Cultivating A True Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can cultivate a true desire for bestowal only if we actually work on it in the group. If a person leaves, it means that he is simply going in the wrong direction. Outside the group we can’t understand what a desire to bestow means at all. We have to make efforts, feel that we don’t want it, that it’s repulsive and painful; we escape the fact that we have to be connected with others. Only if we are persistent and stay in order to be connected in mutual guarantee, do we begin to understand what the attribute of bestowal means and to what extent we are far from it. Then comes the demand so that the force of bestowal will simply influence us because it is the source: It created us.

Now from this point of view, we can look at what is going on in the world. It seems that on the one hand everyone is mutually connected now and there is nowhere to run, all of humanity makes up one big group and this mutual connection is being revealed more clearly now but as a negative connection. However, at the same time people already begin to understand and to recognize that if there were a good mutual connection among us, we could create a wonderful humanity, a wonderful world.

But we can’t do it! It’s because our ego does everything that it can to separate us, it pits us against one another: this mutual hate, distrust, repulsion, etc. This means that the world is headed in the same direction we are but in small steps, gradually, according to its form, but still in the same direction. So it’s already possible to speak about this source everywhere.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the inner psychology of the individual and of all of humanity. It is the continuation of the ordinary psychology. The point is that psychology has run its course and has been in a crisis for several decades now. The wisdom of Kabbalah is its substitute. It tells us about inner attributes, about the forces of nature, not only man’s forces but of the world around us, which means how man and the world around him reach a state of balance. This is actually the role of psychology: to bring a person to a state of balance with the world that surrounds him.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Workshop 3

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