Uniting In One Prayer

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During yesterday’s workshop, some circles weren’t able to reach a mutual agreement. How can we reach a mutual agreement during today’s seminar? What are we doing wrong?

Answer: I don’t think that you’re making any mistakes, just like you can’t say that a child is making mistakes. This is a natural process of growth, and it’s called education not mistakes.
I think that we got excellent results from yesterday’s workshop, regardless of the fact that not all groups spoke up. Perhaps they were too shy to disclose their conclusions. We must understand that even if yesterday we all had the same phrase, we still would think differently and imagine those words in our own way.

Ultimately, by uniting in the group, we reach a state called the “prayer of the many.” This is when all the mutual phrases, which are different for each person, unite into a mutual integral desire. This is what we have to achieve.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Workshop 3

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