our love for them. We have to behave in the same way with the Creator, to learn from this world how we should behave.

All the requests, the demands, the begging, and the pleading are generally called “prayer.”

A prayer is also a feeling in the heart. In fact, it isn’t a request but a feeling in the heart when a person checks himself and no matter what he sees he wants to turn to the Creator with what is in his heart. No matter if it is good or bad, no matter what: Take it and do what You have to do with me!

There can be different prayers: serious prayers and less serious ones, emphatic prayers, whatever; what is important is to pray. Everything is attained only by the power of a prayer, the power of the request. The stronger it is, the more firm it is, the more insistent it is, the better.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Workshop 3

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Let’s Ask All Together!

Dr. Michael LaitmanAn appeal to the Creator, a prayer, in our state can be only collective. Otherwise, the Creator does not hear. He hears only when people gather together and come to the same opinion as one man with one heart, one mind, because, thus they create a collective desire.

What do they want? Him to correct, raise, fulfill them, and so forth.

One person is worth nothing, means nothing: Such a prayer does not exist. You can scream as much as you want, but it will be the voice of one crying in the wilderness. If ten people get together, then, no matter how they shout, even falsely, their plea will taken into account because they are trying to connect with each other.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Workshop 3

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“How Google Can Avert The Next Financial Crisis”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Bloomberg): “The mathematical insight that turned Google Inc. into a multibillion-dollar company has the potential to help the world avert the next financial crisis. If only banks made public the data required to do the job.

“Sixteen years ago, the founders of Google — computer scientists Larry Page and Sergey Brin — introduced an algorithm to measure the “importance” of Web pages relative to any set of keywords.

“Known as PageRank, it works on the notion that Web pages effectively vote for other pages by linking to them. The most important ones, Page and Brin reasoned, should be those drawing links from many other pages, especially from other really important ones.

“If this definition sounds circular, it is. It also captures an authentic reality, which is why respecting it gives far superior results. …

“What could this have to do with finance? Quite a lot. The systemic risk that turned the U.S. subprime-lending crisis into a global disaster is circular, too. We can’t identify it simply by looking for the banks with the most assets or the biggest portfolios of risky loans. What matters is how many links a bank has to other institutions, how strong those links are and how risky those other banks are, not least because they too have links to other risky banks.

Something like PageRank might be just the right thing to cut through it. That’s the argument, at least, made by a team of European physicists and economists in a new study. Their algorithm, DebtRank, seeks to measure the total economic value that would be destroyed if a bank became distressed or went into default. It does so by moving outward from the bank through the web of links in the financial system to estimate all the various consequences likely to accrue from one failure. Banks connected to more banks with high DebtRank scores would, naturally, have higher DebtRank scores themselves.

“As a demonstration, the researchers calculated DebtRank on the basis of the known network of equity investments linking institutions — pretty much the best they can do with publicly available data. If Bank A owns stock in Bank B, the two are linked. This network, of course, reflects only a subset of the many links created by derivatives and other instruments, so the calculation is a little like working out the best driving route from New York to Los Angeles while ignoring two-thirds of all the roads. Nevertheless, it’s useful for demonstrating what might be possible with more complete data. …

“An algorithm alone can’t save the world, and this isn’t the final word on the best way to measure systemic risk. Yet the apparent superiority of the DebtRank approach underscores how our ability to monitor the financial system depends wholly on the availability of data. Currently, most of the information that would be needed to calculate DebtRank or any other similar measure is simply not public. …

“Imagine a world in which banks and other financial institutions were legally required to disclose absolutely all of their assets and liabilities to central banks, which would in turn make that information public on a website. Regulators — indeed, anyone — would then be able to see the whole network and assess a bank’s situation in full clarity. Anyone so inclined could calculate measures such as DebtRank and assess how much any particular bank is contributing to potential financial instability.”

My Comment: This will show only the sequence of bankruptcies, but it will not eliminate their inevitability because it will not restructure the financial credit system. Until society comes to a complete inner balance equal to the level of existence, the pressure towards correction will not stop.

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Cultivating A True Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can cultivate a true desire for bestowal only if we actually work on it in the group. If a person leaves, it means that he is simply going in the wrong direction. Outside the group we can’t understand what a desire to bestow means at all. We have to make efforts, feel that we don’t want it, that it’s repulsive and painful; we escape the fact that we have to be connected with others. Only if we are persistent and stay in order to be connected in mutual guarantee, do we begin to understand what the attribute of bestowal means and to what extent we are far from it. Then comes the demand so that the force of bestowal will simply influence us because it is the source: It created us.

Now from this point of view, we can look at what is going on in the world. It seems that on the one hand everyone is mutually connected now and there is nowhere to run, all of humanity makes up one big group and this mutual connection is being revealed more clearly now but as a negative connection. However, at the same time people already begin to understand and to recognize that if there were a good mutual connection among us, we could create a wonderful humanity, a wonderful world.

