Getting The Maximum Suntan Under The Surrounding Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person comes to study since he wants to know, to understand, and to feel the spiritual world. In the meantime, however, he doesn’t really understand what receiving for himself and bestowal upon others are. He only knows how to take care of himself, to act according to his desire to receive; all his work is to perform actions that will draw the Light that Reforms.

The only thing we should think about is how to open ourselves to the Light and to give it a chance to operate and to impress us and change our attributes. We must constantly worry only about how to attain the best state for this kind of bestowal, to increase our connections with the group intentionally, and to organize everything that is necessary.

Our role is to implement this whole sum of conditions in the best way possible, so that the Light will impress us. The Light is fixed, and I have to constantly turn to place myself under its influence, once on one side and once on the other side in my thoughts, my intentions, and my actions, in working with the books, with the group, with myself, in my relations with people who are close or distant from me, in everything.

If a person constantly thinks about it and bases all his hopes on that, understanding that nothing else will help him except for the influence of the Light, he reaches the result very soon. This means that he is “expecting the Creator’s Light,” as if expecting dawn. He feels how his values change by being turned to bestowal and love, by exiting from himself towards the friends, towards the concept of the group, towards its inner form and image.

It is by that, that he begins to see his life. He feels that there are two desires in him: One is the natural egoistic desire to receive, which remains in him for the time being. The other desire is the hunger that gradually grows in him, the need, the empty vacuum, the deficiency, which he wants to fill by his yearning for connection.

After a person feels the two desires in him, thanks to the Light that has created an empty space in him, he can already receive some direction. First he only had a point that had no direction, and now between these two vacuums, there is a connection, which determines the directions from “myself” to the “others,” and thus a person advances.

The main thing is to constantly turn yourself by aiming at the maximum influence of the Light that Reforms, in the best most efficient way.
From the Preparation the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/19/12

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