Kharkov Convention – Prayers

1. Give us the strength for complete desire for unity and the property of bestowal. Give us the desire for unity and the property of bestowal.

2. Unite us in at least one answer to the question.

3. Let us see the root that is behind the words. Let us see that in fact we all desire the same thing.

4. Let us come to the same desire, to one question.

5. Give us the right prayer and the strength to raise it.

6. Creator, give us the strength to come to the prayer that will help You to be revealed to all humankind.

7. We ask for a single desire in the heart to reveal the Creator.

8. We want to come to the prayer that precedes the prayer and feel the point at which we must apply efforts.

9. Please help us understand what unity is.

10. Please help us feel a united, common prayer, a single desire, a single need.

11. Please help us reveal the true desire.

12. We demand the Creator to give us the desire to ask for others to raise MAN to reach the end of correction.

13. We demand to turn on the Light!

14. Creator, grant us the right to request a single prayer.

15. Creator, please give us a true desire and strength to become one soul again to give pleasure to You and to bring the world to correction.

16. Creator, please give the friends the desire for the prayer of many.

17. Creator, teach us how to pray correctly in order to see You in the other.

18. How can we come to the prayer before the prayer without prior blows, along the good path?

19. How can we learn to come to this state, to this prayer, which will lead us to adhesion with the Creator?

20. Teach us to pray at all times.

21. We are praying to be united

22. Unite all of our prayers into one to make it sound in unison.

23. We ask the Creator to give us the opportunity to unite our desires and to strengthen their power to such a degree that the men feel it and become united.

24. We demand to come to a united prayer.

25. We pray according to our state, for our intention to keep a constant focus on the Creator, that the Creator is always everywhere and behind everything.

26. Please help us come together now to the correct prayer.

27. Give everyone the Light to experience one desire that will help us become similar to the Creator.

28. Our Heavenly Creator, King of kings, please reveal Yourself to us.

29. Creator, let us all, the entire world Kli, correct one unified prayer and help us reveal You.

30. Creator, we ask you, give us a great new Kli with the properties of bestowal! Give us the Light of correction! Thank You, Creator, that You heard my prayer!

31. Open the gates for the Prayer of Heaven.

32. Creator, give us the desire to unite and come to a common prayer.

33. We ask for the correct desire because desire determines everything.

34. Creator, give us the strength to have the feeling of love and bestowal for the friend as for oneself 24 hours a day.

35. Creator, give us the desire for unity so strong and of such quality so that it becomes one for everyone.

36. We ask the Creator to give the friends the ability to unite and to bestow and to be like Him

37. We want the correct desire to achieve spirituality and ask the Creator for the early achievement of the Goal!

38. Creator, give us the desire to unite our points in the name of ascent and teach us the correct prayer.

39. We demand the revelation of the Creator between us and ask Him to lead us to go the most optimal way. Give us the strength and faith to trust the upper management and to accept all the states that we need to pass along this path.

40. We ask to feel the fear of a lack of desire to unite in order to feel you!

41. Creator, give us the desire to unite!

42. What exactly has to be the very first desire to start moving in the direction of spirituality?

43. We ask for the desire to unite everyone in order to reveal the Light of the Creator.

44. Give us the desire to want to unite.

45. Creator, let us feel Your love and teach us to love. And if this is not possible yet, give us strength to act as if we already love. Give us the strength to play love.

46. Let us feel a unified desire.

47. As a means to the true prayer, we ask You to give us the feeling of the importance of our present state and the state of the world.

48. Creator, take us and lead us to the property of bestowal.

49. We ask for unity to reveal the true desire.

50. Lord, let us all know You and become similar to You.

51. Creator, we demand that You give strength to the men of the world Kli to unite in order to ascend.

52. We wish that all achieve partnership with the Creator in revealing the Light for this world for the sake of giving pleasure to the Creator.

53. We ask the Creator to correct the connection between us and that we feel the need of the world for our unity.

54. Creator, let us give You pleasure.

55. We ask, we pray, in the end, we demand the Creator to give strength to you, our dear men, to unite, so, finally they bring us His Light and love. Please!

56. Give us this desire in which we will reveal Your love!

57. Creator, we ask You to unite us in one whole so that Your Light through our unity brings the entire humanity to unity.

58. Our ten people demand the Creator to reveal the upper Light, as the ten Kabbalists who wrote The Zohar, so that our desires to reveal the Creator come into resonance with the upper Light and reveal It, without waiting for 6000 years, but right now. And it is possible!

59. Lord, Creator! We cry and demand, here and now, give us a strong desire to reveal You between us and to unite in one prayer for correction!

60. We ask the Creator that the whole world be filled by Him!

61. Creator, our Heavenly Father, give us the strength to wish Your wish!

62. Accept the prayer of my friends and give the strength to ask for them.

63. Creator, help us become worthy of revealing You!

64. Give us the power to reveal the lack of desire to unite for You so that it will become our greatest sorrow.

65. We ask You to give all of us the strength and faith to play the game that opens a new reality, the one in which we are all united.

66. Creator, give us one collective desire for You.

67. We see that here and now in front of us there is a beautiful bride, who is expecting her Bridegroom. And we just ask Him to come.

68. The refrain: “Dad, Mom, I want to be like you.” Creator, let us feel everything that You feel.

69. We raise the prayer as a single women’s desire for the men to unite in order to attract the Light, which we will be able to transfer to all of humanity.

70. Creator! Give us the strength and the quality of bestowal so that we can bring the Light of correction to all humankind!

71. We demand the correction for the sake of unity of the men.

72. What do we lack in the prayer for many? How do we win the Creator, throwing us from this prayer, who puts obstacles before us in this work? Now and today!

73. Creator, give us a strong desire to unite and teach us how to give You pleasure.

74. We ask for the correct prayer.

75. Creator, lead all of humanity to You in joy.

76. Daddy of all dads, give us a real opportunity to pray for friends, everything else we can do.

77. Give us the strength to be honest.

78. Creator, let me see who I am so that my life turns into a relationship with You.

79. Creator, we ask you to unite all those who are able to unite at this time and to lead the rest. Give us the strength to evoke the desire to receive the property of bestowal.

80. We demand the revelation of the property of bestowal!
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Workshop 3

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