But we can’t do it! It’s because our ego does everything that it can to separate us, it pits us against one another: this mutual hate, distrust, repulsion, etc. This means that the world is headed in the same direction we are but in small steps, gradually, according to its form, but still in the same direction. So it’s already possible to speak about this source everywhere.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the inner psychology of the individual and of all of humanity. It is the continuation of the ordinary psychology. The point is that psychology has run its course and has been in a crisis for several decades now. The wisdom of Kabbalah is its substitute. It tells us about inner attributes, about the forces of nature, not only man’s forces but of the world around us, which means how man and the world around him reach a state of balance. This is actually the role of psychology: to bring a person to a state of balance with the world that surrounds him.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Workshop 3

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Uniting In One Prayer

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During yesterday’s workshop, some circles weren’t able to reach a mutual agreement. How can we reach a mutual agreement during today’s seminar? What are we doing wrong?

Answer: I don’t think that you’re making any mistakes, just like you can’t say that a child is making mistakes. This is a natural process of growth, and it’s called education not mistakes.
I think that we got excellent results from yesterday’s workshop, regardless of the fact that not all groups spoke up. Perhaps they were too shy to disclose their conclusions. We must understand that even if yesterday we all had the same phrase, we still would think differently and imagine those words in our own way.

Ultimately, by uniting in the group, we reach a state called the “prayer of the many.” This is when all the mutual phrases, which are different for each person, unite into a mutual integral desire. This is what we have to achieve.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Workshop 3

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Weeping For All

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am sure that at this convention we will achieve something very high, powerful. But with this confidence, I feel an alarm, an additional animal fear for the world, a fear that others will not ask.

Answer: You have to ask for them.

Israel is now in a state before war. And atomic bombs, thousands of missiles, and everything else are at the ready from two sides. For every citizen of our country, we have perhaps, a few missiles from all sides. We understand that; otherwise, our people will not stir, and the Creator has to act in this way in order to bring the nation to its usual prayer, to the correct state.

But how can we come to this? That is why we, as a group, feel that we are responsible not for changing the actions of the Creator—that’s His business to decide—but for maximally directing us all at the goal and, thus, somehow try to win over all the others.

That is the solution to every problem. These problems are never solved physically. We see that the more people get involved in physical problem solving, the more they multiply other problems. So, sometimes, it may be enough for one person to ask for the world. And the fact that you cry is good, you cry for all of us.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Workshop 3

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Spiritual Advancement

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we receive the forces that advance us through our exertion, and then through them, rise above the ego?

Answer: It is through our exertion that we allow the Creator to affect us. It is only according to the measure of our correct efforts—and it’s even more correct to say attempts and not efforts—that through them we invite on ourselves the influence of the Creator. It is only by that.

Furthermore, the Creator is the field of bestowal. Just as there exists a field of gravity, a field of reception, there also exists a field of bestowal. It fills everything by itself and is permanent; its tension and intensity is identical in each point.

This means that the Creator relates to everyone, both small and great, in a completely identical way with love, with the attribute of bestowal. However, each one according to the measure of his efforts, yearnings, and exertions, invites upon himself greater impact from this field.

Question: Do the forces that throw us from the goal determine in which place and in which attribute we need to be located within this general system?

Answer: No one throws you. Besides that, this field is constant and permanent. It is revealed to us more and more in its increasing strength, its intensity, its illumination, its emanation, and its bestowal.

To the extent that its influence on us grows, we begin to feel worse and worse about ourselves since we exist in attributes that are opposite to it. The field affects even more a person who makes efforts and really becomes closer in similarity to the attribute of bestowal. He feels even worse with himself than do others.

Here the strength of the group is required in order to hold on and understand that it is the Creator who bestows on him in a special way, rejects him in a special way, so that in the end, he will attain the maximum desire through which he can be born, which means to come into initial contact with the field. At the time of the first contact with the field, it will, in any case, continue to operate and affect him. In any event, it will continue to reject him, but it already will be on the next level.

There, the rejections are of a different nature. They are more qualitative. It is not that the forces grow, but that the field operates in a wiser way, in a more meticulous way in order to invite and awaken in you a more qualitative development, the realization of this entire system, the same way as in school you go from grade to grade.

Question: Is the demand for the Creator like huge greed, hunger, or thirst?

Answer: The demand for the Creator is a necessity.

Question: The great need is not clear, for what?

Answer: No, that doesn’t exist: “It’s not clear why.” Gradually becoming closer to the Creator, you begin to understand what the attribute of bestowal is, and you begin to desire it. Otherwise, what do you need?

Advancement is progressive. It must be realized before you are born. You need to reach the point of your birth through two states:

  • I am not able to do anything by myself;
  • Only the Creator can help me attain the attribute of bestowal.

You must know, more or less, what you want: how much you want that world before you are born in it.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Lesson 3

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.24.12

Preparation to the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash Dargot HaSulam,” Article 798

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The Book of ZoharSelected Excerpt “Safra de Tzniyuta,” Lesson 4

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Preface to The Book of ZoharItem 35, Lesson 23

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Kabbalah for the Student, “Body and Soul

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