How Do We Oblige The Creator To Help Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the previous workshop we reached the conclusion that we cannot do anything by ourselves. We tried to do everything in our power, but it led to nothing. That’s true! It led to nothing! There is no hope that it will lead to something! Why? Because we actually have no powers. Those who say that we cannot do anything are actually stating a fact.

We are merely egoists, and we can only work within our ego. We cannot do anything outside the ego; it isn’t in our power. We cannot do anything above the ego; we cannot actually advance and get closer to someone else. We can only do that when we see some benefit in it.

What can we do? Ask the Creator! Nothing else can help us since it is the only force in the world that does anything. We were given the chance to discover this, to discover that He is the only force that operates and no one else.

So all our work comes down to a request to attain a desire that will really oblige Him to help us.

But it isn’t easy to reach such a desire. It grows gradually. We have to think about when it will grow so that we will shout; we have to ask for it each time. This request should include all our desires, including the smallest ones, no matter what they may be.

They are not real intentionally, just like kids who whine, cry, and weep and get what they want no matter what by using our love for them. We have to behave in the same way with the Creator, to learn from this world how we should behave.

All the requests, the demands, the begging, and the pleading are generally called “prayer.”

A prayer is also a feeling in the heart. In fact, it isn’t a request but a feeling in the heart when a person checks himself and no matter what he sees he wants to turn to the Creator with what is in his heart. No matter if it is good or bad, no matter what: Take it and do what You have to do with me!

There can be different prayers: serious prayers and less serious ones, emphatic prayers, whatever; what is important is to pray. Everything is attained only by the power of a prayer, the power of the request. The stronger it is, the more firm it is, the more insistent it is, the better.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Workshop 3

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